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Official kills ex-girlfriend, her lover and himself, N.Y. police say

Official kills ex-girlfriend, her lover and himself, N.Y. police say


Police say a village official in upstate New York has shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and himself with a rifle outside an apartment complex.

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Ex-New Jersey governor Chris Christie was rebuffed while attempting to pass through a gate access point at Newark Airport he would use as governor.

Burger King is looking to start a beef with rival McDonalds. The fast-food restaurant launched a 1/2 pound burger, similar to McDonalds.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tells @ABC's @RebeccaJarvis the old corporate tax rate was was "never good for the United States."

Pres. Trump defends exercise routine after White House doctor said he doesn't really have one: "I get exercise...I walk, I this, I that."

Vladimir Putin took a dip in the icy waters of Russia's Lake Seliger during the celebration of Epiphany.

“I’m helping my community to ensure there are no cases of early marriages, female genital mutilation and also school dropouts,” said Samuel Leadismo, the director of Pastoralist Child Foundation.

'Bra'-zen theft captured by security camera at Victoria's Secret store at Massachusetts mall.

Pres. Trump touts Pennsylvania GOP candidate as a "great guy" as special election looms; the president’s visit comes as Republican anxiety about the 2018 midterms is increasing.

Matt Snyder's death is being investigated as a suicide.

‘He implemented what he promised’: Duterte satisfaction at record high

'One shower a year': Couple deny torturing children, plead not guilty

Critics have accused some Trump-owned clubs of attempting to cash in on the opportunity to rub elbows with the president, while other properties have seen declining interest from charities and nonprofit groups. Trump's business, one year in:

Happy Winnie the Pooh Day! Here are all the Pooh Bear scenes and quotes we love

Girl Scouts troop in area hit hard by Hurricane Harvey calls on community to honor first responders who aided in relief efforts—by sending them a box of cookies.

Fusion GPS found "patterns of buying and selling that we thought were suggestive of money laundering," Fusion's founder Glenn Simpson said under questioning by House Intelligence Committee members.

58 minutes ago

ABC News

BIG CHILL: Aerial footage shows manatees appearing to huddle for warmth as a blast of winter weather drives temperatures to near-freezing in parts of Florida. ...


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Faux news fans sure love spreading their trash across different media sites.

I went to see them today at Blue Springs State Park. Amazing creatures!

I hope the water doesnt freeze

Is this normal for Florida?

Stick a water heater for water for them.

Look at all the stupid #Trumpsters below me 😂

Pretty sure this is the Manatee viewing center . These guys come every year bc the electrical plant gives off warmer waters . They have built a beautiful place for everyone to see them . Those manatees are just fine . I've been there when there were so many you could walk on their backs like a bridge . Not saying I would but just giving a example .

Have always loved the manatees especially when I used to vistit Tampa.

Did I take you there? It’s an electric company water station by Apollo beach. The water is warm there and they can be warm. Also the Tarpon are there by the tons. They go there every winter. We had 12 out here in the canal last week.

I hope something is done to save these creatures. There really are not very many left in the world nowadays.

Everyone think this is normal? Anyone worried about next winter?

I can't wait for Ice Age 2 The Reality.

This is so sad. I hope it warms up soon there.

I hope they are not harmed by this!

Oh I feel bad for them ! I hope the water doesn't freeze ! Strange weather for Florida !

Let there be warmth so these and all other mammals and animals survive 🙏

Poor manatees! I hope they survive this cold okay!!

These poor Manatees are just searching for warm waters in order to stay alive in the waters of Florida. 😢 ❄️💨🐋

Prayers that they will be okay and nothing happens to them😢I hope it starts to warm up in Florida 😢🙏

How do manatees taste? Nevermind, what best describes the flavor one can expected from eating an manatee?

Yes, but today no. About 100. Last week over 400 in there!!!

Them manatees saying.....this some bullshyt.

Global warming is real.... calm before the storm

Oh...dear, poor old mani🤔🤗😎

They are so beautiful ❤. Hopefully they will all be ok.

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4 hours ago

WSAZ NewsChannel 3

Just in: Statement from Kentucky Power after the PSC voted down the company’s approval request for a 16% rate increase on customers. Instead customers will see a 4% DECREASE. ...


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Is WV watching this?

WV needs to go after AEP!! They won't though because our utility commission doesn't know how to say no!


4percent increase didn't Trump say power rates were going down?

Let them use the big tax breaks they're getting with the new tax plan for a raise.

My Kentucky power bill this month is 349.00

I wish my income increased like the power companies increases!

so are they getting 12% or have to do just the decrease

We’re is Joe or Shelly?

Wtg Kentucky

Thank God


Sherry Highley Copley

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