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Police find animal waste in counterfeit makeup -- so it's not such a bargain after all

Police find animal waste in counterfeit makeup -- so it's not such a bargain after all


The Los Angeles Police Department says it confiscated counterfeit makeup that tested positive for high levels of bacteria and animal waste.

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8 minutes ago


Meet the artist who transforms old tree stumps into works of art.

In The Know
This Romanian artist turns old tree stumps into beautiful artworks.

Thanks Gabi Rizea Sculptura lemn


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Hank Wolfe

Scott Richard Wolfe-Williamson

37 minutes ago


Yahoo News
WATCH LIVE: Authorities provide update on Waffle House shooting incident that left 4 dead, shooter still at large


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Trump repealed the law Obama had restricting mentally unstable people from haveing guns

those sound like some killer waffles.

38 minutes ago


This giant umbrella protects you and your bike from getting wet when it rains ☂️🚲

(via In The Know)


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Aqeel Gill

Maria Alejo

Victoria Holt

Not good in my opinion. A good wind gust could blow u off the bike.

Jennifer Thomas Gulland

Wendy Nutei

Mackenzie Allen If we had these we would’ve biked more

how much this umbrella ...

Joseph Steven Llena

Ramjam Batiller Beejay Bergg Ponla

Jamie Abraham You need this for rainy days lol

Does it keep the dirty road water from splashing up and staining your pants? I don't care about getting wet. I do care about a stained butt.

Look like it is covering most of the front of the bike. I would like it to go over more of my back that would make more sense

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1 hour ago


This beer is infused with fried chicken 😱

In The Know: Foodie
This Virginia beer get its secret ingredient from one of the nation's most popular fast food restaurants 🍗🍺


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Nen Manteufel

What a terrible thing to do to a perfectly good piece of chicken

Nick Webster

Billy J Gregory

He wasnt even wearing gloves throwing in that chicken. 🤮

Stephanie Drury

Hell yea

Jacob :o


Alex Cumbow 🤢

Southern fried beer Michael J Hinde 😍

Rachel dinner and beer in one 🤔🤷‍♀️😂😂

Samuel Mimms

Jeremy Baker

James Warrington

Karlie Price fried chicken and beer mixed omg

Luiza Costache kfc 😂😂

Its so good!

ShawnBoy Estelle

Ace Walton I found you this 😂

Erica Stirling find this beer and bring it back with you when you come on Wednesday.


NO NO NO!!!!

Rashint Tiwari Manish Chaudhary Ar Nitin Parate look at this shit😂😂😂

Jay Mueller 🤮

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Phil Neville: ‘It was the biggest disgrace of all time, the way those Arsenal players acted.’

Fergie vs. Wenger: The Feud airs 10pm Monday 23rd April on Channel 5.


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Julie Smith

I can't understand why no Man utd players tried to shield Van Nistelrooy after that penalty miss. Clearly they were in his face.

So what was the final score

Clement Dwayne Rodrigues my hatred towards arsenal started from here. 😉

Carl Byng

Cathal Cashman Glynn McGrath Eoin McCormack this is gonna be a good watch

Stephen Robert Worthington

Nick Akathiotis Tony Higgins

Gavin Attwood

Tabish Siddiqui yeh kya tha?

James Mulleady looks good we’ll get it on now tv

Shane Lyons

Thilak Yeshwant

Keith Nolan Patrick Purcell

Gary Curran

Can't forget that match. Just can't.

Wesley Picton

Chris Kerr

Sean Scott Adam

Dek Ramsden this should be a decent watch

Daniel John Quayle

Mir Bilal Jahangir

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2 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Pasco Sheriff's detectives to discuss arrest in 48 fraud cases. MORE: ...


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Pasco Sheriff's detectives to discuss arrest in 48 fraud cases. MORE:

Judges should be held accountable for the criminals they let bond out...

Send him to California Governor Brown will give him a medal

I always thought that they had to prove where the bond money came from? Especially seeing he had commited fraud then they should have asked for proof where the bond money came from hmmm

Who says crime doesn't pay! People like me and everyday people struggling to do the right thing.. now can't afford housing. Crazy world.

Amazing judges that it took this long to deny bond. This guy had a free reign for far to long. Make him a lifer -- in prison. But he'll still be well connected and needs to go to a super max.

Police do their jobs and the Judges and Lawyers are letting them go repeat these crimes over and over.

Then why is this man LOOSE and able to do more damage! Theres something wrong with this GOVT !! The SHERIFFS department is AWESOME !

Good morning from beautiful ⛅ sunny and warm Anna Maria Island Florida 😎🌴🍸🍻🍷🏖 where it's always 5 O'clock 😉

So the judges are the problem

Great job guys. May God keep you all safe.🙏🙏🙏♥💙

So a slap on the wrist again?

Great job guys thank you.

Keep him in jail based on all these charges. In the past, he's proven himself to be actively criminal...and it's unlikely to change.

and he will probably be out within the week

Bonded out with illgotten money yea that's good

Lock him up and don't let him out this time.

Good morning from San Diego, California. I would just like to know how did he get away with this after being arrested and in court before?

OMG 😮 Why can’t ppl use there intelligence for positive things? I will never understand that. Or to harm others🤬 Thank You for catching another evil person

They need to hit him in state charges lock him up and upon his release the Feds can meet him at the door and bring charges. Double whammy

Put him on.jail and pay for what he does

People who are a danger to society belong exactly where you put him! Thank you, Pasco County Sheriff’s Department!

Bust all fraud and get things straight

So he could get a bond in pasco?

That would be great if it would show me that

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3 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Arrests made in more than $100,000 worth of lawn equipment stolen:

FOX 13's Kimberly Kuizon
Large bust from Sarasota Police Department on lawn thefts


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Ryan Cleary missing anything? Lol

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