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Looking at 2018 with Playbook's Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman

Looking at 2018 with Playbook's Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman


Just two weeks into the new year and there's no shortage of political news.

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TUNE IN: @LindseyGrahamSC sits down with @ShannonBream on @foxnewsnight to discuss #DACA and the looming government shutdown, starting at 11pm ET on Fox News Channel.

OPINION: 13 California kids locked in a house of horrors -- Just one hero could have saved them so much sooner

A tanker truck carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel and 1,000 gallons of Diesel explodes at 7200 south. 1-15 closed in both directions

[email protected]_OnAir on Dreamer debate: "It doesn't matter whether it's DACA or Dreamers, the system has failed everybody." @IngrahamAngle

Pierson Sees Ulterior Motive for NY Times Publishing Letters From Trump Voters

How 'bout those cats. @WeberStateMBB beats Sac St & @AdamMikulich was there which means we'll have amazing highlights and post react on KMYU 10:35! @weberstate

On "@IngrahamAngle," Laura Ingraham called upon lawmakers to release a memo circulating Congress that reveals alleged FISA abuse.

Jeremy Harris is live at the scene of the explosion. The fire is still active, but the driver made it out safe.

[email protected]_Labrador on Mueller probe: "[Democrats] were so interested in the Russia collusion story until their Russia collusion story actually started unraveling." @IngrahamAngle

BREAKING: we are going live on channel 2 right now. UHP says tanker has 9,000 gallons of gas, 1,000 galllons of diesel. The fire is still active. Driver made it out safe.

Video of the fire from another angle - East of the freeway. @KUTV2News #kutv2news #2NewsAM

Justice Department Asks SCOTUS To Reverse Court Ruling Protecting Dreamers

NOW: @UTHighwayPatrol says fire crews still responding. AVOID AVOID AVOID I-15, State Street, Redwood Rd. Everything is jammed through mid-valley. “It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.” @KUTV2News

2017 was 2nd-warmest across the globe since 1880, NASA says

Congressman Pressed on Assertion of 'Possible Terrorist Nexus' in Las Vegas Massacre

23 minutes ago


WATCH: A wave-watcher gets wiped out by a huge wave in Westport, Wash. 🌊 (He's ok though!)


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Jessica Yesenia Mejia another place.

Sorry, KOMO, but I don't think you know what a wipe-out is....nice headline, though.

Dustin is it weird I wish I was that guy getting hit with that wave? Lol so cool.

incoming! mom is mad at baby drumpf.

Taylor Nash let’s go now!!!

Greg Dunn

Melissa Knox Nichole Lamb

Alberto Cruz

Austin Kratzer

Carlos Luis Pina

2 hours ago

The Dallas Morning News

We're LIVE again at the Potter's House in Dallas for the Red Carpet premiere of "Faith Under Fire" staring Toni Braxton. Braxton plays Antoinette Tuff who averted a tragedy in Georgia and saved hundreds of lives after convincing a deranged gunman to surrender.


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she looks beautiful!!

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