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Looking to invest in the property market? Here are 7 cities you should watch

Looking to invest in the property market? Here are 7 cities you should watch


From Toronto to Oman, here are some places you might want to have your eye on

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10 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

SNOW WATCH: Williamson County Schools will be closed tomorrow due to weather. Click to view full list of closings >>> ...

SNOW WATCH: Williamson County Schools will be closed tomorrow due to weather. Click to view full list of closings >>>


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Sumner will be closed the rest of the week no doubt!

Manchester City is closed tomorrow also

Wilson county go ahead and get on the boat! No way we will go back!

Yeah someone needs to take a look at summer it’s still snowing like crazy and roads are ice!

May as well paint that whole thing "CLOSED". #TNisShutDown

Cheatham County just posted we will be closed tomorrow as well!

Sumner needs to close tomorrow also! The roads are horrible!

Sumner will close just go ahead and plan on it

Marco Hanna Anki they calling of school for tomorrow

Montgomery County Schools are closed Wednesday as well.

Might as well add Sumner to it. They close schools for thunderstorms around here.

Coffee just closed as well

Waiting on Rutherford

Of course

Montgomery County closed for tomorrow as well

What about Christian County

Montgomery county is closed tomorrow

Wat bout Sumner county

Cassie Pool it's starting.....

Kristie Duncan Holloway

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21 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

Thanks for the snow day, Elsa! 😍
Thanks to Isabella Herren for sharing this photo of her 3-year-old daughter Abbie! This was taken at Rotary Park in Clarksville by Mandy Chadwick Photography

Thanks for the snow day, Elsa! 😍
Thanks to Isabella Herren for sharing this photo of her 3-year-old daughter Abbie! This was taken at Rotary Park in Clarksville by Mandy Chadwick Photography


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Buy that kid a surfboard and some sunglasses!

What is address to email pics to channel 5? Thanks

Ty elsa needed another day off work lol

My beautiful granddaughter ❤️

Courtney Clark Kristin Lamb-Wood

Lala Torres


Mandy Chadwick so proud of you! Did you happen to get to meet Olaf too??

snow in lafayette tennessee

Beautiful. ,

Kristie Duncan Holloway. Show Klaira😀


33 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

LIVE: Blayke Roznowski NC5 is driving around the Nashville area right now -- specifically near Abbott Martin and Valley Brook Road in Green Hills. ...


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Where are you

Oh no


Wow where is this ??


Wow! This is why I’m on the house today.



Where are you??


Are they ok

How’s I40 looking

That's why I stayed home.

be careful channel 5

Hope everyone is ok

Uh oh. Where is this? Hope they’re ok



Where is this?



Oh know


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Wait for it, wait for it.... Skiing by horse and buggy sure looks fun!
Thanks to Joel Washburn from McKenzie, TN for sharing!


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Jennifer Groves get your people

Regina Emery Mitchell is this your people?

Allie Woosley forget sledding

That's one way to get your ski on

we used to take an old car hood and had a horse that would pull us all over the place... the maintainer ridges of snow that had hardened were the best fun --- well worse on the butt

Yes! 😆 Made my day.

Who needs water skis when your amish.. Imagination.. Something our youth lack

Chelsea Dowdy, can we do this?!

Shel Rollins, next time it snows you can go to work this way :D

Pfft. I get pulled around on a snowboard by the Amish all the time.

Has the governor called state of emergency yet?

Love it. hahahahaha

Unique way to have fun in the snow. 👍

Love it!

Christy Hunter Lisa N Frankie Bowen is that Dave skiing

Thank you for sharing



Awesome 👏🏼

Nadine Moore hol mich mit ner Kutsche ab 😂😂😂

Tina Sims can you pull me into town?

Cole Ebel — you don’t need a 4wheeler.

Ryan Couch check this one out

Jennifer Christopher Becca Kyla

Mary Woodley yall be on the lookout........

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2 hours ago

BBC Technology News

Eye candy or visual clutter?

Read and watch all our CES 2018 coverage:


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Who else loves ?

Ibrahim Ahmed

I like it!!

2 hours ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

TRAFFIC ALERT: Allow plenty of time on the roads this morning. Here’s a look at I-24 westbound at I-40 in Nashville. ...


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TRAFFIC ALERT: Allow plenty of time on the roads this morning. Here’s a look at I-24 westbound at I-40 in Nashville.

Don’t know why state office and meto offices didn’t close again. This is insane!

Y'all be safe out there if you have to get out if you don't please do the smart and right thing stay home. Don't make it any harder on yourself or others, especially the ones that have to be out to help serve protect and care for the injured. Be safe be blessed

So thankful for our TDOT team keeping the roads as safe and passable as possible. Thank you NewsChannel5 for your coverage!❤️

My son says it is supposed to hit Knoxville about 12:45. He left Charlotte this morning on his way to Olympia, WA and trying to make it through the gorge before it gets there. I think he only has 2 trucks which is better than 4.

What are the road conditions from Columbia to Airport like.? I will be traveling that way today. Thanks for all all you do to help everyone on the road .

The roads are getting worse excptly the back roads if u don't have too get out I would grab a movie and relax and I'm pretty sure that metro will be working some OT tonight

Tried to drive in to Nashville from Murfreesboro for work, 24 is nothing but a sloshy mess. Please becareful

I’m not listening to new channel 5 anymore, said it was going to snow only 1.5 inches , looks like I got 7 inches

Nashville, TN and there are usually a thousand vehicles on those freeways by now! Be careful

Can't get out still snowing roads r Snow covered Need to get food. Hi from old hickory tn

Remember, a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and water will de-ice your windshield.

All 4 lanes of I24 closed at Ky mile marker 25 to 16. Multiple wrecks

#stevenmetzband 🎵 CHURCH ON SUNDAY ~ buy it today in iTunes, by Steven Metz

Wow we are getting a lot now in Hilham

Paducah Ky 9 inches of snow and ice under snow

Glad I can stay home today. Thanks for the road report anyway. Are they salted...will they be tonight?

In College Grove,TN looks like a good day for homemade soup!!!

Millie, youre at the beach right?

Saw that you were watching, Teresa. Good morning.

Sherry Mcclure, I-24 westbound at I-40 in Nashville.

🙇‍♀️ for those who had no choice but work today. Some do not get to leave until 6:00pm

Thank you all for this travel update!

There is winter in US too. Wow.. not Nice. Take care people . Hugs. ♥️♥️♥️

Good morning Joe Looper. Be safe out there.

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2 hours ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

Thanks for the shoutout, Tullahoma City Public Schools! ...


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Wow!!!! Go Dan Lawson. Mr. Lawson has always done videos. Hilarious! The Video last week was... ICE ICE BABY.

He's awesome!! Hopefully we get see a new one today for tomorrow!! ❄️⛄️❄️☃️

My boss and an honor to work for him and the TCS.

There is another school principal that did a song to. It is so funny.

He's awesome. He always makes up the best videos when he has to cancel school.

Dr. Lawson is the BEST!!!

Love our director!!!

We love our Super!

They love him like we do at channel 5

Let's go back to Clarksville

love it

I respected when u pulled it!

Karen McKinney Lawson you should be “Snow” proud!❄️🤣

Too funny, Brittany Stringfield!

Love t his

Stephanie Godinez

Leann Dunnavant

So cute

Brittany Hall 😂😂

Kelsey Cansler Connie Roberts


Dena Fly he made the news

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6 hours ago

BBC Technology News

Start-ups have repeatedly tried and failed to convince us to wear cameras - but could a "time travel" feature finally help them catch on? ...


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So it's running all the time? How long does the battery last?

That is a killer feature man! Why didn't I think of it? Now I'll be able to know what I did 10 seconds earlier. Geniuses.

Oh yea, so basically like Nvidia's Shadowplay replay button?

was a feature on camcorders long ago, nice to have if short on storage

This solution has been around for long. Was it the failed Google Glass that had it? Can't remember where I saw it first

Thả tìm nè <3


Amazing post very informative

What image would you want to flash other motorists?
(Keep it clean!)

See all our CES coverage:


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So you would have to use a phone app whilst driving then? Which isn't legal in the uk... Even with voice control, it's not necessary - drivers should just concentrate on the road.

Seems like a big distraction while driving!

If it's not the middle finger or a vulgar curse, it's not worth it.

I had this idea as a kid. Should have followed through.

Anything about this is really important

I can express both gratitude and annoyance with the flick of one wrist. 👍🖕

My messages may bit a bit more superlative than that but hey I drive in the GTA.

I think we can all agree the only useful one would be C===3

Is this really necessary...thought you were supposed to concentrate on the road when you are driving? In the UK people generally wave at people either to say you go, or Thank you, which I have always found nice...however, in France it is not many that does this, but maybe things will change...😉

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The danger is to confuse someone

Where the one to give the bird?!? That would be my default

What could possibly go wrong?

I can already imagine the lovely images people would choose...

I wish I could. Alert drivers about deer in the road or loose animals horses or cows

Poor Elsie is such an innocent.

Dam lol had that idea when I was in 5th grade and won a class competition for it...oh well, you snooze you lose

Or ice patches on the road

This 👎 and this 😡 but hopefully this 👍


Or if theirs a wreck on the road


Brian Canavan

Khaikai March


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Will this blaster become a must-have accessory for mobile gamers?

(This features some flashing images)


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Cyrille Ça serait ouf, je le veux !! Haha

posts like this are why everyone likes this page


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Stephanie Marco Bayle

Jeet Karia Rupal Patel

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