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President Trump cancels London trip, blames Obama administration

President Trump cancels London trip, blames Obama administration


President Trump says the Obama administration made a "bad deal" in the relocation of the U.S. Embassy -- but the decision was made months before Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

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Did you miss last evening's #FaceOffAt9 with Zakka Jacob ? Catch the best from the show here, all summed up in under 3 minutes. #PakHafizHypocrisy

Don't forget to watch FaceOffAt9 on CNN-News18 at 9:00 PM on weekdays

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KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

A Palo Verde High School student accused of raping four of his classmates is being charged as an adult.



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"We make accommodations for students with a criminal history to ensure the safety of all students and staff." Ummmm.... that's the opposite of what happened here. He was placed in a new environment where no one was aware of his history, and he had access to every single unsuspecting girl at PVHS. I'm pretty sure the district failed every girl at that school with the decision to allow him back on a campus pending the criminal charges.

The school district failed the victims in this case and opened the door to the possibility of more students becoming his victims by allowing him to enroll into another CCSD school. And shame on his parents for not enrolling him in a homeschooling program when they knew what their son had done and could do again. 😡

If my daughter went to this school, I would be filing a lawsuit against metro and ccsd for putting her at risk by allowing this thing in the same school.

Seriously!!??! CCSD isn’t obviously doing their job, isn’t enough the 80 grands that “disappeared” now is this scary situation!!!

Why did they pawn him n off to another school..ridiculous

Good he deserves it

Savannah Jayy 😳

What a creep!!!!

Amber Ponen

Juliann Fox

Kill. Him or cut it off. David a whaley

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#GeneticTesting during woman's pregnancy leads to a life-saving discovery.



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Way ta go Dr. Bohman! You rock!!!

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