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Murder charge for 2 men in fatal shooting of Wash. deputy, authorities say

Murder charge for 2 men in fatal shooting of Wash. deputy, authorities say


Frank Pawul and Brenda Troyer charged with first-degree murder in death of Washington state sheriff's deputy Daniel McCartney.

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10 minutes ago

KRON 4 News

TRAGIC: A grief-stricken father breaks his silence after losing his young daughter in a deadly crash.

TONIGHT at 8 on KRON 4 News, his other daughter is clinging to life.



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Goddamn you reporters have no shame, just to get views going up in his face asking him questions. Let the man grieve in peace.

My deepest and most sincere condolences, may your precious and beautiful daughter Rest In Peace in The Lords loving care, this is so heartbreaking, I will keep you all in my prayers, ❤️🙏❤️

So sorry your family has lost this Angel.

as you can see bad people who are able to go to this extreme pray for the family 😭

Praying for the family in this difficult time. Just devastating!

He broke his silence because you nag nag nag!

Heart breaking. 😭

I am so sorry for your loss

Praying for this family


28 minutes ago

WESH 2 News

A MASSIVE tanker fire is burning on a busy Utah highway. ...


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I found it funny. But in today's world, everyone is right. If one person finds it not funny, their reality is forced upon the rest of us. Welcome to the age of super sensitivity!!

It's very distinguished. They should extinguish it though.

Sending prayers for the people of Utah, and our world's ecosystem, from Southern Maine! We need to urgently establish a new Clean Green Energy Economy one in which all working in the Defense, Nuclear, and Fossil Fuel Industries, and the unemployed, are provided positions earning more than a Living Wage!

They keep putting a filter over the lens then removing it to make it look like explosions. So lame

Looking on at this for Killeen Texas hope everybody's okay no injuries or death

I think they have to just let the fire distinguish itself because of chemicals

You can count to 4 then bam a flash. Over and over.

And there it is. Not as exciting as you thought it would be, was it?

Praying for all involved. Unfortunately, it takes hours to put out a fire like this. :(

Could be to hot for the fire crew to get in there still

I didn't mean it that way. I'm just hoping nobody is hurt

It’s near Provo Utah south of Salt Lake City

Probably set it on fire for warmth lol

Now you say that it does look like a loop

There's nothing exploding just the camera man trying to get more viewers

I think the feed was in a loop

Don't they have foam for fires like this?

Thank you! ;-) for th information kind person. Obviously I see that.

Utah news says two tankers are involved

why haven't they put it out?

You know you're just watching this waiting to see an explosion

That's not even funny right now Jason

I’m in Oregon and listening to the scanner

It is a UDOT traffic camera.

Those are likely the tires exploding.

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1 hour ago

Fox News

Senate leaders addressed the Senate floor regarding the passage of a possible temporary spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. ...


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Has anyone notice that it's been a long time since the democrats have even mentioned us the American people? They never mentioned us it's always the illeagls. That's who they're working for 😡😡😡

In Obamas first term, when dems had control of senate and house..why wasn't a permanent plan set for Daca? Why does this have to be done by tomorrow? Fund the military first!!!

Schummer is on the side of One World Order, he knows if they don't get DACA he will lose voter base! You swore to uphold the constitution of the United States, you took an OATH!

My kids have dreams to. They are drowning in student loans and the interest keeps going up. They were born in the USA, their Dad is a Marine Veteran, but that means nothing to these a**holes.

Look at how hard the democrats fight to spend our money on illegal immigrants. That tells you everything you need to know about them. AMERICANS FIRST!!! NO DACA EVER

Daca fight is over increasing democrat voter base....nothing to do with compassion...they have ALWAYS been free to leave & take their law breaking/criminal parents with them

Budget was due September 30. House passed all twelve appropriations bill. All vetoed by Democrats in the Senate. Schumer is a liar, the biggest hypocrite in history.

Democrats are putting 800,000 illegal immigrants ahead of active duty military members. That’s what this is about.

This guy is such a joke! he needs to have physical and a cognitive test. I bet he would not pass it along with Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi! Demand they get tested!

Republicans have been negotiating. Dems just keep digging their heels in. You got CHIP for 6 yrs, not the 1 requested. If the government shuts down, its on the Dems shoulders.

I urge people to vote OUT Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats who have aided, assisted and abetted to trying to ruin this Country.

Once again the Democrats put their agenda over what is right for America especially the military. I think the Senate and Congress should shutdown right along in this whole Democrat created sh&t storm.

Stop this foolishness! Americans first! We have American children starving and living in shelters and on the streets in America. We need to take care of them first! Where are your priorities? Sad

Let’s be honest Chuckie - you Dems care more about illegals then American citizens and just want a whole new base of voters!

You are right... our government should not be run this way... all democrats should resign! You are the problem!\

I’m a dreamer and I’m a citizen should have got their citizenship you snooze you loose sorry there’s rules that need to be followed

Our Military should be the top priority...that issue directly impacts our homeland security. Why does immigration have ANYTHING to do at all with funding our military!!!!!!!!!!/?????

what it comes down to is Chucky & Nancy care more about illegal kids than they do about American ones.

Build the Wall, and place Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Mad Max, and the rest of the Dems on the OTHER side of it. That's where they want to be. Have any of the Democrats actually worked this year?

Slitherin' Chuck the Swamp Creature, you are a cynical, corrupt, vile little man lacking any moral core. Your party is a poisoned dagger aimed at our nation's heart.

get rid of Shumer and pass the budget. EVERYONE knows that the Dems are just try to stand up for Illegals while hurting the people that protect the country. The Dems have NOT passed a budget in 9 years

Our military veteran and homeless should come first in America take care of the issues we have here. It not our fault there parents didn't do things legally

How many YEARS Mr. Schumer have YOU and others like you did nothing more than TALK about a budget? DO your job!

Let me get this straight, the dems are willing to shut the government down to protect ILLEGALS??? BEAUTIFUL!!! They all need to go

Democrats care more about illegals than our veterans 😡

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1 hour ago

WESH 2 News

So, how’s that January vacation to Florida working out for you?


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Funny when it drops below 70 and everyone pulls out heavy winter coats

Scott Thomas

2 hours ago

KRON 4 News

DREAMER DEBATE: Happening now, Congress is debating the DREAM Act and the government spending bill.

Earlier today, the House passed a temporary government-wide funding bill that would avert a government shutdown this weekend.



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Kids grow up here, they don’t know other country, this is there county

Everyone hating on DACA, you’re last names are extremely NOT American.

Americans first !! When we've solved our problems and our kids have good schools and our elderly are taken care of then we can help "dreamers" until then NO !!!

Quit spreading hate and go read the bible you will need it when judgement day comes

All you people who oppose DACA are pure evil and have no compassion at all. Families are being torn apart! People that have been here for 30 plus year are being deported for WHAT?? Because their only crime is coming over here illegally!

This is country of emigrants

they call them dreamers why don't they call them what they truly are ELEAGELS !!

Give the people who have been here for years, pay taxes, opened businesses, work, have gone through our school system, served, A PATH

You can not call yourself a law abiding citizens if you break the law no excuses. And if your heartless for that then when someone robs you don't complain.

Why havent americans been able to reach there dreams because we are busy getting dreams for people we dont even know, if countrys are so good why dont they stay there,, we do need some new american goverrnment that will defends us americans AMEN

just build the wall and send the illegal dreamers back and us stop funding them, American citizen first

I see nothing wrong with taking care of the people who have been here working hard to make America what it is I don't care what their race is

how bout people that were born here 1st .We are the dreamers .dreaming of everything illegals get for free with our tax dollars

What they need to kick out and send to another country is people who don't know how to work with each other and resolve issues peacefully

Kids grow up here should be stay here

Stop dreaming and do something about it. Go apply for residency and do it legally.

"Come on people - GET IT TOGETHER! You can do it." 😐

What does Melania have to do with this? Lol.

Or the people who have no care in the world as to educate themselves before opening their mouth

Mary McDuffie immigrants aren't allowed to get public assistance 😑

Just because I'm all for being documented does not mean I have a problem with other nationalities Coming to America

Where do they come up with 80% of the people are for this ? No one polled me or anyone I know. I believe they are pulling these numbers out of their a**es... 💩

I really appreciate the the coming over a taking on opportunity that we take for granted but the give set the bar high for everyone so God bless all of the dreamers

Dreaming is a dream, are people belong we're Ancestors have been placed, we had no dreaming. The past 500 years have been a nightmares and someone else from another country decided to displace The indigenous people Throughout the Americans.

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2 hours ago

Fox News

SHARK WHISPERER: This diver showed off his skills of bringing a reef shark to a relaxed, immobile state. ...


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LIKE IF U MISS AND LOVE OBAMA!!! 👐👐👐 Smoothest president in history! Trump will never be half the man Obama was! 🤠🤷‍♂️🕺, Melania is more man than Trump! At least Michelle had curves. 🙃🙃🙃

Can anyone go one post without talking about DACA, trump, dems, Republican? Seriously..

Don't they have to keep swimming in order to breathe? This dude out here killing sharks not whispering to them lmao

Or the sharks drowning, sharks have to move all the time, even when sleeping or they drown. Their gills don't work like normal Fish and need constant movement.

First of all, who the hell deliberately gets in the water with sharks. He might be whispering that shark, but what about the rest of them.

Just leave the shark alone. Poor thing has to move in order to breathe

I like how he has chain gloves on and the others "petting" the shark did not. All fun and games until the shark snaps out of it and bites off an unchained hand.

Just replace this diver with barry and hillary and we’ll be treated to a good ol’ fashion blood bath.

I watched a guy who thought he was a shaman and was protected against the crocodiles/alligators of a certain lake, but you know how that turned out.

Soon to be the Shark Amputee...

While he's "whispering" to the one shark, what about all the ones coming at you from behind?

Okay, now! When one of them bites your head off, don't come crying to us saying; "Buy me a new government head, buy me a new government head!!!

Hopefully he can treat this shark successfully, help it deal with childhood abandonment trauma, make it accept and love itself.

Trump Winery, the vineyard owned by President Trump's son Eric, has again filed a request with the Department of Labor to hire foreign workers, claiming that no Americans want the jobs. Trump Winery asks Trump admin for permission to hire foreign workers for second time in three months The H-2A visa program allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers for temporary work as long as no qualified Americans want the jobs. The Hill

I'm going to give him 2 years or under .... before the article states " Shark Whisperer Tragically Killed By Deaf Shark ".

Thought this was about sharks? Can we take a break from politics for once please. Sounds like something the left would do.

WHY???????????? So now humanity must start interfering with their lives in every way?? It's not enough they are killing them! So wrong! Leave them alone!

Most sharks bite out of curiosity. Since 99,99% of them NEVER encountered a human being before, they bite to get acquainted with it.

For those that don't know, the diver is stroking the shark's nose receptors (which also the Ampullae of Lorenzini are there), which can cause them to go into a catatonic state (totonic immobility). Many ichthyologists (those who study sharks) and marine biologists have done this. They also say it doesn't hurt, nor stess the fish out. It looks cool to witness.

Eventually his luck will run out

I love things like this because sooner or later i get to watch these people getting eaten by the animals they so arrogantly believed they controlled.

A shark video? Not sure how I feel not seeing another Trump video where I scream MAGA! .... withdrawals

Absolutely beautiful . I would love to do something like that . Love shark's

Keeping whispering until that Sharks decides that he wants that whole arm for dinner... LMAOOOO 🤣

This is really cool, plus that guy is fearless cause there is no way i could be that calm surrounded by sharks

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