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Pence's pick for national security adviser withdraws

Pence's pick for national security adviser withdraws


Vice President Mike Pence's pick for his national security adviser, Jon Lerner, has withdrawn after his hiring created tensions in the administration.

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Today, watch live as @VP Pence swears in Jim Bridenstine as our new administrator at 2:30pm ET. Following the swearing-in, three out-of-this-world @NASA_Astronauts currently living & working aboard @Space_Station will speak with the two of them. Details:

A new World Bank report focuses on the role digital technology plays in personal banking and how it can help close the financial inclusion gap...

10 minutes ago

KOCO 5 News

A Yukon man's stolen truck was found over the weekend. Though nothing else was inside, he said what's important has been returned -- his Native American Dance regalia. ...


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so happy for the victim

20 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

HAPPENING NOW: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expected to leave the hospital after she gave birth this morning. ...


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Wow you'd think they'd keep a royal person longer than a few hours after childbirth to make sure she's ok.

She will be far more comfortable at home ❤️

I feel a hospital stay is important for a few days. Just my opinion.

Is it a London thing, that she gives birth and walked out looking like she didn’t even go through the horrible process of Labor? Jesus!

I cant imagine having to stand up only hours after child birth. Congrats to the Royal Family on their newest addition!

tan tranquila que se ve ..era como si no hubiese tenido un parto doloroso (y claro hace yoga eso ayuda mucho ) Felicidades

After pushing out a 8lb 7oz baby, couldn't they let her stay a while longer!! Walking yet - in heels!

Classy couple. She just gave birth and here she is. Wonderful mother and supporting husband and father. Congratulations.

What the heck. Pop it out and off you go! Sheesh. 🤣. It’s not like they can’t afford the hospital stay.

Dianas legacy! You will always be present during your Childrens milestones. Congratulations To everyone

She was in and out with the last 2 babies also... US insurance companies just want $

Well.. yeah good points. She will have awesome care at home.

Maybe his name will be George in honor of St. George day today

I’m sure she has nurses at home and cooks and housekeeper

People don't stay in hospital long now days after having a congrats

My daughter came home less then 24 hours as long as all blood work is good.

More privacy at home then in hospital.

Wow they don't stay long in that hospital! Congrats

She seriousy has to do this right after giving birth smh.

May the Lord bless and keep the family 🙏🏾

Wonder the name I’m thinking Louis

Wow that’s crazy, have the baby and leave

Girl go get some jammies on and lay down

Wow Congrats to your beautiful family!

No name has been announced yet.

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25 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

Instead of getting lunch at this truck, you get a new outfit!

You can be the artist of your own outfit at this boutique on wheels.

40 minutes ago

KOCO 5 News

MORE RAIN, but what is the RISK? Forecast update with Meteorologist Jonathan Conder. ...


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so basically it's going to rain the entire time my MIL is here and i'll be stuck in the house with her for the week??? lol

love the rain, but don't really appreciate losing my internet because of it lol

I'm from Lawton, you guys are so much better than KSWO. Thanks for your broadcast on fires. We would've never heard about it until complaints.

I will be driving from southeastern ok to Will Rogers Wednesday morning, should I expect flash flooding?

What time will we get rain in NW OK? Tuesday night?

Like it we need the rain good. Thank you God bless you

I appreciate how you just keep it real.

What do s our summer look like?

Jonathan your the best on channel 5 OKC

Woohoo!! Awesome job FF and Fly Boys!!💕💖

Just put some headphones on.

Love the rainy forecast!!!!

Did you guys win awards last night??

so how much rain are we

Thanks for the rain forecast. 👍🏼

Good DAY from Ponca City.

Hi Jonathan, from okc

Wash out Wednesday perry ok ?

Love that into!

We do need the rain

Sup Johnathon?! From Edmond!

That’s funny, Monica!

Hi, From Chickasha



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1 hour ago

WPBF 25 News

AWESOME! To make the experience less scary, this Oklahoma hospital uses remote control cars to take children to surgery and other procedures! ...


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Cute idea. Puts the kids at ease

God Bless these people for their loving care they give.


This is so cool

Lauren LaMantia make we can buy the charging cable and you can donate the car.....


Wonderful idea

How clever!

Thomas Ingram

Web Exclusive: Bailey Bigger performs her new single "Lyrics" on WREG's Live at 9. ...

1 hour ago

KOCO 5 News

▶️LIVE: SO COOL! Right whales are feeding and frolicking off the Massachusetts coast. ...


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Where are you watching from?

Nice to have some fun beautiful news

From Norman. Only around 400 of these left. Zero calves were birthed this year. They are on the brink. So sad.

Del city Oklahoma

I wonder why they’re so far inland. I hope nothing is wrong.

Ponca City here. Was in Provincetown, MASS in 1991. Went out on a moonlight whale watch. Was AWESOME!!!

Purcell Oklahoma / was in Boston 2 wks ago, that would have been AMAZING to see❤️

From El Reno, Oklahoma. This is great to see.

Bubble feeding is awesome to see.

Good thing they aren’t wrong whales 🐳

This is so cool

Whales are awesome!

I'm in Bethany Oklahoma

Maybe zoom in some?

I can barely seee anything

Fort Towson, Oklahoma

NW expressway in okc

Fort Smith Arkansas

Palm Desert California

Watching from OKC 👋👋

Oklahoma City, Ok

cant hear ya

Pampa, Tx

Monterey California

Randlett Oklahoma

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