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OPINION: Trump’s 's---hole' remarks are a sad moment for America and the White House

OPINION: Trump’s 's---hole' remarks are a sad moment for America and the White House


"Today is a sad moment in American history and the history of the White House," ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd writes of Pres. Donald J. Trump's "s---hole" remarks.

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Tough loss tonight but we will bounce back.... Can’t believe people were booing Rodney tonight that is insane to boo a man who works his butt off everyday to become a better player and for people to boo him is INSANE He gives his all for us and we do the same for him! GOOD NIGHT!

Hold the cougar comments.

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Many conservatives said Trump had a point about the countries he insulted, although most — but not all — did not agree with his choice of words. #TheBubble

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"It's an extraordinary thing to be able to show what a beautiful black family looks like on television," Tracee Ellis Ross said.

9 minutes ago

NBC News

Dramatic dashcam footage shows the moment a car became airborne and crashed into a dental office in Orange County, California. ...


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The building has been left with quite the......cavity...

It’s the Dukes of Hazzard.

They had to be like, “wtf, was that a car? Flying through the air? Hold up...”. Crazy

This happened in California? It must be Trump's fault.


I don’t know if that’s real or not I would have had too been there

20 minutes ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News

SNOW in MEMPHIS! Here's a live look at the downtown of Bluff City - where it's blanketed in white Tuesday morning!

Our StormTrack 9 team is keeping a close eye on this weather system as it heads our way - LIVE UPDATES HERE:

FOX13 Memphis
SNOW IS FALLING! The snow is sticking and roads are slick. We'll have live coverage beginning at 4 a.m. with crews stationed across the Mid-South.

39 minutes ago

NBC News

"We cannot allow the nations of the world to embrace the words that come from our president as a reflection of the true spirit of America," Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter Bernice King said Monday.

Read more:


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You would think MLK’s kids would stand in the middle and focus on their dads accomplishments. Instead they stir the pot, something their dad fought against. MLK is turning over his grave.

Well said sir! We cant continue this embarrassing path, we must not let our "drunken uncle" be the face of this proud nation, were better than this, America!

Speaking as a minority. MLK was the last true civil rights activist. The rest are garbages. I was color blind until they show up.

a woman goes to dr and said doc, my husband and i started to have anal sex, and I was wondering if i can get pregnant out of that" doc respond of cours where do you think Donald Trump comes from..?

Today is Tuesday. Why are we seeing this again?

Release the Mlk files

Fake news ?

We can not ever speak the TRUTH, because if we do, we could be encouraged to change things for the better and that takes WORK NOT EMPTY WORDS.

Since the President likes to watch TV so much I wonder if he has seen these comments by Dr. King's children? I doubt it since he only watches FOX News. Sad. Anyone else out there can't wait until he is out of Office?

I would rather listen to Alveda King

I will never allow anyone to make me feel inferior. I will never allow anyone to fill my head with lies and their ideas of what they think I should believe or what standard in life I should accept because that's what they feel that I should resign myself to because of the color of my skin or that's all I am worthy of. No I won't accept it from anyone. Because my God tells me otherwise!!!!!!!

I am amazed at the people weighing in on something that was supposedly said when the people were not there. That shows an amazing lack of common sense. You do not offer an opinion on something you know nothing about.

Where is your empathy for my lack of empathy.... Save all the typing sissies. You can just make your point by saying life ain't fair...I've heard less crying in a child day day care . Show us some shame . lol

They all sound like there at church, move on cupcakes.

Thank YOU!!!

Why is biased media still spreading rumors?

So True

What a joke !!!

Thank you both for your candor!!!

Love how this fatass and a nobody thinks he's Martin Luther King, Jr. v2.0. If he were half the man his dad was, I would have had some respect for this fatass.

F ING for Jesus ?


Trump 2020!!

The word came from a shithole

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1 hour ago

NBC News

Atomic bombs have only been used twice in war. But with current tensions between the U.S. and North Korea escalating, it’s worth asking how we got here.

via NBC News MACH


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Trump opened his big mouth, that's why tensions are so high now❗❗❗

Because Bill Clinton was outsmarted by North Korea just like Obama was outsmarted by Iran. #facts

Thanks Obama

Lack of willingness to deal with DPRK's threats to build nuclear weapons aimed at us for the past 40 years. Should have nipped it in the bud when we could.

Fun Fact: Nukes detonated high enough in atmosphere can create artificial radiation belts, which can help protect the planet.

and the award for Only Nation to Ever Use Them in War goes to.....

It’s called past Presidents didn’t get tough enough on North Korea until now!! We can’t just keep looking the other way with North Korea!!

More media sensationalism

By previous Presidents kicking the Can down the road then Clinton bolstering NK’s Stockpile

Those two bombs saved hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Well it wasn’t trumps fault unless you brain donors think n. Korea was a bunch of hippies up until nov 2016

There's people in this world that would love to bring death and destruction to America. Both inside of America, and out

By biased news medias constantly promoting anti-trump rhetoric??????

The real question did the falcons blow a 25 point lead with 2:17 left...🤔🤔

How about asking what the origin of war, evil and conflict that males fight and know too well amongst male elite? Where did the tot behavior brutality come from and the wars that look like blurred conception, gestation, birth and a china cabinet falling before, during and after conception? So what happened that made the wars thence and why relive your versions of it when it's still larger than your importance

We got here because of a buffoon named Trump

Only TWICE? What's the only country to use nuclear weapons on innocent civilians TWICE?


We only at war when republicans in the office!!!

because, we didnt play childish games, like my buttons bigger than yours!

I doubt its only 2ce, there are many more secret testing that we just do not know yet.

By a Draft Dodger know nothing imbecile !!!

Got where? Nothing has happened and nothing will!

Atomic bombs have been used twice and only by a democrat President never a republican.

Deterrence keeps the peace. Weak peoples get bombed into submission. In WWII the Germans and the Japanese got into a war they couldn't win because they could not match U.S. and British strategic air warfare. We used massive counter-value bombing on them and they couldn't give it back, which left us undeterred to pound their cities into rubble and ashes..

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2 hours ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News

Snow Update - early Tuesday AM.



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I’m ready to not complain about hot weather

Glad they always assume everyone works a day shift job.

So over winter😬 ready to complain about it being too hot😂

Thank you for your update, we appreciate the channel 9 team.

Come on snow!!! I want snow!!!!

Shucks but just got the very tail end to heat it would be right about now 4:30 in the morning Hoping we don't get anything. It is beautiful falling specially at night with the car lights catching the snow. But I have SEVERE FIBROLMYLIGIA. And it is horrible for me with that the pain is way off the chart


Snow again with wind chills -0..........did someone move the south and forget to send in a forwarding address???????


Have to change the channel because when y’all have closings on the ticker the time goes away I watch the time on the TV

Good job tv stations ,u sold all the milk bread and water.

Thanks Brian for keeping us posted

Is there any accumulation in Athens

cold and snow is so much better than storms and tornadoes

San Antonio is still real windy and rainy

Hello Brian From Fort Oglethorpe

How will it be overnight?

Thank you for the update.

Thank you this Is a great idea

Thank You for the update.

Not much in Franklin, TN

Should be around 7amish??

where is it at in ga

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Thanks for the updates

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