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Mariachi band surprises Southwest passengers with mid-flight performance

Mariachi band surprises Southwest passengers with mid-flight performance


The award-wining band surprised unsuspecting passengers on a Southwest flight by "elevating" their inflight experience with music.

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Former spy chief Leon Panetta to @ChrisCuomo on Vladimir Putin's regime in Russia: “These are bad people. Bad guys. They are the enemy. They are the adversary... Their first goal is to undermine the United States.”

Maryland elected officials are sounding off about an FBI tip that a third-party company contracted for elections has ties to a Russian oligarch

Introducing @toxicpodcast, a new investigative podcast from Chronicle reporters @jfagone and @cdizikes. Coming soon, listen to the trailer today:

Millions took to the streets to celebrate France's #WorldCup victory

Former spy chief Leon Panetta: "I think you're hearing the voice of America ... Whether it's Republicans or whether its Democrats, I think you're sensing the outrage at what took place. Why? Because the American people believe that America is right."

.@AndersonCooper: I keep thinking about Ronald Reagan, the importance he placed on American exceptionalism as a voice for those whose voices had been taken away.

I just wonder what people in places living under tyranny think of America, if they’ve heard the words of Pres. Trump.

Trump deals a shocking blow to US intelligence agencies | By Josh Campbell via @CNNOpinion

What does Brett Kavanaugh’s 2010 dissent in SeaWorld vs. Perez tell us about the #SCOTUS nominee's view of workplace regulations?

Indian police arrested 30 people after a man was lynched by a huge mob incensed by rumors of child kidnapping spread on WhatsApp

#AllStar Jed Lowrie on possibly returning to #Athletics: ‘I enjoy playing with these guys.’

via @JohnSheaHey:

Angela Hernandez survived on her own for 7 days after her SUV plunged off an oceanside cliff in Big Sur, California. She says she got through it by remembering songs she liked, daydreaming of foods the foods she'd eat, and drinking water that dripped down.

Germany's foreign minister said the European Union could "no longer completely rely on the White House," echoing Chancellor Angela Merkel's veiled criticism of US President Donald Trump a year ago and amplifying a war of words between the two allies

Dorchester Co. officials hope to develop Cooks Crossroads in Summerville. #chsnews

Childish insults. Demeaning nicknames. And skin that’s thinner than a solar cell: Over the weekend, @Tesla CEO #ElonMusk, long known for mounting blistering attacks on detractors, went off the deep end.

via @KateGalbraith:

The GOP's wrist-slap response to Trump's Russia explosion | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN

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