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Ohio teen crushed in minivan remembered for his 'great courage'

Ohio teen crushed in minivan remembered for his 'great courage'


Kyle Plush, the Ohio teen who died after becoming trapped in his minivan last week, will be remembered as a “beloved” friend "whose heart was just as big as his smile," his high school says.

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A man was tasered and arrested aboard an American Airlines plane in Miami after allegedly touching another passenger inappropriately, according to Miami-Dade police.

Today, watch live as @VP Pence swears in Jim Bridenstine as our new administrator at 2:30pm ET. Following the swearing-in, three out-of-this-world @NASA_Astronauts currently living & working aboard @Space_Station will speak with the two of them. Details:

16 minutes ago

Yahoo News

WATCH LIVE: Authorities provide update on Waffle House shooting incident that left 4 dead, shooter still at large ...


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Thank you

Now what?

What's going on?


did they catch him>


Soft case

Call me 954-641-2558

What is going on??



ok billy

What happened?


In what city

Must be had to find a naked man. He must look different wearing clothes. Eyes were probably glued to his bottom half


What happened

You all on here that find this funny and are laughing.. What's so funny about dead people???


His parents need to be changed for murder too!

You posted his picture all over the place. He is long gone from Nashville if he has a brain at all.

Big deal! Who cares!



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38 minutes ago

Yahoo News

Here’s everything we know about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new bundle of joy! ...


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Today is a huge day for Charlotte because she is the first princess in British history not to be bumped down in the line of succession by the birth of a younger male brother. Usually, if a boy is born, he automatically goes ahead of a girl in line to the throne. But in 2013, before Prince George’s birth, the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 was passed which made it so a female royal can retain her place in line to the throne. So, it’s quite a big day for Charlotte in many ways—she became a big sister and made history!

Zzzzzzzzzz another Royal loyal mouth for the taxpayers to support and feed !

Congratulations to our beautiful future queen Kate and William on the birth of there boy 🇬🇧☺️🇬🇧☺️

Congrats to Kate and the family. So happy that Prince George has a little brother.

Don't care

2 hours ago

BBC News

Making friends across ethnic lines. #crossingdivides


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The left wing BBC strikes again.

BBC continuing it's neo-liberal agenda of nonsense

Ah classic BBC, putting the focus on what is truly important yet again: Race, religion, sexuality and ethnicity. Forget about seeing everybody as equal and befriending people because of their character and interests, gotta fill the black, muslim, lgtb quota amongst my friends.

You know, I just make friend's with Humans. I don't care about your ethnicity other than learning about a new culture. Other than that it is irrelevant.

Why not just make friends irrespective of ethnicity?

We are to get a Stephen Lawrence day on 22nd April every year to commemorate his murder. What a good idea. Are we to get a Keith Blakelock day on the 6th October every year to commemorate the policeman's murder at Broadwater Farm?

What is this, 1959 southern Alabama? Such a ridiculous piece for this day and age. How truly out of touch the media is.

Guys make friends with people because of their character, their interests and their actions. Don’t make friends for the sake of diversity and saying your ‘muti-cultured’ do it because you want to.

This is great. Meeting people from different backgrounds is knowledge, you learn so much from each other. I have many different friends from all over the place and they are great. The world is a big wonderful place filled with great people, embrace, enjoy and treat respectfully. Don't hate just love. ⚘⚘⚘

More of this needs to happen. Whether we like it or not we share this island together so we better start getting to know one another.

I’m looking for a Brown friend. Can anyone help? I’ll even settle for a Yellow. I just need some race cred. Please help.

There should be a lesson in school called Social Ethics. (Dump French) Where you learn how to debate, how to disagree, understand human psychology, cultures, causes of conflicts, bullying etc. Kids would come out of school better humans - period.

She says she wouldn't feel completely comfortable walking around a predominantly white area of Rotherham, I think my response would be that I wouldn't feel comfortable letting my teenage daughters walk around brown areas of Rotherham since the grooming scandal. Involving skin colour is inflammatory and race baiting and would seem is only acceptable when it's the white guy getting the flack. The BBC need stop stop playing identity politics. It's pathetic

Rotherham? Out of all places, BBC? Seriously? When is part 2 from Telford coming then? Is this some form of making amends from the media and the authorities for having failed to act on the issues that might have stirred some of those alleged resentments? The issues everyone was desperately trying not to pay too much attention to out of fears of being perceived as politically incorrect? Hmmmm

reporting on what thousands of people do every day, classic BBC giving us the important news. in other news, grass is green and lefties don't know what economics is.

This is why multiculturalism does not work! Everyone wants to stick with their own... stop pushing this nonsense

A national commemoration of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is to take place on April 22 each year: Stephen Lawrence Day

Oh we all know how Roterham is famous for its friendship! People of different ages, sexes, ethnicities were getting so well together...oh wait

Nothing wrong with multi cultural diversity until it comes to employment. Racism or any discriminations of any kinds needs to be dealt with.

No mention of how the toxic inclusion of religion in some people's lives makes harmony and inclusion utterly impossible.

biased reporting, straight away tries to label white british as hateful.

I thnik personally the headwear should be banned

Is it illegal to hate the BBC? Because I hate the BBC and it used to be the best organisation in the world. Your a disgrace.

I am sorry but don't feel threat end by us when its our country trying to make us feel terrible for being white I am Welsh my partner English my family are half English not through my partner you came here for a better life so how and why blame white people we are different race I am far from racists cause we are one world and I have been bullied all my life for the way I look just be nice and kind to each other please xxx

You just make friends. Ethnicity doesn't matter in friendship.

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2 hours ago

NBC News World

A notice has been placed on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace following the announcement of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child.


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3 hours ago

NBC News World

Dozens have been killed, and even more injured and arrested, amid protests over social security reforms in Nicaragua.


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Social Security. That's what you get when other's follow Americas lead.They saw Wall Street take control of Social Security monies here and thought they could get away with it there. Takes a special kind of deviant to pull that off boy's. LOL

Overcome evil by doing good. The Bible In America alot of food gets thrown out. It is a waste. The Bible says daily bread. Prices could be lowered by 50 percent. Let's not be greedy.

Let the Nicaraguan people solve their own problems. We have enough here with carrot top in the WH

Let those people throw stones till they achieve what they want

Party hardy you freakin' radicals! Meanwhile...our 🇺🇸 health care system sucks!

Nicaragua needs help, don't let this country becomes another Venezuela!

It's your problem...not mine.

NBC News World you got the story wrong, again.

3 hours ago

NBC News World

Armenia's riot police scuffle with protesters and deploy tear gas to disperse a mass rally.

Seventy people were arrested, including protest leader and opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinian.


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Well, you are still sleeping, NBC. You should have already found out what has happened today instead of showing yesterday's materials.

These people want acknowledgment of the atrocities propagated by the Turkish government . Give it to them. Humans are doomed .

This is an interesting story. And the fact that NBC is reporting on it, means it is somehow tied to a larger agenda.

Lucky they aren't shot...

Old news

3 hours ago

NBC News World

As the Duchess of Cambridge delivers her third baby, NBC News looks back on the history of royal arrivals.


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Such negative people here, who peed in their cereral?

One is enough. Two is one too many. And three is totally irresponsible. Time to turn off the bunsen burner Duke of Cambridge.

I'd rather they'd clone dinosaurs, more interesting and about as old as kingdoms

Lady di the only royal I would ever love!!!

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