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New fantasy sports game revives sports betting concerns

New fantasy sports game revives sports betting concerns


A new daily fantasy sports game that lets users hone in on a single NFL playoff game has some gambling experts wondering if the contest inches the industry closer to the territory of sports betting that remains illegal in most of the United States.

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3 minutes ago


"WE REALLY COULD USE YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS." The York County Sheriff's Office is asking for prayers after three deputies and a police officer were shot overnight during a call.

One officer was "critically wounded and his situation is very critical."
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38 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

Watch: LDS Church leaders to speak after presidency announcement. ...


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Good morning

Put on some real news.


Listening from the Philippines

this is #RealNews


This is real news! If you don't approve then don't watch it.

Listening from right here in SLC

Hi William! "Every knee shall bow"

504 in Morganton NC watching closely 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

While I’m slightly disappointed that Elder Uchtdorf wasn’t retained in the First Presidency, I still sustain them as prophets, seers, and revelatory.

Ephrata, Washington

que bonito hermoso me gusta

Such an exciting time for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! ♥️

Good morning from Kansas! ❤

The Church is True! ❤️


Good morning!

Fake music!

I am happy with the counselors that we're chosen and will support them but I will miss President Uctdorph (so"(sp?)

Me too.

✝️⚓️❤️ Faith Hope and Charity for All.

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52 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

Inside #ldschurch office building waiting for Press conf to speak to new President and Prophet Russel M Nelson ...


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A little disappointed that President Uchtdorf wasn’t retained.

Yes let's be kind! WELCOME CARA!! We welcome all to listen and watch no matter what your opinions or views are! :)

I have a question. I'm not sure if any one has the answer but out of all the men/apostles/counselors, why is none of any color? Just a question, wanting an honest answer. Please do not respond if you truly don't know the answer.

Cara have you attended this church you may enjoy the positivity it gives you along with hope and peace. Try it.

Cara is a freaking joke

What a joke

You're a joke Cara

No one is obligated to watch this broadcast, if you don't have anything nice to say please don't say anything at all 😍

Someone please explain to me why the appoint a 92 year old man? What just so they can do this in 5 years from now again.

I'll have to disagree with you Cara Person, this is actually as real as it gets! Change is good! And so is acceptance! Had it not been for those two things alone, epic history such as integration and interracial marriages wouldn't be possible today!

If you ignore all the negative they go away. Please don't give them a reaction.

Love and acceptance will always win over hate

So excited for our new presidency!

Cara you are a joke. Get over it and move on with your life

You poor sour person . Feel sorry for your sad life.

If you don't like it, you can leave.

Fake news

Please be nice

Her name is cara not carla

Fake Church

Please leave your negative comment somewhere else cara

No one said you had to watch this. You chose to. Be polite and respectful even if you don’t approve

Cara has obviously been offended by somebody in this church. Why prove her right? She will always be welcome. WWJD?

Nobody is making you watch.. Be nice get on with your life. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all!!!

Or you can let people have there own opinions and a public page

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1 hour ago


WATCH: The York County Sheriff's Office holds a press conference after 3 deputies and an officer were shot during a manhunt Tuesday morning.



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The York County Sheriff's Office is holding a press conference after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning. »

Were they ambushed? Sounds like a set up. I hope you catch the people quickly

Prayers for the officers and their families and all brothers and sisters in blue!!!!!

Prayers from Lenoir NC for these brave Officers , and the families and also for The Brothers and Sisters in Blue ! Blue lives Matter !!

Prayers for all officers and their families and the suspect's family, from Wilmington, DE.

Praying for officers and the entire group who were evolved. Thank you for your service!

WELL if they took him in alive I guess they weren't fearing for their lives,even though he was actively shooting at them

What type of weapon did the wanted man have..

Prayers for all the wounded officers and the entire department.

Prayers for all involved and their families.

Prayers for our men in blue and their family's

Praying for the officers and family so sad

Praying for officers and their families ❤️

Prayers for all the officers and their families 🙏🙏

Praying for the officers and K9

Praying for all of their family's and for them

Prayers to all the officers involved!

Thoughts and prayers for all involved

Prayers are up for healing for the officers

Prayers for officers.n there familys

Praying for all the officers & their families

Prayers for the injured officer.🙏🏻

So sad. Praying for the families involved

Praying for the officers and their families

Sending prayers up for all involved!!

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1 hour ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with the York County Sheriff's Office and the York Police Department after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning.

The latest details »

Our thoughts and prayers are with the York County Sheriffs Office and the York Police Department after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning. 

The latest details »


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Another tragedy due to domestic violence, too many lives lost this week in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Too many innocent people hurt. Prayers for all families and for healing and recovery of the officer’s.

Question where are the police when all this is happening? At a doughnut shop or sitting in a parking lot talking to each other riding the clock.Try being a real citizen and defend each other...

Prayers to all the officers and their families..

Are becoming a more violent culture or is it we are hearing about stuff like this faster and more often? Jesus. We are supposed to evolve not de-evolve. Prayers for all affected.


Prayers for these officers and their families. 🙏

Sending prayers to all !

Praying for them and the families


🙏🏿 Prayer Already Sent !

Prayers for all.

Praying fa all involved 🙏

Praying for the officers and their families and families in blue.

Prayers for all involved.

Prayers sent

I have children and grandchildren her prayers for the families and children of these law enforcement officers

Prayers sent in the name of Jesus Christ.

Any updates on the officers?

Prayers for the officers and their families.


Prayers for all



Prayers lifted

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1 hour ago


This girl with Down syndrome is an Olympic athlete! 🤸‍♀️🏅 ...


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stop labelling people, she is an athlete with ambitions just like all her other team mates, also she models, great, fantastic, she's a person in her own right, not a person with "down syndrome" there's nowt down about this young lady give her a big cheer

she is just a girl--her syndrome plays no role and should not even be mentioned---she is a good athlete!

She is very is us that have put limits on the disabled. You go girl.....let's see you fly!

For years I have always donated to special olympics...I have seen some amazing athletes over the years.

She is a very talented and beautiful young lady. An amazing athlete. Fantastic!

She is awesome and a super athlete!!

This amazing athlete is already a champion, and is young enough and has so much talent, to continue collecting those medals and trophies for a long time yet. Well done sweetheart and congratulations on your success. Your an inspiration to many young girls. X X 💖 🤔😇💪👍👐💐🏅🏅🏆

I agree why do we have to hang labels round people's necks. It the same when you see it reported in the newspaper a pensioner fell off his bike when do you stop being a man and become a pensioner. This girl is brilliant in her own right.

That is not a disability it's an added gene in the dna that cause the unique look ..some can't function like normal bodied people and there is her showing they can do normal activities if just given the chance ..

She is an amazing young lady and though I do not know her I'm extremely proud of her she did not let down syndrome hold her back now I do not have children with Down Syndrome but I do have children with autism and we teach them the same thing it does not have to hold you down or hold you back and she is an inspiration to all of those with any type of disability. But to remember disability does not mean you can't

thank you so much for sharing it brought up my day one really special lady

Just because she has an extra chromezon does not mean she can not do anything.... She's Amazing!! Good on ya girl!

Her disability is not who she is, how about a young woman who has achieved wonderful results in the Special Olympics. Or mention her medals, in 2018 we can do better.

So many make coment of a disability I see no disability I sure couldn't do that even when I was younger

Chelsea, you are fantastic!! Keep up the good work.

She is AMAZING!! Glad to see that she doesnt let her disability stop her from having a great time and finding a success that most of us only can dream of.

How wonderful! Good for her for accomplishing what they told her she couldn’t.

, you are amazing sweetheart my grandson has autism they keep labeling them telling us what he can't do things but he's done all your amazing keep going

Awesome..........keep it up

Wow! Chelsea you are awesome! There are no limits to what you can do! 💪🖒

❤ I see a talented young girl who loves sports!!

She’s very talented. She is not her autism. Let’s acknowledge the strength & talent & let’s lose the label. She’s a beautiful talented human being plain & simple.

She is valuable not because of her accomplishments ( which are amazing) but for the fact that she is created in the image of God .

This young lady is an inspiration to anyone who is perceived as different reinforcing the notion that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Just goes to prove, if there is a will, there is a way. Good for her, prove them wrong honey, you're giving hope to SO many.

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2 hours ago

Action News Jax

HOUSE OF HORRORS: Police say an escaped 17-year-old led them to her 12 brothers and sisters, shackled and malnourished in a California home.



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Put them both in prison for the rest of their lives

I wonder if the government allowed them to get welfare for all those kids? If so, that's where the system is messed up. People should not be allowed to keep having kids if they can't take care of them! This is what happens...the kids suffer!! So terrible!

This makes me so mad 😡 those poor kids looking for love and a stable home and this is what they got, there are so many loving people that want to have children. They are children not animals. 😡 lock them up throw away the key and don’t feed them so they can feel what those poor babies went thru.

Some parents are sick in the f*cking had 13 kids for what????? The welfare NOT because you wanted to love them and give them the very best life possible smfh

How can you do that to your own children smh people are sooo damn sick

They should be starved and tortured while chained to the jail

What is wrong with people?? Pure evil!! 😑

How do people do that kind of things to others... let alone their own kids.

Getting that tax benefit no doubt.

The face (and hair) of a monster.

California liberals

29 yrs omg!! I can't even imagine.


Why why why!!!???!!!!

Sick people!! Starve them , no. Just beat them!

Not in a Liberal state. I thought the rest of the country needed to be more like those states? Haha. Should shoot people like them.

Chris White

Christie Newman

Angela McConnell

Lydia Higgins

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