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Oprah's Golden Globes speech is the newest addition to Spotify's MLK Jr. playlist

Oprah's Golden Globes speech is the newest addition to Spotify's MLK Jr. playlist


Much deserved

Her speech is available in full on the streaming platform.

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26 minutes ago


Police are asking you to stay off the roads this morning in Harrison Co. ...

Police are asking you to stay off the roads this morning in Harrison Co.


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What the hell? I mean maybe if they learned how to staff instead of sending all workers home over night!

Yea no doubt. Cant see the road from our front door

Rick McCurry

29 minutes ago


Heavy snow in this highlighted band will drop an additional inch over the next hour. ...

1 hour ago


SURVIVING THE COLD: From frostbite to busted pipes, this frigid weather can be dangerous. What problems is the cold causing for you? Let us know, and maybe a fellow St. Louisan can suggest an easy fix! ...


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No heat in my vehicle having to deliver papers with Windows down....

1 hour ago

FOX 4 News

WANT A 'PIZZA' ME? A pizzeria punchout was caught on camera at a Bay Area mall Saturday night as dozens of people erupted in a brawl over a missing cell phone. ...


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Go to sleep FOX 4 News

LOL God bless black peoples. The pizzeria will feature a limited edition Weave Topping while supplies last.

This should either say, "wanna," or "want to."


Juan Rocha

wannabe thugs

1 hour ago

FOX 4 News

BREAKING: DALLAS ISD says all schools will open Tuesday on regular time. Buses will run at normal time as well. ...

BREAKING: DALLAS ISD says all schools will open Tuesday on regular time. Buses will run at normal time as well.


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DISD students to the Pit of Misery! DILLY DILLY!

Sorry kids, The media hyped up this “storm”. As they do everything else.

Its icy outside with some winds out in Seagoville Texas

But all the schools in Houston is closed, and I’m sure Dallas has way more ice than we do.

Awwww maannn, I'm more upset than my kids because I did not want to drive today.

Here is snow in Tyler, TX

DISD has always been like this. Enjoy school kids! Lmao 💯🔥🙌🏽

If this is true, then DISD needs to update their website. It says that no decision will be made until 6.

Weather folks keep missing the mark when it comes to "snow" 😂

But ,we all already knew this . DISD never closes

No need to miss school for 5 flurries !

And zero concern for your teachers and other staff that might live in those southeastern counties. Bad call DISD.

Then that confirms GISD will be open, which I figured since the yard looks like it did at noon yesterday 😞

Bruh, kids are already on their way too school, and they barely figure out what they were going to do

You have got to be kidding me dallas

Wow. I thought our district was tough. But we are OUT tomorrow. And we are south of Waco! Dallas, kids first money second!

Its nasty out in Seagoville and by hwy 20

Ya well mine won't be....

And at 6:59 am they'll issue statement that schools will be closed.

Never fails that the weather stations are wrong by a landslide

Update the road conditions..

That’s crazy on 45 in Corsicana there have 2 accidents in the past 30 minutes.

So should they bring the extra food.... bread, milk, pizza

It was pretty nasty in Ennis earlier.

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2 hours ago


Waking up alongside the International Space Station. (📹: NASA) ...


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Good morning, everyone!

Y'all are some dumbs if ya think this here circle thing is our planit, ain't no uhh,,, spere. Promise ya dat.

By gosh, the world is round.

Round as a ball not flat

I heard dat Earth is flat tho 🤔who lying me🤔🇺🇸🇰🇵🇨🇳🇷🇺🤔

Amazing view of our round, some might say globe-like, planet! Thanks for sharing!

Is it bad that everyone here is saying good morning and waking up when I never fell asleep? Lol

Just beautiful.. Imagine waking up to that view!!

Drew just slap yourself already this morning.

We need to show mother Earth more love!

Good morning to everyone. Have a safe and successful day...

Gilbert - are you hanging out with Drew?

The Flat Earthers will rise again!!

haven't really slept but such a beautiful sight thank you Lord

Wow… What did you have to drink last night… LOL

Look at all the roundness!

Good morning, Samantha Johnson is here

Any see ufo or star trek or superman?

is the world flat or round lolololol


Beautiful from that high up

So awesome! Good morning space

The World , Is FLAT!

so can they hear us lol or see us

What area are they going over?

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3 hours ago


Jude Redfield WDRB
My drive to work was not fun.


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Looks like your driving too fast for conditions.

That's I-71 not the Daytona 500 bro... deers are bad in that spot by the rest area . SLOW DOWN !!!

Slow down!!!! That's what causes massive wrecks

Driving to fast need to slow down

Looks like your driving much faster than I would of....

Honestly I only watched that because I thought you were gonna wreck. I want my 63 seconds of life back.

Glad no other cars were around. Slow down

Driving to fast, nervous to watch.

Looks better than half the roads in southeastern Indiana

made me nervous watching!

Northeast Nelson is a mess. We have probably another 2-3 inches of snow since about 9pm. We have been told by our City Road Crew that roads are slick and advised to stay off them.

Your going a lot faster then I went..: ours are co weed also

Your drive to work was rather quick too. LOL

It looks like you are flying. Lol!

Listening to some Snow Traveller? oops, i mean Blues Traveller.

Omg. Made me nervous watching it.

Your not supposed to be on the road lol

Its horrible here at Nolin Lake cannot get out !!!!

Good morning almost nightshifter

Sorry but that looked fun..

Would have loved that

That's cuz you're a wuss. Lol

Going toooooo FAST!

driving to fast for me

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