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Nigerian man posts photos of female circumcision on Facebook

Nigerian man posts photos of female circumcision on Facebook


Female genital mutilation is illegal in Nigeria. But one Facebook user posted graphic pictures of the procedure, asking parents to bring their children to his home.

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4 minutes ago

CBS News

President Trump, when asked if he only wants people from Norway coming to the United States: "I want them to come in from everywhere, everywhere." ...


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Everywhere....according to US LAW..No Lottery, no chain, Merit based immigration....give the Dreamers a reasonable chance to resolve their issues....Build the wall.....then DRAIN the SWAMP!!!!!

"Is there any Kazakh money in Trump soho?" Is Kazakhstan an old soviet republic? There's your likely answer

“Even the shithole countries wait a minute.”

He's in cahoots with Kazakstan, he owes them tons of money

Did Trump say anything to the president of Kazakhstan about Borat yet?

Good attitude. I wish I thought it was anything other than damage control

Senator DICK Holes Liar 🤥 Congrats 🎉🎊🍾🎈

They've already showed up to this post whining and crying on every comment

LIAR! Has this shithead ever told the truth?

Well I guess he don't want the babies crying anymore

Why the change of tone? 😂 Donkey Cun


Just bring money for me .....ha, ha. Dotard won't do or say anything unless there is something in it for himself and his pocket book.

Damn leave people.

Merit based !!!!

oh shit Borats coming

This should go well.

Lying sack of shit.




Should read Shithole 💩💩💩💩💩 RACIST TRUMP 💨💨💨💨💨

He's still a racist cunt.

Liar liar


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33 minutes ago

KKTV 11 News

Pueblo firefighters are still at the scene of a fire on the 1100 block of Cedar Street. Adam Uhernik KKTV is working to get more info now, so keep checking back for updates! ...

Pueblo firefighters are still at the scene of a fire on the 1100 block of Cedar Street.  Adam Uhernik KKTV is working to get more info now, so keep checking back for updates!

49 minutes ago

CBS News

Jorge Garcia, a 39-year-old who has been living in the U.S. for 30 years, shares an emotional goodbye with his family before being deported to Mexico ...


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For all of you idiots who can't read, he's been trying to establish citizenship for 13 years. He pays taxes, works hard and has never even had a traffic ticket. Seriously.....what is wrong with this country that we allow this.

The left-wing media Loves to make emotional videos like this to advance their leftist agenda when in reality he had 30 years to become a citizen

I used to be proud of my country. Now it's an embarrassment! #shitholepresident

Don't feel bad for him one bit. He had 30 years to get it right and ignored the law and now has to pay the price . This is 100percent his own fault

30 year's and didn't think to become a citizen?? You would think he would want all those benefits we get right?? How can you live and work in a nation for a lifetime without being a citizen?

I wonder how many stolen Social Security numbers he's used over the years...

In no way shape or form can this be the right thing to do. It is morally reprehensible and shameful. I guess it depends on your definition of a great America.

Why didn’t Jorge Garcia take care of his immigration status sooner??....30 Years???

I don't understand how people who claim to be Christian can support an administration that is willing to break up families like this. This man has been living and working in the United States for thirty years; this is his home, not Mexico. If immigrants who came here illegally in the past have committed no crimes and are simply wanting a better life for themselves and their families, I fully support a pathway to if not citizenship, at least legal recognition. My views aren't all that different from the Republican party of the past; the party of Reagan they most certainly are not anymore.

He was nine years old when he came to the United States. He was not in control of his life. How awful. This man knows nothing about Mexico. Just awful. Destroying families. Children brought into this country should not be punished.

It's really a slap in the face to those who jump through all the hoops, pay the fees, and go through the proper channels in order to be here legally.

The real story is why didn't this guy do what he NEEDED to do for his family in 30....30!! FREAKING YEARS?????

Why would you wait 30 years before trying to get your paperwork correct?! Because the previous administration ignored it. Its NOT being ignored now.

This is sick! The man is not a criminal! Most of our ancestors came here easily. Why are we punishing men/women who did nothing more than want a better life for their families? This is immoral.

CBS only reports anything that makes Trump look bad, they are so one sided and in love with Hillary.

Instead of concentration on criminals and drug dealers, the focus on family members that have done NOTHING TO DESERVE being kicked out of this country which was built on immigration and hard working people looking to fend for themselves and their families. The pay taxes and follow the law. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!

Why did he wait so long to become a citizen? He came here in 1988 and did not start his path to citizenship until 2009/ His fault he did not start day one, in 1988.

It is very sad and emotional, but 30 years is more than enough time to get everything taken care of and become legal.

If you are going to live in another country, then you should become a legal citizen of this country! It is sad though, he had years to become a legal citizen. Best of luck to him!

He had 30 years to become a citizen and didn't that's intirely his fault. If U r here illegally you have no right to be here at all. It'd not like he didn't know it was going to catch up to him sooner or later , I can't feel sorry for someone like that

So we ship back those trying at least instead of searching for the felons & criminals....stupid move.

I am not, nor will I ever be Ok with illegal immigration. The law is the law, and our foundations being that we are a nation of laws is a big draw for people to immigrate to the U.S. That being said... Ok the fault here is with the immigration system in general. He probably should've stated earlier, but nearly 13 years is long enough for immigration to do something.

I guess it was Trumps fault when this guy did not do the right thing 20 years ago...19 years ago...15 years ago...12 years ago!!! 5 years ago!!!

He should have got his citizenship, my mother did and there has never been any problems, 30 years is Long brought to decide, citizen or not.

The depth of ignorance. He was brought here illegally as a child. There was no way he could apply to become legal, which was the reason for DACA in the first place. He could have a lifetime and still not be able to change his status without changes to federal policy for people like him.

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1 hour ago

CBS News

One of Dr. Larry Nassar's victims describes what his multiple sexual assaults did to her:
"For me, it was a girl wanting the pain to stop so badly that she woke up for months to the thought, 'I want to die.' For me, it was a girl getting out her gun and laying it on the bed just to remind herself that she has control over her own life."


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they put up with the abuse long enough to get the gold medal then complained later. that is the way it usually works.

He is a registered Democrat

Momo Medüza I hate people that say "im not a victim". It downplays all the feelings associated with being the victim of a crime. Like someone that is sexually assaulted is weak.if the cant find their way thru life after.

What takes them so long to report this?

Now it's 15 minutes of fame again...

This girl refused to accept any financial restitution from the guy (the judge asked her twice to reconsider). She said no bc she did not want to take money away from the perpetrator's own children. She truly just wanted him locked up to protect others. It was quite amazing to watch her speak. And she's only 16!

Who is Larry Nassar??

Very Very Strong Young Lady!! I hope He Rots In Jail!!! God bless you for being this strong Prayers to you and all the young ladies

Powerful! Good for you! Thank you from all of us who have been sexually assaulted and couldn't put into words how it affected our lives. 💕

I listened to this. What an amazingly strong woman she is..they all are

What a brave, brave girl ! I hope he gets whats coming to him....

Very brave young ladies, I hope he rots in hell

I know what we should hang Nassar by! ~Carole Hill Martin~

No amount of prison time will ever be enough to give these girls the "justice" they deserve.

Little girls with guns? Too bad she didn't neuter him with it.

Thank you for being so courageous.


White girls seem to be their preferred victims

This guy should be locked up for life! Pedophile that will never stop abusing....ever.

Larry you sick fuc

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1 hour ago

KKTV 11 News



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Happy 65th Birthday Channel 11.

4 more years til you hit the 69 🤔🤗😇😂🤣😄🤪😂🤠

Fixed it

2 hours ago

CBS News

Police in Australia went on a high-speed chase -- but it wasn't after perpetrators in a car, it was after a wallaby hopping on the highway. ...


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If you wallaby a comedian, then you'd better hop to it and study these funny kangaroo jokes.

I love how the cop is so lazy just sits there and record and not helps out

"Highspeed chase" it was going 3mph

“Tie me kangaroo down sport...” 🎶

George did one of the Roos hop away? 🤪

Jennifer Hanson Sheahan Have you witnessed such a thing?! Lol

He knew his Australian rights! He was just happy cos his gf said "yes"!! -_-

Maybe the Wallaby is a night runner?

Did they catch him?? I hate when we don’t see the ending!

Hey that wallaby was not speeding! It was hopping defensively! LOL

and they didn't shoot him, revolutionary :-)

LMAO......thats just to funny!!!

Lol omg he was out bye lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

You must have goals! "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going." - Earl Nightingale.

Gotta love that... only in Australia.

Poor baby! Well, how did it end??

Look how fast those things go !

Talk about "hop" pursuit!

The LAUGH of the DAY 😅 He wasn't wearing a seatbelt and when he stopped he resisted the officer by speeding away again !!!

I ain’t gonna be no Wally burger!

What da hell 😂

did he get handcuffed? 🤔

Does he going get a ticket?? lol 😂

Jim ---> Ozzie's cousin;-)

Wreckless jumping???

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2 hours ago

KKTV 11 News

Does cold weather and snow make you as happy as Trip Hazard...or are you excited about 50s and 60s the next three days?

(Thanks Nicole for this adorable pic, taken in Peyton!)

Does cold weather and snow make you as happy as Trip Hazard...or are you excited about 50s and 60s the next three days?

(Thanks Nicole for this adorable pic, taken in Peyton!)


Comment on Facebook

I want more snow.

we would LOVE MORE SNOW... enjoyed last nights dusting already this morning

Let it snow

Haha, Trip Hazard.

2 hours ago

BBC News

Clothing worn by rape victims is on display at an exhibition in Brussels aiming to dispel the "stubborn myth" that provocative dress is a factor in violent sexual crimes. ...


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I was raped over a period of 9 months by my “fiancé” when I was in high school. He often made a big deal about how what I was wearing turned him on and left him no choice. That could range from nothing (because I was showering) to baggy pajamas and a sweatshirt with my hair a mess (more often than not). When I fought back he regularly threw a tantrum about how I was a “tease” and “begging for it” because my hair was up, or down, I was wearing makeup, or not, tight clothes, baggy clothes, my prom dress, my work uniform, or took my clothes off to shower (he would pick the lock.) It’s clear to me that it’s not about what I was actually wearing at all.

When I was 13, and looked 10, I was attacked at a park while I was babysitting. the first thing the police asked me was, "What were you wearing?".

If a person can't control themselves when they see a person dressed "provocatively" in their opinion then they have no place in society.

I doubt the kind of people that blame victims are really the cultured go to galleries type, but I could be wrong but as far as an exhibition goes this is pretty strong stuff

No way this is an objective survey, but rather a curated collection intended to prove a point. Not meaningful.

If “what you were wearing” were the justification, every nudist beach, colony and resort would have shut down a hundred years ago...

Walking through my son's elementary school path between his building and the playground one Sunday after coming from a movie, I was accosted by a young man who was running up behind me (lots of joggers in Seattle, so thought nothing of it), and squeezed my butt. He came around to face me, he on a higher portion of the path than me.His eyes appeared to be dilated as if on drugs. When I look scared, he said "No" in this druggy voice. Meanwhile, his left hand was on my shoulder and his right hand clutched his groin. When I broke away, I fell down on my knee, scraping it and, as I started running to my home across the street, he asked, "What are you going to do?" to which I finally finding my voice screamed,"I'm going to call the police!" He then started running in the opposite direction.You know what I was wearing? My wool winter coat over pants and sweater, my hair unwashed, no makeup. I looked as unattractive as possible.I called the police who came quite promptly. Never knew if he was ever caught. Frightening and enlightening experience. Never took that shortcut again, was told by the police to not hesitate to scream right away the next time, and was taught to turn abruptly in the opposite direction if I sensed someone coming up behind me. It wasn't the first time my butt was grabbed, the first time it was on a busy downtown Eugene, OR street. I swiftly turned around (and I'm sure the crowd was surprised) and loudly said, "Don't you ever do that again!" Never saw who it was but figured that might put a damper on future butt-grabs.

It’s ridiculous this even has to be a thing. If a person is so ignorant that this would help them understand, I doubt they’ll understand it. It’s worth a shot I guess.

Can't believe that victims continue to be asked this question. Sad demonstration of how backwards the judicial system is.

This makes me so angry! How some humans think they have a right to violate another to get their kicks. Never a thought in how the other persons soul gets destroyed, how difficult they find communications with others etc! Absolute scumbags! Well done showing it doesn't matter what you wear, it's down to the psychopath that doesn't deserve a 2nd breath! Don't even get me started on how I feel about this happening to young children/toddlers. Poor poor souls! I hope the violaters rot!!!

But still a factor for those women who do dress provocatively and got raped, can't just erase that fact.

Most rapes are NOT committed against 'provocatively' dressed women. The vast majority of rapes occur to individuals of ANY AGE going about their very normal business, dressed in very mundane attire. Now, knowing this fact, why are people STILL linking rape with what women are wearing? It's solely about power, control, entitlement, humiliation and hate. Pick any one of those factors and you have the reasons for rape... none of which bear any responsibility on the victim or her clothes at the time.

No-one is saying what you wear is the only reason you get raped. But if you dress in something that leaves you more naked than clothed don't be suprised when people start looking. It's about what steps you can take to protect yourself. Again no-one is saying what you wear is the reason you get raped and no-one is blaming the victim when they ask what clothes you had on.

Women in burkas are raped all the time .. it means nothing to savages

Wow! Rape is about power. Anyone who thinks "what she was wearing" has anything to do with it must have had a lobotomy.

Not that it should matter what they were wearing .. even walking down the street stark naked would not be an invitation to rape someone

Sexual predators don't care what clothes you wear ...just read the paper today about the dad that raped his 13 month old daughter sickening !!!

This is so important. Thank you for putting a visual so that others can finally understand that what a rape victim wears is irrelevant to culpability.

People of all ages and appearances, and of all classes, cultures, abilities, genders, sexualities, races and religions, are raped. Rape is an act of violence and control; the perceived 'attractiveness' of a victim has very little to do with it. There is no excuse or mitigation for sexual violence and it is never the victim/survivor's fault. What someone was wearing when they were raped or how they behave is irrelevant...!!

Regardless any woman should be able to walk down the street naked and be free from molestation or is it that men are incapable of restraining their worst urges? It may well be bad parenting or society's failure the teach. As a young man I was taught to show girls and women the respect they are due, anything else would simply demonstrate that I am incapable of self control and self respect.

I can’t believe the comments I see. Did you see the video? People are saying that “don’t dress provocatively and you don’t get raped.” You must be out of your mind. Some were uniforms, long pants and long sleeved shirts, an armed police officer, and CHILDREN’S CLOTHES!!!! The video is trying to prove how irreverent what the victim was wearing... If the aggressor decides to do it, what the victim was wearing doesn’t make a difference. You must have never experienced sexual assault yourself or know anyone who has been in that situation. Because if you do, you won’t be saying such ignorant things. Be compassionate toward others. It is never, ever the victim’s fault. Get that through your thick skull.

Can they put the picture of the person who raped them beside it? That will explain much more than a poor vestemantry choice.....

Perhaps there could be a section in the exhibition of skimpy clothes entitled 'Clothes I was wearing when I wasn't raped' to make the point that normal men can be around women, however they are dressed, without attacking them.

They are displaying the truth because no amount of clothing or no clothing should ever be dicussed by any prosecuter in any court system!!! It is irrevelant RAPE IS RAPE PERIOD!!!!

Rape is about power & control, it would not matter what you were wearing, the rapist is looking for an easy mark...remember, both males & females, of any age, are raped everyday...this is one of the most heinous of crimes.

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3 hours ago

KKTV 11 News

CRASH UPDATE: This crash is now clear

CRASH UPDATE: Flatbed trucks are now on scene to remove vehicles blocking the intersection of SB Powers & Stetson Hills. WB Stetson Hills is still blocked. Dublin is your best alternate route. WB Barnes is more stop than from from Powers all the way to Austin BluffsON-TIME TRAFFIC ALERT: This crash is at SB Powers & Stetson Hills blocking the left thru lane of SB Powers as well as the left turn lanes. WB Stetson hills is also blocked. Use Dublin/Barnes as a WB alt

CRASH UPDATE: This crash is now clear

CRASH UPDATE: Flatbed trucks are now on scene to remove vehicles blocking the intersection of SB Powers & Stetson Hills. WB Stetson Hills is still blocked. Dublin is your best alternate route. WB Barnes is more stop than from from Powers all the way to Austin Bluffs

4 hours ago

BBC News

Remembering the unique talent of Dolores O’Riordan.

Police say the singer's death is not suspicious:


Comment on Facebook

every one will die every one will leave this world and our money will not save us from death

Her voice and songs will remain immortal and important for those who grew up in the 90's like me 💙

If she lingers she'll become a Zombie

Everyone have a day to leave this earth,is she not suppose to die?

Ode to my family always makes tears in my eyes..

My guess is the woman's time was up & god called her to her home in heaven may you rest in peace Dolores you will be missed a beautyful lady xx❤⭐

So very sad to hear this tragic news, welled up in tears at present, she (with her band The Cranberries) was a tremendous talent, love the Irish heritage of the band and some of their songs are so evocatively beautiful such as Dreams and Linger 😥😥😥

She must have committed suicide since they are not revealing yet what happened to her. She apparently was depressed for years.

My guess is heart failure due to prescription painkillers.

Respect her decision. Wish her rest in peace.

Why does every BBC article have typos?

I really like her...her talent...that voice is sooooo unique. 😖😖😖😖😖

The wonderful 90s are getting farther and farther away

I think sadly she had depression so this may have been suicide. No matter how popular or clever you are no one is exempt from getting depression.

Such a shame and a sad loss to the industry and especially those who knew and loved her personally. Very sad indeed x

another part of my youth is gone for good...R.I.P. Dolores, you were too young to leave this world but hopefully went to a better one

Wonderful talent. ..we will miss her. But her brilliance lives on. live on with your iconic voice, lyrics...and artistic prowess. <3

She’s not dead, it was all in her heeaaad in her heeeeeaaaaaeeeedddd

She will be truly missed in the u.s

You will be missed! Your songs reminds me my teenager days...on 90's... your voice will remain as Do'r.. 😭

She had a strong, beautiful voice. In the 90's one of the best woman vocalists. Her hit "Zombies" will remain in my heart forever! R.I.P Dolores

I feel so sad for this singer why she could die early just in her Middle Ages I like her songs Rest in peace you will always be remembered by your beautiful sounds and songs

I love d Cranberries <3 <3 <3 The first song dt I heard from their album was "Ode To My Family". My best friend back in elementary used to sing dt one and I really like it up to now. Second, was d "Zombie" because it was also popular in our place back then. Rest in Peace DO'R, u will be missed. :( Even ur gone now, ur music stays that will remind us, of you...

Reed Polk Cranberries always make me think of you because you had No Need To Argue. I would borrow it, as little brothers do. I was captivated be her vocals, and by how hard Zombie rocked for a little alt rock band. Being about the IRA bombings, it also reminds me of the project you did with the goober guys for class. I studied that album and the artwork. They were huge back in the mid 90s.

When Lighting does not hit twice,and the fame and spot light dies ,it can be hard to handle.I still have their CD,so sad

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