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Motorhead guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke dead at 67

Motorhead guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke dead at 67


Clarke died Wednesday night following a battle with pneumonia. He was 67.

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13 minutes ago


This peanut sensor could save you from an allergic reaction 🥜 ...


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Ashley Dunn

Mhm... posted “Just Now” and has 7.1M views...

Connor Cast

Simon Bowyer

You lost me at “in just a few minutes”

Jeni Guy 😲

JesusLemusz for Andy

Jessica Ricaurte

Alisha Langill

Neha Shah

Wouldnt touching peanut food cause an allergic reaction too??

Angie New Ann Qie i think u nid this

Anisah Foreman

Kreena Patel Bhatia

Mikeal Ashanti

Overthinking leads you to negative thoughts.

Nevada Rosa Reeves

Sean Mcculloch

Rohit Malhotra

Toni Hernandez

Tyler Catfish Began Sam Began

Alyson Hiatt here ya go!

Joshua Hiller

Jamie Woodbrey Edwards

Galen Hainline

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2 hours ago


Eric Clapton recently revealed something that could affect his future.

AOL Entertainment
Eric Clapton admits he's going deaf. via Yahoo Entertainment


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The root of suffering is attachment ...

Davi Feliz

2 hours ago


Dramatic video shows passengers jumping off a burning casino boat ...


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Be with those that bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

It's the Trumpflakes abandoning ship.

A smokin' Ace?

Vassva Tom

Ashley Sanchez

Omar Valenzuela Joel Polanco

Oh, my God!

Ok, I mean, probably not a great situation, a little scary, sure, but they're right next to the shore. It's not like they're jumping off into open water. I'd have been off that boat a lot sooner and what the heck are they all just standing there in the water for?


I seen you Matt! Don’t lie!

Titanic ?

They forgot their poker chips!!!

Pao Xyooj

Kelly Ferguson

Dee dee mau!!

Wouldn't there be extinguishers and hoses to put out the fires?

The captain brought the boat close to shore so people could jump off good thinking

Christine Conover....this is the gambling cruise by me I was telling u

Least they could walk to shore!


Ali Darbuga

To know this not what God say to us I hope no one get heart but help other people in this money is better

Melissa Hall-Adams

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6 hours ago

Channel 4 News

“In 2017 the average sea ice extent was the second smallest on record and this is continuing downwards.”

The World Meteorologist Organisation has announced that the past three years have been the hottest since records began.


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How about all the people trying to dispute this come up with some peer reviewed science to argue their case? Otherwise go back to wearing your tin foil hats under the table and leave the facts to the people with intelligence.

Bulllllllshit global warming is the biggest fraud ever created, just so scientists can get funding. It has been proven it does not exist, the factual evidence is there for all to see and read.

Ever since Trump got elected, there have been more snowflakes since records began.

Since records began? But that's only about 150 years. That's not a very big time series. This man is being very misleading. Reasonable people agree: climate change is not a problem. There is no crisis. Climate change is normal. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. Climate alarmism is mass hysteria.

Any changes in the sea ice he speak of if is natural and has constantly since the world began changed going into and coming out of Ice Ages .....

nobody can do any thing about NATURE , DONT Worry be happy

That is simply a lie. Read the reports from the core drillings in Antarctica !!

yep the climate is changing like it has since the last ice age the thing , the question to be asked would be how much have we contributed to speeding it up. climate change is not new . the hole in ozone layer is smallest its ever been in long time and still getting smaller. I'm not a denier I know it changes but I'm not a hysterical alarmest either. years ago the earth was 2 degrees warmer than it is today, this manmade climate change is the biggest scam ever.

Do these people not get tired of telling lies.....or are they so decieved as to believe their lies..............

2018 is making a complete fool out of this guy.Al Gore sold a bill of goods to the world and got very rich doing it,but along came "mother nature" and we all will realize just how great a salesman Al turned out to be.

It's nice to see in a lot of comments that it's Noah's story all over again. The agressive denying of facts and mocking the messenger that presents them. And I'm not even a christian.

Complete political specious nonsense. The only good thing about these global warmer, climate changer panty liners is that by increasingly inflicting their authoritarian regressive left politically correct propaganda, they are actually galvanising moderate left, centre and moderate right wing people to form a mainstream yet bizarrely counter culture that will not be had over and more importantly will stand up to protect liberty , free speech and democracy. ..... . CH4 "(self confessed deliberate mischief causers) views" news - you've been very naughty again, time to go bed early with no supper and a smack bottom , until you learn your lesson.

Hard left nonsense based on nothing more than empirical evidence! And not one mention of the Queen or the national anthem! It's as if you want the terrorists to win!

Downward trend of sea-ice since the ice age!!! How many cars did the wooly mammoths drive to get this warming trend kicked off!!!??

It almost cracks me up to read the deniers make fun of yet another report about anthropogenic climate change. 97% of all climate scientists including NASA agree with ACG but Trumpettes don't believe. Bizarre.

Sea ice extent slops around a mean, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. This lying pig forgot to say that in 2012 was the lowest observed by satellite in 30 years, and then the very next year the extent increased by 30%. A few years later, about 3 years ago, the highest Antarctica sea ice extent found in the satellite record took place. The real answer from sea ice data is that the Arctic minima has been unchanged for 9 years, and there is no more downward trend. Also, the poles tend to cycle in opposition so as the Arctic is at a minima, the Antarctica is at a maxima and vice versa.

Even if you don't agree that people are effecting it, you cannot argue about climate change being real. Many scientists have theorized that the ice caps will mostly be gone within the next 30 years or so. Bye bye coastline.

Most uf not all the world weather is the result of Sun Spots and of course the Gulf Stream. Also we must stop stripping the Amazon Rain Forest which has a marked effect on our weather...

He is full of crap! It has been cooler where we live than in the last 10 years. I know they are getting paid and they don't want to lose their money but lying isn't helping anyone!

go there tiny little Ant and stunning images Of People who still live near Chernobyl and Fukushima go and see for yourself

When will a channel like this one form a panel of scientists to honestly debate their beliefs in weather climate change is actually man made?? because there are plenty scientists who think it is and is not.

can he not look out the widow and see for self wrong a few years in dec minus 17 c and this many days at minus 10 and should get colder for few years as the earth is moving away from sun and nearer to mars

global warming is a cash grab. if it were the imminent cataclysm they said it was they would have started putting up nuclear power all over the place. the paris climate accord is the largest transfer of wealth in human history. think about that.

This winter has been the most warm I've ever witnessed. Without the artificial cooling, a.k.a chemtrails, here wouldn't have been no winter at all. This time of year normal average temperature is somewhere -20-30, now it's just below zero. This development is not good at all.

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7 hours ago

Channel 4 News

“You’re never going to have a President that does everything you like. So sometimes you have to overlook the bad and see the good.”

Three generations of one family - who all supported Donald J. Trump - have an honest discussion about his first year in office.


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Listen to your mom and grandmom little girl he is doing more for this country than anybody has in a long time, and for nothing because he takes no salary. All the rest of the crooks up there are wanting more money, and get it too they retire millionaires.

There were lots of things that I didn’t like about bush. But with this fool you can’t overlook the bad. There is no good with this guy

Listen to your own heart and mind and kindly ignore mom and grandmas take on things. The tax cuts give the most to the very wealthy,, healthcare is already a mess for many as trump has undermined the achievements from the ACA, he is setting back environmental protections by years. The list of damage is long and I hope we can repair it in your lifetime.

The tax cuts are going to make the rich more than a trillion dollars. All you need to know about the mum is she doesn't read anything that makes her feel uncomfortable and then she thinks the tax cuts are going to benefit her. She is the epitome of ignorance and is not being a responsible adult. Responsible adults read from many sources and make educated decisions maybe thats what her daughter is learning to do.

One year has passed since Trump was appointed president by the Russians and electoral college and every single day of his clown presidency has been absolute disorder and chaos...His only accomplishments is undoing Obama legacy at the cost of American taxpayers...Right now we've come to realize that the Oval office is hosting a Racist President for the first time...

If you believe he is trying to help you, you are not paying attention.

The youngest person is still naive. I wonder if she is working or is in college. She is disenchanted with President Trump’s tweets. But does she think that news coverage is fair regarding his accomplishments? 95% of the the Fake News never mentions any accomplishments only negative made up opinions. So Tweeting is the only way to say in direct contact with his base. I mentioned that the young lady was naive, how would she cope with constant negative remarks about her and her life 24/7? Many individuals don’t think about this FACT!

Haha haha... Hope that things will get better? He has made millions more people unable to get healthcare... This is the basis for every other western nation...

When has he ever cared about anyone but himself. TAX CUTS help him when he is no longer president. His history speaks for itself.

I live in Pennsylvania these people are just like the people in the town I live in. THEY DON'T GET IT. I mean Jessica's mother is talking about the tax cuts making her life easier later. Does she even get that the tax cuts for the middle class all expire in 10 years? So by the time Jessica gets out of college she'll be paying more as taking away the middle class deductions is permanent. Then she;s talking about healthcare, rates are projected to go up at an even higher rate than under Obama. This is due largely from all the tinkering and threats Trump and the GOP have done to healthcare.

Didn't understand a single word! Did anyone manage to actually comprehend an opinion in this discussion? Sounds to me like a bunch of people regurgitating views they've heard from various sources without managing to actually form any of their own.

I don't think Trump has the wealth he claims, that's why he's president, to get wealth and make those who put him in the White House wealthy.

Imagine Trump being your beacon of hope ! Christ .

When she says "the tax cut" and that things will be better for her daughter (?) as the years go on, it makes me think that this White family has wealth which they can pass through and so they personally benefit from the tax cut.

"Blind faith" in paternalism and authoritarianism. The youth see through such foolishness and so may be "their" only hope for "their" better future.

She says healthcare, but so many say it but don't explain how its a good thing. As for the stuff that he isn't in it for political gains because he isn't a career politician but why can't they see that he is in it for monetary gain, he is in it too make himself and his fellow mega rich richer, he is the front of a bunch of mega rich vile selfish people, they sit back and let him distract with his lies and tweets while they work the system in the background. Just like Westminster, full of people rich enough that they don't have to care about the health service, public schools or deprived areas because they have the money so they don't have to use those services, the only way they use them is to make money for themselves and their like.

It is quite obvious that this lady -the mother of the youngest- is indoctrinated to the bones. She has no clue whatsoever. “To overlook the bad and “see” the good” sounds to me absolutely dictatorial and opposite to a modern wealth-fare state. Politics are a great thing (red-blue, right-left, liberals-conservatives...) but jeopardising world’s stability, sustainability and undermining the most basic human rights... that is just unacceptable. And that is how we -not Americans- see what this evil, unfit, arrogant and egomaniac guy is doing. It is really, really sad. 😔

People need to stop ignoring these fools. Idiocracy is not innocent and ignorance is not bliss.. if you dont take care to go and educate there bafoons the world will endure another term of worrying "are we a tweet away from nuclear war"..

Improvement we can count on is very easy.....once we understand how we can earn the added sum of interest which is a sum above principal creation. I've asked many politicians that question, but none of them were able to come up with the answer. So the overall (world) debt keep rising and has now reached it highest level in recorded history. I wonder why they can't answer such a simple question. It would be very good if they could so the US congress wouldn't have to 'raise the debt ceiling' ever again. To me it seems like the overall debt obligation (all currencies in general circulation) is irredeemable which makes it terminal when our ability to borrow further expires one day (soon perhaps?).

What I thought was interesting about the clip...this conversation lasts for a little over 3 minutes but the mention of specific issues lasts no more than 5 and LGBT exclusion in the military, tax cuts and healthcare...all 3 are mentioned and then no discussion whatsoever on the upside/downside of any of the policy decisions. 99.9% of the discussion is about how the three of them feel. We'd all be better off if we could discuss the trade offs and choices about issues ... and be able to argue for and against both sides of a debate - then we'd all have applied the critical thinking necessary to be informed voters.

The power of the media.They are getting screwed again by them tax cuts.Now think how our history is being shaped in this country by films and media which does not touch on how much money the landed gentry is screwing us for.We pay billions a year for their businesses like shooting estates in Scotland and obviously the city of London with their private police force in their private land with different laws to Launder the worlds money which keeps particularly Africa poor.

This is just plain crazy, this mother is telling her daughter that he is doing good things and it will benefit her in the future. HOW??? By having her generation shoulder the trillion in dept his tax break for corporations and the rich is going to put on her age group to pay off? By having her student loan debt not be tax deductible for the job that no longer exists because the companies have been encouraged by the tax break to move to Mexico? The mother says he isn't in it for political reasons, this is simply a laugh, he just gave his rich friends and himself a huge pay off.

Now this in an interesting video in many regards. The grandmother voted trump as she felt that she no longer liked what the democrats stood for. Now she doesn't go into specifics however I doubt she was the only one. Especially with the decisions that party made. The candidate it had etc. So I cannot blame a person if they don't want to vote for something they don't like. The mother- seems to have fallen for a lot of the propaganda. Only saw the supposed benefits for herself and doesn't want to see the negatives. The daughter- possibly originally voted as the rhetoric have her hope that change would be made to what is definitely a flawed and corrupt system. Whether that was influenced by family pressure or propaganda as well hard to say. Now she is seeing and realising now that what she wanted seems to be a lie in most cases and that realistically she can't support trump and I commend her for that.

The mother seems amazingly deluded about how Trump is, supposedly, helping us. Maybe she’s wealthy enough that she is being helped. But if she isn’t? Trump is doing pretty much everything he can to wreck the ACA that, despite it’s many faults, is far better than anything the Republicans have come up with - and the vast majority of Americans recognize this! The daughter seems naive, although she may be simply being civil with her mother and grandmother present. To me the dismaying realization is that these are well educated people and yet they don’t get what’s going on.

There have been the kind of leaders who have had their statements thoroughly gone over for politeness. The speak to us from positions of power or at least decision making, and make their points with this carefully edited script, and the people either go nuts in adulation or call b.s. on everything the leader says. What if we were to hear that leader's train of thought without all the censoring? We've been cleverly lied to, and insulted by, you-name-the-presidents who've preferred speak the script, expecting us to forget suspicions about outcomes because they're just too contrived in their delivery. Reality is harsh. Attitudes about it are harsh. Bosses at meetings give us all the pep talk and then later on we figure out where they're really coming from and why and it's because we're f'd. D'you hear me? We are f'd!! Politeness is insulting, has been insulting, will be insulting for all it's sugar coating reality.

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8 hours ago

Channel 4 News

White supremacists were responsible for most extremist killings in the US last year. ...


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C4 propaganda. Black. Sorry Afro Caribbean where responsible for 98% of murders in the USA last year

And you all wonder why you get tagged for fake news. Liberal propaganda horseshit.

34 people killed by extremists in 2017. 677 people killed in Chicago in 2017. Let's pay attention to the big picture.

Oh no you cannot mention “white” and “terrorism” in the same sentence bc their feelings will get hurt!

the US is not a country I would bother visiting.

Look at all the right wing snowflakes coming out and getting offended, its funny how they like to say “the truth hurts” when it fits their narrative any other time its fake news 😂😂😂

Dont belive anything on c4

Globally, there’s only one system of beliefs responsible for thousands upon thousands of innocent deaths. Channel 4 is really trying to sell something here, and they failed

No surprise there, you only have to read comments online, too many gullible Trumpeters out there

But other countries are shitholes right?

I love how so many Americans on here are saying so what. They have a point, why should the British care about dead Americans, when Americans dont care about dead Americans. Eevn Trump got so bored with mass shootings, he just retweeted his prayers for Texas for the California shooting.

What a sad state your country is in. People need to gather together and rebel against these grim people, the fascist and the president!

LMFAO what a pile or propaganda ingnore what goes against your views and nit pick what helps push your agenda... And you wonder why people dint belive media anymore

"This doesn't agree with my beliefs, therefore it is fake news." Essentially half the comments here.

Their people and communities need to do more to condemn this. What's going on in all these churches???

They are responsible for killings outside the US too but turn people's attention towards a "rogue nation", North Korea.

Thank you for reporting these facts. I don’t think most of us realize this. We need to be more concerned with home grown terrorism.

Sadly, these individuals are more angry at themselves than someone else. However, sadly, they don't know how to solve, resolve their anger and therefore sadly take it on others. Unfortunately on someone who looks different, more confident, happier and so on. Their ego is strong...and greedy... of these weak minded individuals. Don't fight against it or them. Fight for what you want to see in the world. It probably is not going to make much sense to you what I am about to say...but sadly, these people who are so frustrated with themselves...need urgent help. :/ And yea, Donald J. Trump cognitive skills are not much of the water for already caused fire. Sadly...

This is definitely not true, I don't even have to fact check this to know that. Channel 4, I challenge you to provide me with information that supports this. (I recommend elaborating on "extremist killings", as opposed to gang violence/death which is also extremist killing among others)

The US needs to deal with the domestic terrorists. From the ground up with Schools and Businesses to drive out the bile of society... But this is the Republican base, anti-intellectual, blame minorities for society issues, and prevent the banning of such far right organisations....

If everyone would just go about his business and keep focused on his goals for himself and his family and stop trying to judge, convert and indoctrinate each other. We don't have to agree on everything but we must stop imposing our beliefs and ideology on each other.

These are true stories, not fake news, one day all these evil people will be judge by God, then suffer the pains like the ones that they inflicted on others.

The world is turning it's back on the US the only thing going if the Us is being the biggest economy now that it's declining the sun is setting and the autumn of discontent is appon you its sad so sad

As usual, Ch4 resorting to hard left communist propaganda techniques like basing reports on facts and statistics and then applying reason to them!

Yes never tell the white Americans the truth, they don't like that

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