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President Trump tweets about "deranged" Michael Wolff in first statement since Hawaii scare

President Trump tweets about "deranged" Michael Wolff in first statement since Hawaii scare


President Trump's first public remarks after a false alert warning Hawaiians of an approaching ballistic missile threat was not to comfort people whose nerves were on edge, or assurance that such an incident will never happen again.

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35 minutes ago


Press conference addressing impact of WA-DOL information sharing with ICE and announcing a series of FOIAs to reveal extent of collaboration. ...


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ICE, Keep up the great job!

what is wrong with you liberals and they will deport deport deport..

Listening from Auburn, WA

Ice the new gustopo

Yeeeeessss .... criminals OUT ...

Get em outta here! Good job ICE...

Democrats: Criminals over honest citizens.

If I travel out of country I register. Customs requires information.

She has broke our nations laws deport asap

She is illegal and she made it known and got arrested and she’s mad? 😂😂😂😂😂


We must protect our commumitymembrs no matter what! Warrants must be provied prior to ANY company or agency giving out any informaiton on anyone. Privacy is impertive & DOL violatedpeopels privacy!

Mi Waiwai. No just the laws on the books....snowflake...


Keep up the good fight ICE

Kristine medical HIPPA yes...immagration NO

Where are all the men?????

Waaahhh. What were you doing for 20 years? Too bad....go home.


Send em back

You got a notice before?

Time to clean our city up! End chain migration data etc!

It occurs to me, manufactured news.

Good job keep it upHispanic for life

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47 minutes ago


Alaska Airlines will fly from Paine Field in the fall. Will you take advantage of it? And where would you be most likely to fly? (Details: ...


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Yes. Work takes me to SoCal a lot. I would be happy to fly out of Paine and avoid a sometimes 2hr drive out of the NorthEnd. 20-30 minutes Everett vs. 2 or more hours to SeaTac? Yes please.

Hawaii! Lol. Flying there in September and dreading dealing with the to and from SeaTac

Depends on the price. It’s all about the $$.

I'm not looking forward to the noise

I’d prefer not to fly Alaska. Between the mechanical delays and the level of service that has deteriorated recently, I’d choose Delta over Alaska any day.

Andrea Swing & Laura Braithwaite Otto flights home are going to be so much more convenient! 🙌🏼

Parking? What will be available and what are the rates?

I was sure hoping too but my destination is mostly Spokane and sadly it is not on the list. Hopefully it will get added sooner than later.

Love it if Alaska flew to Houston from PF.

I hope they have flights to Boise. I would love not having to deal with SeaTac for a 1 hour flight.


It's 10 minutes from my house....I can't wait!

Makes sense to add a smaller regional hub around here.

... No Alaska? :(

I won’t go to Paine field. Too far

Lake Chelan.




Kody Riddle

Kyle Matteson

Jennifer Galicia

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1 hour ago


WATCH LIVE: Authorities hold press conference after 3 deputies, officer shot during manhunt Tuesday morning in York County. More info here >> ...


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May God wrap his arms around these officers, their families and their work family. #isupportthethinblueline

Gary maybe there working for the officers fighting for there lives !

Praying for all officers involved and their families.

Prayers for all of these officers and deputy, their families and their brothers and sisters in blue.

The suspect should be in the morgue , not in the hospital.

Sending up prayers for the officers and their families

Mona, whatever makes people feel better and helps them to sleep at night.

Prayers to the York county officers and families.

So sad glad my husband is not a police officer any more, praying be safe

Exactly that's why you should keep rude comments to your self

Prayers? Really? How is that workin out for ya?

Prayers for these officers, and their families.

Prayers for those officers and their families.

Praying for them and the family of each one.......

Prayers sent to the officers and their family

Pray woks! Praying for all affected.

Prayers for the officers and families

Prayers for the officers & their families

sure will pray for these officers

Prays for all of you.

Sending prayers and love

Sending prayers for all🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!!

Watching.. Praying for y'all..

Prayers for all involved

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2 hours ago


From Jude Redfield WDRB Live Winter Storm Discussion

Jude Redfield WDRB
Live Winter Storm Discussion.


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Wow you all missed it big again.

Hi June, thank you for keeping us updated...

Elizabethtown KY

Lyndon, Ky

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