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Pres. Trump cancels trip to London, says he won't cut ribbon at new US Embassy

Pres. Trump cancels trip to London, says he won't cut ribbon at new US Embassy


Pres. Donald J. Trump announced the sudden cancellation of a planned trip to cut the ribbon at the new U.S. Embassy in London, blaming the decision on the Obama administration's decision to sell the country's old embassy for "peanuts."

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37 minutes ago

Fox Carolina News

Grab a box of tissues for this one. Christian Owen said her grandfather had a massive stroke on Monday, and today, she surprised him with her daughter - his first great granddaughter! Just look how happy he is! 😍

His family has also started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his care and transportation:


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Christian Owens is a very dear friend of mine, and she loves her grandfather and her baby more than life. If you see it in your hearts to donate to the cost and care of him, she has a go fund me account set up, as he will most likely be in a nursing home for the remainder of his life.


God bless him and heal him 😆🙏😇


Aww bless him, praying for a full recovery for him

All in the feels 💕, God bless his sweet soul.

So Sweet

Aww bless this family

Thank you so much everyone!!!

Praying for this sweet family.

54 minutes ago

CBS News

Mere days after former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left office, he was stopped by TSA at Newark Airport for evading a security checkpoint. ...


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Just a regular slob like the rest of us now. 😂

I would imagine Christie was pretty easy to catch. You know he wasn't going to make a run for it.

From the same guy that closed down a tunnel out of spite.

Everyone has to follow the rules, buddy!! No one is above the law when it comes to TSA—rightfully so.

Evading? Christie? Are you kidding me? Can't imagine that Christie has evaded anything in years. Perhaps, a salad bar.😊

No special treatment lard ass, get in line with everyone are nobody now💩💩💩

Does not pay to be a bully , hope Trump is paying attention !

Great news, TSA doing their job, and Christie learning he doesn't have a job as NJ gov. And Christie, let me add you don't have the power to block the streets to Manhattan nor can you shut the beaches down to the public so you and your family can commandeer them and the ocean. Welcome to real life!

Privileges are over truffle shuffle 🐷💩🤡...hahaha

so glad he is out of office he will not be ridiculed by you jerks as much anymore, maybe you people can get a life somewhere

Crazy Krespe Kremes Christy tried to pull a fast one. Guess all that talk about waiting in line for your turn was just hypocrisy.

Ain't nobody no

What he have, memorabilia of bridgegate hidden inside a cupcake?

Him and Trump are so close, maybe they can share the same hospital room for their bypass surgeries.

He was smuggling chocolate cake over the maximum weight limit.

Maybe all of the people who Trump had makeing Hillary out to be someone that need lock up should in fact being locked-up them self seems to be a lot of law breakers that are being charged or could be at any minute

That's funny! Can you imaging the nightmare if you had the seat next to his fat ass on the plane?

Christie is going to be the person who walks Ivanka’s dogs.

Lol! When you go from the biggest ass to just being a regular arse

No Christie you're a regular joe now buddy😂

They need to bait him with donuts so he uses the correct line.

" Along with his state police security detail " ? What's that all about ?

Tell fat ass the beach is closed. Go find a donut shop.

Why is this news the man was doing his job big deal .

He needs to just go away! Far far away!Well Hell! Maybe he was trying to!

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1 hour ago

Fox Carolina News

ICY ROADS AGAIN Tonight into Friday morning as lows reach the 20s, but the good news is that a lots of warmth and melting is in our future! We'll break that down along with the arrival of our next rain LIVE on The Ten O'Clock News! -Ben ...

ICY ROADS AGAIN Tonight into Friday morning as lows reach the 20s, but the good news is that a lots of warmth and melting is in our future! Well break that down along with the arrival of our next rain LIVE on The Ten OClock News! -Ben

2 hours ago

CBS News

The upcoming reboot of "Roseanne" will tackle modern-day politics, and feature a "gender creative" child. ...


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Thank You President Obama for making America Great again, thank you for fixing the economy that bush wrecked, thank you for bringing family values to the White House.

I was going to give it a chance but I'm sorry I can't support someone who supports trump

It's disappointing to hear that rosanne supports trump

I had planned on watching until I read “gender creative” character😡? Oh please. Just tell me how many kids that age even know what that means much less are practicing it? Hell, I don’t even know what that means!!👎👎👎

Frankly I would not watch a show that features a character supporting trump .. . he gets too much attention as it is.

I have no intention of watching,did not like the big mouth before, do not like her now. She has no talent or class

The reboot probably won't last long. A lot fans of the original series won't be tuning in because Roseanne is an avid Trump supporter. Conservatives won't tune in because of the gender fluid character.

I won't be watching, but I am sure some crap repugs will. And then when you show the "gender unidentified" boy on, they will stop watching.

Well crap. Was going to watch, but not now. Gender creative? Guess Rosie didn't lose all her liberal ideas after all.

I didn't like your show before and knowing you support 45 is reason enough NOT to watch it now. Looser then, looser NOW!

They don't believe in giving hormones to cows, but will give hormones to a child to change it's gender. That moral highground is shallow.

nope, not if it were the only show on tv. She was supposed to leave the country but she's still here. Nope, not ever CBS,. after all the good programing you may havew lost a viewing family... Ted.

I LOVED Roseanne, I am so happy it is coming back, Im hoping not too political, we just need some good ole gut busting giggles. Crazy Jackie, smart mouth Darlene...Miss them ♡

won't watch..if she is a Trump supporter..tells me a lot about herself in real life, and we do not share the same values of being an American ..

Used to love Roseanne and watch that show all the time, finding out she's a Trump supporter, I'm totally done with her now, I doubt she or anyone else cares but with me it is what it is now 👎👎👎👎👎👎No longer a fan of hers......................blah!!!

Didn’t watch it before and certainly won’t watch it now! Trump will be the downfall of this show! Good luck 🍀

Roseanne the actress is a Trump supporter, but Roseanne the character supporting Trump is way out of character. I don't why Roseanne couldn't play the role as a Democrat. Isn't the point of acting pretending to be characters who think, say and do things you normally wouldn't?

I Love Roseanne and I support Trump but I can not support a tv show that exploits children in this way God decided our sex when we were born this should not be an issue for anyone , this world is so sick .

Wow! So only working class people vote for Trump? I work...I have a masters degree...I pay taxes, own property, and guess what....I didn’t vote for Trump (nor would I ever)! Very disappointed because I always liked this show, and hate to see she is supporting him and pushing her political agenda on her viewers. Why can’t she be an independent or not bring politics in? If it’s crazy and pushing his agenda, then I refuse to watch it.

I thought everybody supported freedom to have an opinion? You seriously wouldn't watch a show because of the actresses political view? That's so crazy. I didn't vote for Trump, he's crazy but I'm not upset with people who did. They had the right to choose who they wanted, same as I did. You can't want equality for all and not support people's right to vote for who they choose. You do not have to have the same opinions! It's a show, you don't have to sleep with her

Democrats won't watch because of Roseanne been a trump supporter. Reps won't watch because the grandson is gender creative. Don't see much future to this reboot.

You don't have to support Trump to watch people, it's a fricken television show. I'm sure there's plenty of shows you watch that they support him and we don't know. Who cares. To each his own.

Oh Roseanne, doesn’t having to say anything positive about Donnie Cheeto make you throw up a little in your mouth?

I am not a fan of tRump but I think it's a good idea to get the conversation going on this divide in our country, instead of all the hate we are seeing day to day.

She was working class when she supported the Democrats in the 90s. Very confusing she would support trump as if she couldn’t see through to the devil.

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2 hours ago

CBS News

"Sometimes in this business, we're faced with looking at human depravity -- and that's what we're looking at here." Prosecutor announced the charges for the California couple David and Louise Turpin, accused of torturing and abusing 13 children for years. ...


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In cases such as this I find it hard that any attorney public defender or otherwise would be able to stomach taking this case. It is a waste of tax payers money they should just go to jail in some cases that are this blatant.

Death penalty has never been more deserved than this ! These people are as sick as they come !

And that monster that birthed those poor kids is smiling in her damn mugshot.....I would love to have just 5 minutes alone with her!!!! I would save the taxpayers alot of money...and ensure she would suffer!!!!

It’s perfectly human to see their faces and to want to waterboard them. It’s also perfectly human to shun that thought and think about how those kids can be helped instead

I think this cruel evil people have no regret for what they have done,despite they must have been sitting behind bars now and wondering how did we let this happen,How are we caught,and blaming each other,how did they let the girl escape and neither of them saw it.. Is it me or anyonelse can see that evil,wicked smile on that womans face?🤔

Instead of throwing them in a prison. I say they need to feel the pain and hunger that their 13 children endured for years!!! 😡

Soulless eyes. I always look at the eyes of people committing horrible acts on fellow humans or animals. This seems to be happening more and more.

Someone should have investigated earlier, just look at the father's haircut. If that didn't set off alarm bells what would it take?

One person this twisted is scary, but we know they happen now and then. Two people this sick and inhuman finding each other and living this way among us for so long is truly frightening.

The house was in a neighborhood. No one saw or heard anything? It’s incredulous to understand how 13 children disappear inside a house? So sad - prayers for the victims.

And that's what in real life? Sentenced to death i hope! Why feed, clothe, shelter them why??? Chain them to their beds 24hrs/day!!!

This is so incredible, so hard to believe in this day and age how anyone could do this to anyone let alone their own children is beyond comprehension!!!! Lock them up and throw away the key. But after giving them the exact same treatment they gave their children.

I have never heard of such a horrific situation! I read this , but still cannot fathom the reason for treating these children in such an inhuman way! I mean did the parents get welfare money or what? Seriously! I cant understand chaining these poor people up like worse than dogs! Feeding them so randomly and letting them shower once a year? Oh I hope to God the children will soon learn how to live a normal life! It will be so much harder for the adult children! I hope the parents never even see the light of day again, and I wish for an eye for an eye! I know the justice system cant go that far!

Please God help if there are other people doing this to children expose them the family's. This is sick evil people.

We need to keep these beautiful children in our prayers for a long time. Those monsters should be chained in cells close to a kitchen so all they can do is smell the food but not give them any to eat. No showers for them and no toilet paper for them either. Let them rot away as they think about what they did to there children, although they probably don't even have a mind to think with. So so sad!!!

They should have they same done to them for the rest of their miserable could a mother allow that to happen to her kids a mother is supposed to love and protect her kids even if she was afraid of him she should got her kids and went to the nearest police department.They will plead insane get a slap on the wrist.Ok I could buy one parent having mental illness but not both.They use that to get out of trouble.

I would like to have a few minutes with them. This while they are chained and padlocked to furniture and after about a year of a single small ration of food a day. I am not a violent person but I would be in this case.

Why...???? I'm not parental but my heart hurts with anger every time I look at these faces. I pray for this family.

Our law enforcement, judicial folks, social service folks and our medical professionals, well they get their hands dirty. Bless them. I probably couldn't take it.

Where were the grandparents, aunts and uncles of these poor kids? Geesh are they just as bad? Should they too be in jail?

I can't even read the whole article ... i know this is bad to say but Lord Help me if i ever had a shot at this two!

Lock them up and throw away the key. Oh and don’t feed them and allow them to bathe. Omg. Crazy sickos. So many nuts out there.

Where are the critics now..... That had so much to say about the guy's that did evil to a cat.... which was wrong... But see who does even worst evil ......

Excellent District Attorney, Mike Hestrin will see that they get a fair and impartial trial and that justice will be served & these two held accountable.

Yup. Good thing we gots somebody en charge to keep them thar rapist-drug dealin Mexcan imgrants from pollutin ar communties. We be mighty fine when that wall be put up, I tell ya. Mighty fine alright. Just keep em all out--kick em out--and we all ill be mighty fine. Y'all just wait. Never need lock yer doors agin.

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3 hours ago


Experts have noted that Suffolk County has had greater “out-migration” of its population to other parts of the nation than Nassau, which may benefit from its proximity to NYC as some city residents move to the suburbs. For more: ...


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taxes in mastic are way to high that's why I'm out of here

Lindenhurst has lost 141 people cause there is nothing here a lot of store have gone out and Texas are high so they move out of state or out of the village

So with the exception of one town in Suffolk they were all areas down by the water. How many houses are still vacant from Sandy down by the water?

Serge Premo

Chelsea Football Club manager Antonio Conte is cracking up again - and not about Jose Mourinho this time 😂 ...


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???????????? Wtf 😂😂😂😂

Another refree mike dean

be gone in the summer anyway..

Grant He Wears a Wig.. He fixes Matches.. and now he's cracking up CONTE CONTE CONTE

Oh please. Mourinho has whined and bitched worse than this 10 times already this season. Conte is just stating the obvious here.

Ilyaas Sacid Dooro Macow Abdihahahahahhaa

He talks some shite

He makes a good point

i think his right

Last season was like a holiday for him, no ucl just focused on the league 😂👍👏

Hazard Adam Johnson Bro WtF?😂😂😂

Conte cry cry 🚼 baby

Done deal.

musiye aziona ameneyo

Yep that's right bro

Eric Blenio can you translate please? I don’t understand Italian lol

Sorry, u don’t fix game here in PL. Referee don’t check to confirm whether u paid them or anot. And btw, Morata clearly dived

Feeling the true pressure of the EPL @ 4th,eh Conte???? Both Him & Jose are cry babies

Yazid Zyd Razak Reza Razak 0.05 aww, he's starting to cry....

Drama queen out of control on the touchline Conte,

No? He is right in what he's saying

Aamir Patel

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