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Oprah speaks with Reese Witherspoon and more on 'CBS Sunday Morning' about Time's Up, and yup, we're inspired

Oprah speaks with Reese Witherspoon and more on 'CBS Sunday Morning' about Time's Up, and yup, we're inspired


The panel consisted of Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Tracee Ellis Ross, America Ferrera, Shonda Rimes, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, and attorney Nina Shaw.

Does Oprah have a squad now?

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Kim Kardashian welcomes third baby using surrogate

Poor kitty! TSA says the cat, whose name is Slim, was purposely packed into the passenger’s baggage and is doing fine since being rescued.

40 years ago today, we made history by selecting the 1st @NASA_Astronaut class to include women, African-American & Asian-American astronauts. That diverse class of 1978 went on to achieve many firsts & build a foundation for the record breakers of today:

Edwin Hawkins crafted one of the most well-known gospel songs of all time, "Oh Happy Day." You heard it in "Sister Act 2," in church, and all over the world. Edwin, your legacy of positivity will never be forgotten.

James Brokenshire MP: The moment I learned I had a lesion on my lung

Here’s my back-to-work/school Tuesday forecast! #coolerbutnotcold #highsurf #socalweather @foxla…

5.8 #earthquake off coast of Central America. @FOXLA

In an interview with Xinhua, Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the North American International Auto Show, said that the NAIAS aims to be the gateway for consumers and car manufacturers around the world

Outrage as Tesco makes changes to Clubcard rewards scheme

Nearly 1,000 people are still camped out in Northern France desperately hoping to get into Britain - despite the demolition of the Calais jungle 15 months ago

Former White House aide Steve Bannon 'summoned' in Russia probe

Japan public TV sends mistaken North Korean missile alert

AU council condemns "uncouth words" of U.S. President Donald Trump, asking him to withdraw the statement and issue a public apology

BBC journalist Emily Maitlis speaks of harassment ordeal as stalker is jailed again

#MontecitoFlood Update: #HWY101 will NOT reopen for at least another week due to ongoing clean-up/repairs/recovery/rain in the forecast. @FOXLA

T-REX SNOWBOARDING: Nothing to see here, only a T-Rex snowboarding in Springfield, Tennessee....🦖☃️

📽️: Michelle Rippon


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Sarah Jackson Amanda Randolph where i live 😆

Only in Nashville! Sorry Mr. T-Rex but you didn't make the Olympic team this year!!

Jessica Austin Mason better get busy

Nissan smyrna plant

Ya gotta love it.😁

Melanie Adams Casper show Jared lol

I like that

Jonathan Wheat I really want a T-Rex costume!!!

Megan Dixon

Liv Kiser

Emily Blanford😂❤️

Cheyenne West Hailey Rheam

Kara White

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1 hour ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

SNOW LATEST: Tracking snow totals and timing followed by dangerously low wind chills with Justin Chambers Fox 17 Nashville ...


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Tell the Governor to CLOSE ALL OFFICES!!!!

With the temperature tonight I don't think the salt will work on the roads?!? So do u think ppl at 500 am can go to work

How does the weather crew drive in snow like its easy


I guess another snow day for MNPS and Rutherford Counties.

Lebanon TN❄️☃️❄️ still coming down!!!

The best way to get rid of the snow is to tell construction workers it's coke, they will have it snorted up in an hour.

Use to live in Gallatin, now in southern maryland and see you guys are sending it to us. Lol. Everyone down there be careful

Alexandria did not get snow over the weekend so snow today has been awesome. And a total of 4 inches as of right now just from today ☃️🌨❄️

Justin I know Craig Edwards is snug in his bed glad he not out in this snow an having fun watching you you are great you an Craig are so much alike keep up the good work

Hi Justin!!!!!! We love you!!! 😃😃😃 Thank You for keeping us posted on the weather!!!!!! Very appreciated! Stay warm! Say hello to the others!

Millersville has 3 inches and still coming down

I know it's snowing like crazy here in Ashland City

After the snow stops will it be clear or cloudy?

Due to this weather, I'm working from home today, but I'd rather be in the office! 😍

It’s still coming down in Smyrna. I’d say 2 inches, at this point. ☃️☃️☃️❄️❄️❄️

Thank you Justin Chambers! You are doing a great job.

Supposed to be heading to Georgia today got a job interview Thursday how’s the roads look down I 24 south

My work building closed, but rest assure, were working from home today! Lol. 😂😂😂😂😂

2.5 measured on flat clear surface where I’m at in Smyrna.

My job is open.. yet let us leave early friday but its worse today wth

Any sun predicted to help melt the snow?

Nashville is catching it to

Seems to have stopped in Springfield

It's snowing crazy here in Lebanon

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ONLY IN TENNESSEE: "You know it's cold when our bull wants indoors!"

Thanks to viewer Brooke Smith in Unionville for the photo and the laugh 🐮😂❄️

ONLY IN TENNESSEE: You know its cold when our bull wants indoors!

Thanks to viewer Brooke Smith in Unionville for the photo and the laugh 🐮😂❄️


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Omg you " city folks" have no clue once so ever God provided that Bull and his herd of cows a nice thick hide to keep them warm.... I know exactly where this bull's pasture is and his owner provides and cares for his herd properly that old abandoned trailer just happens to be in his pasture ... to build barns for animals such as these would be stupid because that big ole bull would kick in the walls to escape and he would free his cows too then be might pissed off about having to go thur the trouble to do it people need to learn the facts before commenting on farm life that they have no understanding of

Where did you get a pic of my ex wife?

You ppl have lost your mind its food ppl and you obliviously havent lived owned or been on a farm

Go up to Montana and see cows out. They take hay out to them daily. They don't take them in 100 degree heat either. The Cowboys are out there with horses in the snow a lot too. How do you think Cows and Bulls were taken hundreds of miles in the old west? Unless they are show bulls or cows or milking cows, they usually stay out.

Poor thing wants some heat!!!

Some of you people have me really cracking up. I am the one that sent this picture to my friends that. That being said I can and will promise you this!! If you are that ignorant when it comes to farms and farm animals then you need to not even post a comment and show your ignorance. I not only live right beside this and have a farm but I’ve know this owner literally since we were kids. The owners of the cows take very very good care of his herd. I can afford my herd along with my herd of sheep and I have them a very nice big barn to get in. Guess where they are? They are out in it. Why? Because they are some of the thickest skinned farm animals there are. They rather it be cold than hot. Learn about your animals before posting saying someone is an animal abuser Tiger K Otis!

Goodness, folks are getting their underwear in a twist over a photo that's intended to just be funny! Trust me, the bull is OK!

Actually, the bull was watching the tv through the window. Rosie O'Donnell was on The View

This is In Unionville, TN

I have a nice warm oven for that bull.

As long as it's not a china shop, it should be fine.

Pure ignorance from people that have never seen a working farm. It's a funny picture - relax, laugh....

Its a bull ppl we eat them good greif shh some ppl

Give it up to the white house, tn mailman with respect in being out in this.

People I am the owner of this bull. There is no small calves in that lot at all unless one was just born 30 min ago. The cows and bull are just fine they do have shelter to get under if they want to. So please u city folks stop all this. I have raised cows my entire life and I know what to do if it gets really bad.

Get a shelter for them ☹ ... and feed them and make sure their water is fresh. Bull is trying to tell you something. 😉

You guys should build them a barn like I did and watch them stand outside and look at it🏦😂 they don’t go in it but they like to look at a 40000.00 barn

Thank you Moo! I’m wondering if these same people hollering animal abuse eat hamburgers, steaks and such? If so OOOOMG that’s abuse!

I see your post has a laughing face but has anyone made sure they have shelter? #notfunny

No bull! It's cold out here, open up and let me in!

They are huge but they can feel its changes, protection is # 1 if u are going to have any kind of animal.

Nothing to get bent out of shape about guys. Prayerfully the owner will get them in a warm area. I think the purpose of the post is to give alittle humor today.

Somebody’s knocking!! Should I let him in..!!!

Where is their barn? If your going to have livestock , give them something to go into during the colder weather.

aww..he's cold...hope he has somewhere to go inside..not the trailer though!ha!ha! looks like he really wants in,already broke some of the porch down...

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2 hours ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

LIVE DRIVE: Here's a live look at traffic conditions around Nashville and I-24 as snow continues to fall: ...


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You guys need to invest in salt and snow plows now...happening every year for you ....with the mountains you sure need it

Coming to Murfreesboro would be a waste a gas for y’all. U only want reports of roads in and around Nashville

I love that they tell you to keep 4 cars lengths distance and no one listens! Precisely why I stay home!!

Murfreesboro is pretty covered now all the back roads are completely covered they plowed old Nashville Highway

Where is this? Looks better than the I-24 I've been on today, east of Nashville.

Melissa it seems your getting as much snow as we are lol😁

That's Michigan roads most of the time in the winter.

As the temp drops the roads will be come ice again 😭😭

Be careful, Tn people can’t drive in this stuff!

That's nothing compared to the north just left Clarksville

I’m gonna need a ride ..can you swing by this way?

Mrs. Lisa, I'm surprised They cleared Old Nashville Hwy

You going to come down here to Murfreesboro?

Vonzel I'm snitching you can drive in this

Y'all We're riding with Channel 17. 😅 No Noise. Y'all Be Quite.

Paducah ky7inches. These roads look good!!!

Ed Forbes need to be an Uber Driver.

Glad we're not in Michigan! In more ways than one!

Well that road doesn't look bad.

Big flakes still coming down in Hartsville..

Get off the interstate and show the other roads

@carlos it looks like Hamilton church rd

Where is at I need to head to ga today

I-24 South heading towards Harding Road

Correct Desi, this is Murfreesboro Rd now

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