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Monkey does not own selfie copyright, appeals court rules

Monkey does not own selfie copyright, appeals court rules


Sorry, Naruto

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President @realDonaldTrump on MS-13: "I called them animals the other day and I was met with rebuke. [Democrats] said, 'They're people.' They're not people, these are animals and we have to be very, very tough."

Kilauea volcano keeps erupting on Hawaii's Big Island

Where could Ebola spread?

.@DouglasESchoen: "The Democrats are facing civil war between the progressives and the moderates." @foxnewsnight

.@LarryOConnor on @NFL's new anthem policy: "There's no free speech being inhibited here." @foxnewsnight

.@Theonlyhonest: "What the @NFL is doing is more about the bottom line and advertisers than it is about what morally is the right answer." @foxnewsnight

Amid the intensity of the subject matter, there are touches of humour both black and laugh-out-loud hilarious

One of the most important things about acing an interview aside from authenticity? Transparency.

Milwaukee police apologize for Bucks guard Sterling Brown's arrest as video released

Arby's creates Brandi Chastain portrait out of sauce as response to bad plaque

.@BuckSexton: "We need to hear actually from @TheJusticeDept at some point what was going on here, and not all these different pretend explanations." @foxnewsnight

Clapper and @Comey pushing back on @POTUS' narrative

China worries that its tourists will damage its image. Airport officials often hand out leaflets telling travellers how to behave

#BREAKING: Two dead, others injured after train derails in Italy: report

Tim Tebow plugs away in minors, hoping for a shot at the big leagues

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