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OPINION: Mr. Trump, fund, start, and finish the wall before you tackle DACA, illegal immigration

OPINION: Mr. Trump, fund, start, and finish the wall before you tackle DACA, illegal immigration


Congressman Andy Biggs: "We need to enforce our internal immigration laws and remove the incentives to enter and stay in America illegally. Only after all these things have been done should we start to debate further immigration reforms."

Before Congress passes any legislation on DACA or a broader amnesty bill for those who are in the United States illegally, we must fund, start, and complete building of the border wall.

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2 hours ago


Things you should know about singer (& rumored Millie Bobby Brown boyfriend) Jacob Sartorius. #BillboardNews ...


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Both of them should play with micky mouse at this age ....

Nothing. "You" should know nothing. The girl is 13 where the hell is the line? Paraphrasing Tom Hanks in The Post - it's not news, it's just a 13 year old girl.

She can do way way better

I thought only people who could sing were called singers

Hell no.

She is 100 times and more beautiful than him

Singer ? 🤣

They almost look alike



Laila Adarkar no just no

Bobby potek!

Yuura Yu

Parish Boggs

Mariana Marquez

Bernadette Flannery

Mitchell Siu Anson Jung

Tere Flores

Its a tough call but honestly I would have to say she is to young for him even though in ten years it wouldnt make a difference. Though its legal now in about 2 years he could be locked up for statutory rape so yeah I hope this kids parents told him to stay friends and keep it in his pants. Neither one them should be having sex especially her but I guess I should stop here because I was only 14 when I lost my virginity.

ugly degenerates, the human era is over, someone needs to replace us.

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2 hours ago


Do you have a favorite BBQ spot, if they're located in the Pee Dee help them out and nominate them now! It's easy, nominate here: ...

Do you have a favorite BBQ spot, if theyre located in the Pee Dee help them out and nominate them now! Its easy, nominate here:


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Schoolhouse in Scranton, SC

Schoolhouse, Scranton

Scott"s BBQ in Hemingway, SC

Simply Southern in Myrtle Beach and Big D’s in Conway 😋

Schulers BBQ!

Maurice's is the best

Scott's bbq Hemingway sc

Scott’s ain’t all that. Ribs dry pulled pork dry.

Yup Lexington BBQ in NC.. nothing else compares

Coopers in Salters, SC

My husband makes good ribs awesome can't find good bbq out here

My house


Rogers barbecue in Florence,and shulers

Radd Dews, Conway

Scotts bbq

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3 hours ago


Experts have noted that Suffolk County has had greater “out-migration” of its population to other parts of the nation than Nassau, which may benefit from its proximity to NYC as some city residents move to the suburbs. For more: ...


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taxes in mastic are way to high that's why I'm out of here

Lindenhurst has lost 141 people cause there is nothing here a lot of store have gone out and Texas are high so they move out of state or out of the village

So with the exception of one town in Suffolk they were all areas down by the water. How many houses are still vacant from Sandy down by the water?

Serge Premo

6 hours ago

Channel 4 News

“In 2017 the average sea ice extent was the second smallest on record and this is continuing downwards.”

The World Meteorologist Organisation has announced that the past three years have been the hottest since records began.


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How about all the people trying to dispute this come up with some peer reviewed science to argue their case? Otherwise go back to wearing your tin foil hats under the table and leave the facts to the people with intelligence.

Bulllllllshit global warming is the biggest fraud ever created, just so scientists can get funding. It has been proven it does not exist, the factual evidence is there for all to see and read.

Ever since Trump got elected, there have been more snowflakes since records began.

Since records began? But that's only about 150 years. That's not a very big time series. This man is being very misleading. Reasonable people agree: climate change is not a problem. There is no crisis. Climate change is normal. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. Climate alarmism is mass hysteria.

Any changes in the sea ice he speak of if is natural and has constantly since the world began changed going into and coming out of Ice Ages .....

nobody can do any thing about NATURE , DONT Worry be happy

That is simply a lie. Read the reports from the core drillings in Antarctica !!

yep the climate is changing like it has since the last ice age the thing , the question to be asked would be how much have we contributed to speeding it up. climate change is not new . the hole in ozone layer is smallest its ever been in long time and still getting smaller. I'm not a denier I know it changes but I'm not a hysterical alarmest either. years ago the earth was 2 degrees warmer than it is today, this manmade climate change is the biggest scam ever.

Do these people not get tired of telling lies.....or are they so decieved as to believe their lies..............

2018 is making a complete fool out of this guy.Al Gore sold a bill of goods to the world and got very rich doing it,but along came "mother nature" and we all will realize just how great a salesman Al turned out to be.

It's nice to see in a lot of comments that it's Noah's story all over again. The agressive denying of facts and mocking the messenger that presents them. And I'm not even a christian.

Complete political specious nonsense. The only good thing about these global warmer, climate changer panty liners is that by increasingly inflicting their authoritarian regressive left politically correct propaganda, they are actually galvanising moderate left, centre and moderate right wing people to form a mainstream yet bizarrely counter culture that will not be had over and more importantly will stand up to protect liberty , free speech and democracy. ..... . CH4 "(self confessed deliberate mischief causers) views" news - you've been very naughty again, time to go bed early with no supper and a smack bottom , until you learn your lesson.

Hard left nonsense based on nothing more than empirical evidence! And not one mention of the Queen or the national anthem! It's as if you want the terrorists to win!

Downward trend of sea-ice since the ice age!!! How many cars did the wooly mammoths drive to get this warming trend kicked off!!!??

It almost cracks me up to read the deniers make fun of yet another report about anthropogenic climate change. 97% of all climate scientists including NASA agree with ACG but Trumpettes don't believe. Bizarre.

Sea ice extent slops around a mean, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. This lying pig forgot to say that in 2012 was the lowest observed by satellite in 30 years, and then the very next year the extent increased by 30%. A few years later, about 3 years ago, the highest Antarctica sea ice extent found in the satellite record took place. The real answer from sea ice data is that the Arctic minima has been unchanged for 9 years, and there is no more downward trend. Also, the poles tend to cycle in opposition so as the Arctic is at a minima, the Antarctica is at a maxima and vice versa.

Even if you don't agree that people are effecting it, you cannot argue about climate change being real. Many scientists have theorized that the ice caps will mostly be gone within the next 30 years or so. Bye bye coastline.

Most uf not all the world weather is the result of Sun Spots and of course the Gulf Stream. Also we must stop stripping the Amazon Rain Forest which has a marked effect on our weather...

He is full of crap! It has been cooler where we live than in the last 10 years. I know they are getting paid and they don't want to lose their money but lying isn't helping anyone!

go there tiny little Ant and stunning images Of People who still live near Chernobyl and Fukushima go and see for yourself

When will a channel like this one form a panel of scientists to honestly debate their beliefs in weather climate change is actually man made?? because there are plenty scientists who think it is and is not.

can he not look out the widow and see for self wrong a few years in dec minus 17 c and this many days at minus 10 and should get colder for few years as the earth is moving away from sun and nearer to mars

global warming is a cash grab. if it were the imminent cataclysm they said it was they would have started putting up nuclear power all over the place. the paris climate accord is the largest transfer of wealth in human history. think about that.

This winter has been the most warm I've ever witnessed. Without the artificial cooling, a.k.a chemtrails, here wouldn't have been no winter at all. This time of year normal average temperature is somewhere -20-30, now it's just below zero. This development is not good at all.

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