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Making a clean sweep: Decluttering your life

Making a clean sweep: Decluttering your life


In the season for spring cleaning, personal organizers offer advice on helping you get rid of all of your unnecessary, unwanted stuff.

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After four long years of winning, are the @Warriors tired?

@AlSaracevic ponders what's up with the Dubs:

After sharp criticism, the Department of Justice will hold a separate briefing for a bipartisan group of lawmakers on a confidential intelligence source in the Russia probe.

One of the most important things about acing an interview aside from authenticity? Transparency.

A few weeks ago, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ordered @blackhammerbrew to cease production of all its #CBD beers. But not for the reason you might think.

The ACLU has sued U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for records about the agency’s use of license plate reader technology, after ICE apparently failed to turn over records following multiple requests.

ICYMI ~ @EdwardEgrosFox4 shows you how Bill Murray and Jordan Spieth helped set the right tone for this week's @fortworthinv at Colonial.

Don't put those umbrellas away just yet: Heavier rain might be in store for the #BayArea on Friday.

Chief apologizes for arrest of Bucks guard Brown

What you don't know about dry eyes:

Lucy Mirigian is 111 and very much alive, no matter what the U.S. government says. “I’m old but I’m not stupid.”

Critics: NFL decision chooses mainstream appeal over players

McKinney councilman censured after traffic arrest

These are America's #BestHighSchools

There’s a major #BayArea connection behind the success of #StaceyAbrams, who won the Dem primary for governor in Georgia and would be the first African American woman to lead a state in the nation’s history if she prevails in November.

via @joegarofoli:

Consider contributing to a solo 401(k) for your side business.

TROPICAL STORM THREAT: A tropical disturbance off the Southeast is threatening to slam the coast this Memorial Day weekend, with flash flooding and thunderstorms already a problem across much of the country. Rob Marciano with the holiday forecast. ...

14 minutes ago

Yahoo News

This graduate says she was banned from wearing a U.S. Army sash over her gown. (via Yahoo Lifestyle) ...


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Ya well,we are Native American who attend an Native American-themed school and was told, feathers were prohibited at the graduation ceremony as well as beading our caps!

Why? I'd love to hear what reason they could possibly have for saying no. Hell, when I graduated law school one of the guys in my class wore a cowboy hat with his tassel instead of the regular hat and we loved it because it was such his personality. Why are adults constantly trying to pound the personality out of kids.

Total BS. My daughter graduated last week and there were people wearing sashes from the military academy that were going to attend. I like the Navy sash.

My daughter asked to wear cords that she was given when she got her Girl Scout Gold Award and was told no. She won't wear them because the principal said no. It falls under "altering the cap and gown" in the handbook. If this girl's student handbook says something similar, she shouldn't have gone against that rule.

Wear it loud,and proud girl! Well I'm sure its,also listed other places to. Its,time to let our youth be very proud of good things they've comes in life. Encourage them. And when they do it should be an honor to you as a parent And them as an adult.

Look there has to be rules. If you let one person do something you have to let all. So to bad they told her no.

She's going to have a hard time in the military with this sort of attitude. Disobeying direct orders is kinda frowned upon

If she's planning on going into the Army, she should go ahead and get used to following rules, including uniform dress codes. The Army wouldn't have let her wear her Army sash to a graduation.

still not right- what ? is US Army a gang rhreat to our secutity- principal over reacted it seems.- esp if she had it layered under the grad gown- what's next- don't wear a crucifx/ cross or get kicked out of grad ceremony???

So she asked got told no still did and got repercussions for doing it anyway? Good she should of learned in the army to follow the rules. Maybe now she'll do what ahes told

Tradition is Tradition why should be special to change tradition? Wear an Army Pin. This is dumb and self-entitled

She is a recruit, but she has done a lot to "earn" this sash? 🙄 Until you make it through boot camp and AIT you are not actually IN.

Required to adhere rigidly enforced dress code? Good prep for her Army term.

As a military member, who cares.



Her principal was probably a draft dodging POS coward like trump

Who cares, people are literally banned from serving.

Someone wants attention.. so they lie about something ignorant people will get all pissy about.. then they get said attention... welcome to the internet folks...

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31 minutes ago

FOX10 News

Watching the Tropics ! ...


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Are we ok for Saturday morning party outdoors?

I'm scared of bad weather. Go away

Not even hurricane season. Here we go😔

Beach weekend in the rain ☔ lmbo

Thanks for the update!

Noooo it’s a beach 🏖 wkend 😥

Hello from Metairie, LA






I think it's going to rain 🤣

Pay attention fisherman!


Thanks, Jason!

To much rain😡

This is crazy








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44 minutes ago

Yahoo News

Meet the sweet 9-year-old boy who has dedicated a Twitter account to petting dogs. 🐶🐾❤️ ...


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Chey Boles put your Twitter to good use 🤣

That's awesome

Mallery Hewinsthis reminded me of Rylee

Nikayla Martin this is you 😂😂😂

Shandi Sara - YES!

1 hour ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

SEXUAL ABUSE FIRESTORM: The president of USC is under fire tonight after several students sued the university, accusing a campus gynecologist of sexual misconduct and assault that allegedly went on for years with the university failing to respond. Kayna Whitworth reports. ...


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Long overdue that Nikias should be out.

2 hours ago

FOX10 News

Mobile Police take Democo Todd to jail on a robbery charge. Investigators say Todd carjacked a man after asking him for a ride. ...


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He will be back out before you can get through posting about him on the internet.

Always something in Mobile

Buh bye. Glad I don't live in Mobile anymore.

bankers dont want competition






So glad they caught this guy.

Mobile is on a role 🤗🤗

Good luck in jail






Monica Riels





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2 hours ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

UNPROVEN SPY CLAIMS: President Donald J. Trump is escalating his war of words with the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation – unleashing a twitter storm about his unproven claim an FBI spy infiltrated is campaign. Jonathan Karl is at the White House with a fact check on Trump – and a new headline involving Jared Kushner. ...


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Never before has a suspect in a criminal case been so successful at discrediting his accusers. But Trump could not succeed with this charade without the help, support and collaboration of GOP leaders. It will take years to clean up Trump's mess, if, that is, justice is done.

All he does is lie and try to deflect . The man is insane

If he has nothing to hide, why is he so worried? If it's true they could have planted one in Hillary's campaign too!

How gullible does he think the average voters are? His day is coming.

Veteran CBS journalist Lesley Stahl told a story about President Donald Trump that likely surprised few of her media colleagues at the Deadline Club Awards Dinner in New York on Monday evening. According to Stahl, Trump told her that he continually “discredits” and “demeans” the press for a very specific reason: to sow uncertainty about the media so that “no one will believe” negative stories about him. The “60 Minutes” reporter recalled what happened when she and her boss met with the then president-elect at Trump Tower after he eked out a surprise win in late 2016. Trump eventually started bashing the press in front of them. “I said, ‘You know, that is getting tired. Why are you doing this? You’re doing it over and over. It’s boring and it’s time to end that,’” Stahl recounted in a talk with Judy Woodruff of “PBS Newshour” at the Deadline Club event, which honors excellence in journalism. “And he said, ‘You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you,’” she continued. (Watch the video above.) Stahl emphasized her amazement: “He said that.”

he loves to construe the truth. the media needs to quit using spygate.

One would think that David Muir being a crack journalist might want to investigate these claims instead of try and dismiss them. Also a good question to ask would be if they also felt the need to investigate Hillarie’s campaign , we know they didn’t so why not ? I’m no expert but that’s what I would want to know.

Yeah um Clapper admitted it so it's substantiated!

Please I beg of you... make it stop!!! All of it , he is out of control. Never held accountable for anything that spews from his mouth. So many lies... what is the truth????? HE doesn’t even know😡

Trump is nothing but fake news.

Just parroting the nonsense Hannity tells him each night.

Let me translate- Don the Con found out that Mr. Mueller knows things he thought were secrets and he is out of his mind scared ! How can he know these things? There must be a spy! It can't be Don the Con is guilty as sin, it has to be someone else's fault! Yeah, it's President Obama and Hillary's fault, that's the ticket, they hired a spy. (And his true believers, the real disciples, believed every word he uttered)

The guy is losing it! We need to get rid of him and the GOP puppets! They are destroying this country!!!

Spygate does not fit ... trumpcheatedgate is better!

Just more deflection from the Dumpster fire!

do not let trump turn this word into a popular word - do not let him dominate social media with this word. stop it. now.

Trump loves Russia and supports them more than Our country and supportive administration. His money flows to Russia

It’s called deflection!!!!


cohen is about to flip - this will be fun

Sure! And no one broke into the DNC headquarters at Watergate Hotel. We really believe John Karl can really fact check, since there are no facts yet!

Twitter storms do not prove an ounce of fact.

WOW, 45 IS ONE!...>:O

What a big baby. Always playing the victim.

I think he is losing it !

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