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Obama explains 'what the Russians exploited' in interview with Letterman

Obama explains 'what the Russians exploited' in interview with Letterman


"If you watch Fox News you are living on a different planet than you are if you listen to NPR," former President Barack Obama told David Letterman

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Decline and fall of the 'good walk spoiled'? As golf struggles to appeal to the next generation, what could it do to change that? Or is it a sport destined to lose out to newer, quicker, cheaper activities? #BBCTheBriefing

Former banker sues Wells Fargo, says he blew whistle on mortgage practices

The Department of Justice asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take up a case in which a judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

With just over 24 hours to go before the potential government shutdown, the Senate adjourned for the night, kicking the can one more day to vote.

Apple plants a flag in Culver City, further expanding its presence in Hollywood

Supreme Court delays order forcing North Carolina to redraw congressional maps

The race to win Amazon’s second headquarters is tightening: just 20 cities are in the running for what the company promises will be 50,000 jobs paying at least $100,000 per year. @jolingkent reports.


Mere days after former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left office, he was stopped by TSA at Newark Airport for evading a security checkpoint.

Trump's lawyers urge Supreme Court to reject DACA ruling by California judge

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Pope Francis arrives in crisis-hit Peru

'Shaking' Malaysia Airlines flight turns back to Australia

Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? A new "Harry Potter" mobile game will let fans experience life as a Hogwarts student

Three men sentenced in connection with a deadly carjacking at New Jersey mall; "I hope the image and the chaos and the nightmare you left me with stays just as seared in your brain as it is in mine," his widow said

A 'shaking' Malaysia Airlines flight was forced to turn back to Australia:

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Neville Miller KMBC
Live chat: About a full-month into winter...let’s look at the stats and look ahead to the weekend storm system KMBC 9

IT'S OFFICIAL! They cut the ribbon on the Crystal Lagoon in Wesley Chapel today. It won't be open to swimmers until spring, but now they'll begin plans for lagoons in Polk and Hillsborough counties! STORY: ...


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In a state surrounded by water with vast lakes and swamps and rivers, we built a giant artificial lake. Why not build something we don't have? Make an artificial mountain.

Let’s build a beach when the state we live in is literally surrounded by them and also filled with natural springs. 🙄

Wait?? They r building 3 of these in Tampa Bay? Why? Um the ocean is 30 mins away? Wtf

Over building central Florida.... take that crap elsewhere....

The pictures make it look much nicer than it actually is in person. The homes are small cookie cutters. The traffic is going to be awful. I’m over Wesley Chapel.. too much growth! I would rather see the cows!

Ok that’s awesome but 25$ a month for people who live around it but what’s the fee for people outside the residential area! Does not say!

I can't wait to go pee in the water

I don't know why you people are complaining so much it's another tourist attraction I think it's beautiful the problems going to be the alligators

Waste of water! Enjoy the real & natural offerings of our State, before they are gone. A real spring, a real beach, a real lake.

Total waste of money and natural resources!

Is this part of the plan for the native habitat restoration project to help with restructuring water flow south and outwards without causing new flood plain issues? Or just a way to make another over priced over valued community visually more appealing?

Marion county says NO thank you! We like our crystal clear NATURAL springs here. Please don’t bring that kind of man made intrusion here.

Alternatively we could just go to the friggin beach. There's only a gazillion of them within driving distance.

How is water filtered. It's going to be bug and germ infested just like sunwest park in Hudson or whatever that name is of the supposed natural spring. It was a disgusting mess!!

A big pee pee pool. I promise the sand and water will not be the same color an hour after its open! Very pretty though!

I am lucky I guess I live 2 minutes from the gulf .very pretty around here Mother Nature why oh why do they have to build something .we do have Disney world

So many fake lakes lagoons and such in Florida. What the heck??? The beaches Real Natural beaches are Besutiful.

I'm really getting sick of the helicopters flying around. Stop already other people live around here to that don't want this stupid thing in there backyard.

Yes it looks like it will be open to the public. The article says, “The amenity will cost $25 a month for residents whose homes are built around the lagoon, but it will also be open to the public for a fee.”

Where's this water shortage we are having can build this more houses and condos but control me to water my lawn 1 day a week

I hope they open up the new roads before hand traffic is going to be awful once this is open! It’s already getting bad I’ve lived there for 13 years the population is growing fast!

Would rather enjoy the springs...maybe it will keep some ppl out of the natural swimming holes I'm all for it build more .

They need to built one or more in the california desert, palm springs area,or between cali and Arizona ,there is lots of open land in this place, that will made more since them having this is florida....

Aileen... This is in your neck of the woods, what is the point do you swim in it or just go and look at it?

Instead of the lagoon, why doesn't the county bring in the high paying jobs they promised with, connect a city? The only jobs in this area is mimimum wage. So its more people driving to Tampa to pay the mortgage.

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WSAZ NewsChannel 3

Just in: Statement from Kentucky Power after the PSC voted down the company’s approval request for a 16% rate increase on customers. Instead customers will see a 4% DECREASE. ...


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Is WV watching this?

WV needs to go after AEP!! They won't though because our utility commission doesn't know how to say no!


4percent increase didn't Trump say power rates were going down?

Let them use the big tax breaks they're getting with the new tax plan for a raise.

My Kentucky power bill this month is 349.00

I wish my income increased like the power companies increases!

so are they getting 12% or have to do just the decrease

We’re is Joe or Shelly?

Wtg Kentucky

Thank God


Sherry Highley Copley

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