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'Nerve-wracking scene' as people across Hawaii get false alert of missile attack

'Nerve-wracking scene' as people across Hawaii get false alert of missile attack


People in Hawaii woke up Saturday to emergency alerts sent to their mobile phones and broadcast on radio and TV warning of an imminent ballistic missile attack -- the alert turned out to be in error.

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30 minutes ago


Press conference addressing impact of WA-DOL information sharing with ICE and announcing a series of FOIAs to reveal extent of collaboration. ...


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ICE, Keep up the great job!

what is wrong with you liberals and they will deport deport deport..

Listening from Auburn, WA

Ice the new gustopo

Yeeeeessss .... criminals OUT ...

Get em outta here! Good job ICE...

Democrats: Criminals over honest citizens.

If I travel out of country I register. Customs requires information.

She has broke our nations laws deport asap

She is illegal and she made it known and got arrested and she’s mad? 😂😂😂😂😂


We must protect our commumitymembrs no matter what! Warrants must be provied prior to ANY company or agency giving out any informaiton on anyone. Privacy is impertive & DOL violatedpeopels privacy!

Mi Waiwai. No just the laws on the books....snowflake...


Keep up the good fight ICE

Kristine medical HIPPA yes...immagration NO

Where are all the men?????

Waaahhh. What were you doing for 20 years? Too bad....go home.


Send em back

You got a notice before?

Time to clean our city up! End chain migration data etc!

It occurs to me, manufactured news.

Good job keep it upHispanic for life

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42 minutes ago


Alaska Airlines will fly from Paine Field in the fall. Will you take advantage of it? And where would you be most likely to fly? (Details: ...


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Yes. Work takes me to SoCal a lot. I would be happy to fly out of Paine and avoid a sometimes 2hr drive out of the NorthEnd. 20-30 minutes Everett vs. 2 or more hours to SeaTac? Yes please.

Hawaii! Lol. Flying there in September and dreading dealing with the to and from SeaTac

Depends on the price. It’s all about the $$.

Andrea Swing & Laura Braithwaite Otto flights home are going to be so much more convenient! 🙌🏼

Parking? What will be available and what are the rates?

I was sure hoping too but my destination is mostly Spokane and sadly it is not on the list. Hopefully it will get added sooner than later.

I'm not looking forward to the noise

Love it if Alaska flew to Houston from PF.

I hope they have flights to Boise. I would love not having to deal with SeaTac for a 1 hour flight.

It's 10 minutes from my house....I can't wait!

Makes sense to add a smaller regional hub around here.


I won’t go to Paine field. Too far

Lake Chelan.




Kody Riddle

Kyle Matteson

Jennifer Galicia

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1 hour ago


🎣Tell us why you should win a family four-pack of tickets to the 2018 Richmond Fishing Expo January 19-21 at Meadow Event Park.🎣
[We'll post the randomly selected winner in this thread Thursday!]

🎣Tell us why you should win a family four-pack of tickets to the 2018 Richmond Fishing Expo January 19-21 at Meadow Event Park.🎣
[Well post the randomly selected winner in this thread Thursday!]


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Because if this guy who hunts and fishes on the same day! #boattober

Would love to take my son! Fishing is our life!

I’ve been fishing since I was big enough to hold a rod! My husband loves to as well and we did not get many chances to this past summer due to planning our wedding! We would like to stock up on supplies and have a fun weekend of fishing fun before our little girl arrives in March! If she’s anything like us, she’ll have the love for fishing in her blood’

My daddy is closest to god when he is fishing! He loves everything fishing and hunting and would absolutely love a family outing with something he loves!

My 4 year old is obsessed!! His attention span doesn't really allow him to fish (hopefully this yr will be different) but he loves when mommy and daddy catch em. He has to touch or hold them and he gets to throw them back after.. Can't wait to go and see the look on his face!! 😊😉

My family is a fishing family and we haven't had a chance to go to the fishing expo. This would be our 1st time.

My son is 14 and has fishing on the brain all the time! This would be a wonderful family outing!

Would love to take my husband and Daughter. I have never been and they both LOVE to fish.

Because we just moved into a house on a small stocked pond and I have no idea what to do when it comes to fishing! *panics*

My kids have never been fishing and would love to go. My husband grew up fishing and loves it. We would love to get them out on the water and go fishing as a family.

Moved to Virginia in 2015 and I love to go fishing every chance I get.

My Family loves to fish, and its great time spent together

Fishing is life for my family!! It is what we know ... it is what we do!! #richmondfishingexpo


My son and grandson absolutely love fishing. My son is 14 and grandson is 5. They would really enjoy attending the fishing expo.

My girls love fishing they are 8 and 10 and it would be a nice family outing :)

My boyfriend does charters & my little one loves fishing.

Need some relief from the snow

My husband and I love to go fishing together! We have a bass boat and with our work schedules it's hard to find time together, it's nice bonding time when we get to go and very relaxing . Jeremy Moore

Because my husband loves his returned hobby and he would love to go. 🙂 Shawn Fender Keara Fender Zackery Johnson Shawn Fender Jr.

Korey Mason lets go

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2 hours ago


CUTE! This baby colobus monkey is the Saint Louis Zoo's newest addition 😍 he was born on Dec. 29, 2017. ...

CUTE! This baby colobus monkey is the Saint Louis Zoos newest addition 😍 he was born on Dec. 29, 2017.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Allison Reynolds You will ❤️ this!

Isabella Simcox (Ibby) still can’t replace Robert B

What a sweet baby. Stay warm and grow strong little one.

Awe isn’t he cute for now lol 😂

Alex Avellino looks like you

Evan Teters the first pic is clearly him saying “baaaaahhhhhh!!!!!”

So cute. I want one.

Brittany Hood Boeschen Jacqueline Hood OMG 😍

Neal D Smith when it warms up we need to go see all the new babaies t the zoo!

Alina OMG

Mandy McHatton

Britany Wildermuth

Tim Linsenbardt!

Julie Genoni Murphy

Kristi Hoffman Boles

Abbie Rademacher

Cameron Riley

Mandy Svoboda

Dallas Levey

Nicole Huffman

Rebecca McCloud

Kim Miller Lobb

Jenna Meador

Patty Adams Griesenauer

Amy Jordan

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2 hours ago


Two St. Louis icons. One birthday. Albert Pujols (1980) and Dizzy Dean (1910) were both born on January 16. Happy Birthday to them both! ...

Two St. Louis icons. One birthday. Albert Pujols (1980) and Dizzy Dean (1910) were both born on January 16. Happy Birthday to them both!


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Pujols a StL icon?

Happy Birthday Dizzy and Machine. Thanks for giving STL sooooo many great baseball memories

Happy birthday St. Louis Cards #5...miss you!!

What we should be asking is what is alberts real age???😂🤣

Happy Birthday Handsome

Dean .

Josh Hodapp

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