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Man charged with murder in fire that killed 2 at music studio

Man charged with murder in fire that killed 2 at music studio


A Los Angeles man has been charged with murder after a fire killed two people and seriously injured two others at a music studio on Saturday.

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14 minutes ago

WESH 2 News

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18 minutes ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

MANHUNT UPDATE: Police updating manhunt for accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking: ...


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Robert bolds


Hello from the Boro!


Mary Birdsong watching from Franklin Tennessee

Get him

Hi mary


Watching from downtown

Get his dad too

ARKANSAS is in the House 🏡!

Hello from Columbia! Hope y'all get him SOON!

Is it a blank screen for you guys?

Watching from Sewanee, TN!

Did they catch him???

If he's not dad he's got to come out to eat

hello watching from Cookeville tennessee

Hello from reedsbrug Wisconsin

Watching from Kentucky

What's up now??

No has reporters

Ft Lauderdale here, I hope you find him & lock him up for life!

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REMEMBERING THE VICTIMS: These four young people were killed when a gunman opened fire at an Antioch Waffle House.

Thoughts and prayers to their family and friends:

REMEMBERING THE VICTIMS:  These four young people were killed when a gunman opened fire at an Antioch Waffle House.

Thoughts and prayers to their family and friends:


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Prayers for comfort for all the families, I can’t imagine!

Prayers go out to all their families;Prayers also for the ones that were injured;

Rest in Peace...Be Blessed and know that many are in Prayer...

My thoughts and Prayers for their family and friends this really needs to stop they had their whole life to live all I can ask is why my heart goes out to their family and friends

,prayers are with the families of loss love ones

Prayers to the family and the people who was there during the shooting.

Praying for these families 🙏

Jesus Christ loves you! God bless and heal the families! These are now his angels...

Prayers for these families God please be with them!!!


🙏🏻🙏🏻for all the families

Prayers for their families... :(

Sending prayers to the families.

Praying for the families


Prayers for the families

🙏🏻 To the family’s 😢

So sad :(



Austin McRight

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Web Exclusive: Bailey Bigger performs her new single "Lyrics" on WREG's Live at 9. ...

1 hour ago

WESH 2 News

AWESOME! To make the experience less scary, this Oklahoma hospital uses remote control cars to take children to surgery and other procedures! ...


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The kids need anything and everything to be as much as a kid as possible this is a great idea fighting fear makes you stronger. Strength comes from experience. How a child experiences that Experience determines how there mind grows into the world of today so as to handel adult life experiences, in better and more creative ways for them and through that, the memories through the childhood experiences that fought the fear they now face today creates a better and independent individual that at the same, almost indirect unrelated, benefits the people as a whole creating a better world and brighter future for Humanity.

Such a loving idea for the children

This is such a great idea!!!

That's excellent!

Real Onewill

1 hour ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

LIVE MANHUNT: Metro PD, SWAT, THP & ATF continue manhunt for accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking. They are staging at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, where a deadly shooting occurred in September.


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LIVE MANHUNT: Metro PD, SWAT, THP & ATF continue manhunt for accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking. They are staging at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, where a deadly shooting occurred in September.

So, what..k9 unit's only good for mauling civilians & sending pot users to jail But tracking a murderer ..naw.. that's too real..

Is this the man who shot people in the Waffle House?

They should charge his father with murder also because he not to have guns just like a felon that makes him just as guilty

Don’t denounce that man he saved lives when he didn’t have to that man deserves everything that is coming to him in the future

lock his father up and he will come out of hiding.

Father be with ur ppl this that's going on a pray ur hand of God help heals all situation going on in our nation

They need national guards help before more innocent people die because of this lunatic and his neglectful father

Carel, they're in Antioch I do believe.

No Brandy, I'm sure nobody related to the deceased think its staged. Go home. You're drunk.

Either he killed himself.or is held up in somebodys home...or long gone...with his mind setting no telling and that is why it so dangerous...his mind..

Ellen other news sources are saying rapid gunfire was heard in the woods where officers just went in.

Since they don't know if this crazy nut case is dead or alive and there were so many killed they need to bring in national guards to help in the search

Praying for these men in uniform.. May the Lord protect each one of them and all of the citizens involved in finding this killer. Sad time in which we live 😥

I can't help but wonder if he has a family or someone held up in their home, He wouldn't have been able to hide out long outside without being seen. Hope he's caught soon..🙏🙏

I'm wondering if at this point he has an accomplish. He was just in pants no shirt he doesn't know area that well and yes as someone stated he has had enough time to get back up to another state.

Well I’m not an expert but I would imagine it would be hard for a k-9 to track someone with all the rain we’ve had. Just saying. I really don’t know.

What they gonna do with the amped Truck they should be combing all the woods instead of bumping gumsits a lot woods around that area might should check along the Dr tracks

Friend of mine heard on the radio that there was shots fired by the church in Antioch near the waffle house.

I honestly can't believe they ley him get away with the number of people killed and left streets open for people to travel knowing he is armed

I would like to know why our so called hero didn't go ahead n end the shooters life instead of letting him go

Hope they check under houses, empty places, sheds, etc. His frame of mind-would be hiding in places where no one thinks of.

He probably made it to Four Corners and hiding near the lake. That’s the direction of the helicopter

That’s def an active on going search or they would not be getting suited up. He is not found yet I’m sure

I wonder if he even still here in Tennessee he's had at least 12 13 14 hours to get where you need to go

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LISTEN: "Female says there’s male white who has no clothing on who is shooting at the location"

Here are the calls dispatched when police say Travis Reinking opened fire at an Antioch Waffle House, killing four people:


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Unbelievable this guy is still lose

That's a little old isn't it

I love how the media is allowed to share, likely the most traumatic events like these, in the name of news. Sensationalism for ratings!

channel 17 why dont yall ask metro why are they still using a confusing radio 10 code when they have secure communications and the federal guidelines for emergency response says not to use it! 10 code is old an obsolete for agencies that have secure communications....THEIR RESPONSE WILL BE "WE ALWAYS DID IT THIS WAY, YES WE KNOW WHAT THE FEDERAL GUIDELINES ARE BUT ITS OUR OUTDATED TRADITION" 🤣🤣🤣

Lora Thompson Hall

Tommy Fish

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