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Liam Neeson's 'witch hunt' comments miss the point of the #MeToo movement

Liam Neeson's 'witch hunt' comments miss the point of the #MeToo movement


He's got it all wrong.

A note to men in Hollywood: You don't get to call this a witch hunt.

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11 minutes ago


Pittsburgh residents are demanding a pizza store be shut down after the manager is caught on camera slamming a woman's head into the ground.

The woman entered the shop and asked the manager if she could use the restroom. The manager said ‘No’, but the woman apparently ignored him and tried to push past him. That's when the manager tried to restrain her before knocking her down and repeatedly hitting her head on the ground.

He was charged with aggravated assault, but police say they also plan to arrest the woman for defiant trespass and disorderly conduct. What do you think about all of this? #News9Trends

Bobbie Miller and Karl Torp may share your comments in today’s Trends, Topics & Tags!

Pizza restaurant manager caught hitting black woman's head on floor
Mahmut Yilmaz, 41, was filmed struggling with Jade Smith, 34, at Pizza Mario in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday night at around 7.30pm.


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It's a fucking restaurant were everybody has a bathroom he just pissed she wanted to pee instead of eat! That's some bullshit and how trespassing? It's a open to everyone restaurant. Miss orderly conduct maybe but trespassing no

What do I think? I think people should be freaking nice for a while. It costs them absolutely nothing to be kind. People are SO MEAN lately. I don't understand it :(.

How about everyone just stop being assholes to everyone else? That seems like such an easy fix, but people need reasons to be angry and offended.

Man....he is lucky if that was my mom i would slap him in the head with some of dat pepperoni

Send him over this way I know someone that will bang his head off the floor, and it will sound like a cranium

Has none of yall ever had to go RIGHT then and couldnt hold it ... My Gosh LET THE WOMAN GO TO THE RESTROOM!!!

Some restaurants have a sign posted no public restroom if there was not a sign posted she has every right to use the restroom.

Just for asking to use the fucken bathroom wtf!! 😑

No means No

Private property is private property. I fully expect the charges to be dropped. The guy is still a douche though.

28 minutes ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

Only in Nebraska...

Take a look at this week's temperatures:

Only in Nebraska...

Take a look at this weeks temperatures:


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That bird came out a few days to early.

Welcome to Nebraska, where you can have all four seasons in one week! Lol.

Fake. In Kentucky, last Thursday was 60 degrees, and the next day was snowing and 8 degrees.

'Only' in Nebraska I'm pretty sure Iowa is as well.

Lol new york was worse

And a chance for snow on Sunday?

Can't wait for Friday!

That is normal in this region

New York was much worse. “Only in New York”

Melt snow freeze repeat

Welcome to Ne. If you don't like the weather wait 5 min it will change.

The good life

Lmao Mother Nature is drunk

Come on 50 degrees lol.

The Good Life😃😃

Try the entire midwest

Not only in Nebraska! Iowa as well ...

We love Nebraska.

Carita Alejandro Dave Ricky

Stacy Erickson

Careisse Powers

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41 minutes ago


FIG NEWTON DAY!!! Today is National Fig Newton Day and Robin Marsh and Lacie Lowry decided to celebrate with #News9's Bill “Fig” Newton — a longtime, beloved employee here at KWTV - NEWS 9! Show Fig some love ❤️❤️❤️FIG NEWTON DAY!!! Today is National Fig Newton Day and Robin Marsh and I had to celebrate with our own Bill “Fig” Newton — a longtime, beloved employee here at KWTV - NEWS 9! Show Fig some love ❤️❤️❤️ ...

FIG NEWTON DAY!!! Today is National Fig Newton Day and Robin Marsh and Lacie Lowry decided to celebrate with #News9s Bill “Fig” Newton — a longtime, beloved employee here at KWTV - NEWS 9! Show Fig some love ❤️❤️❤️


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Good work Fig

1 hour ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

🌴 A couple was walking along a beach in Costa Rica when they became heroes to a baby animal in need. ...


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The claws on that thing suggest it could rip your face off in gratitude. But it's a sloth, so it'd be kind of a like a slow-motion facerip, so...

Jessica Cannon Rempe, Kimberly Leonard Hollinger, Kellie Cerny...ohhhh my gosh i hope we see one of these guys in March!❤️

Mya Pen you may needed rescue one!! Melanie Herrmann

Madyson Sophia~ why weren't you there to help your spirit animal!?

If only people would do the same to each other rather than be so judgemental upon looks and false religion....

Emily Mintle if I ever get this chance the sloth is coming home

Betsy Weedin why couldn't this happen to us?!

Caitie Bundy why couldn't you rescue a baby sloth in CR??

Poor poor baby

Mark S. Adams OMG.. why couldn't this happen to me????



Morgan my heart! 😫

Nicole Kelly ❤️❤️❤️

Megan Moreno me😂😂😂

Becca Deal 😍😍😍


Ella Marie Etchison

Robert Gibson Cody Mauseth

Sam Ashby

Debbie Poe

Alexis Larsen

Michelle Tinley

Becky Boyd

Donna Andersen

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1 hour ago


PERSONAL TRAINER: #News9's Robin Marsh is working out with her personal trainer.

Robin Marsh
Ok here is our workout with Personal trainer Kenny Wooldridge at Anytime Fitness... yikes


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I think she needs a Youtube channel. How is this news?

does your "EVERYTHING" hurt from yesterday?

2 hours ago


MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Should schools be allowed to administer medical marijuana to students?

The Illinois attorney general's office on Friday told a federal court it will allow a suburban Chicago school district to administer medical marijuana to an 11-year-old leukemia patient to treat her for seizure disorders.


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hell no. Christ u can't even bring Motrin in ur bag to school. and that only causes upset stomach if taken too often.unlike marijuana.

Just because it's Marijuana does not mean it will be smoked! Medical CBD oil has little to no THCs which means it will not get you high.

Smoking isnt what a med bill should be about. Anything with large amounts of THC is not good. The medicinal benefits from cbd oil however, is amazing!

That is not Medical Marijuana in the film. Medical is usually given with an eye dropper under the tongue. It's a liquid.

I say no because schools do not need to give any meds or anything to kids , that is is up to the parents period

Exactly. Lol it would be just like when your parents give you meds at home. Not once did I get medicine from the school. This is hoopla

Kwtv, they can't hand out asprin- why would you ask this. You've got to have some 18 yr old freshman journalism major running you face book page.

If they need their medicine they should get their medicine. Pretty simple. These children are given a non-psychoactive strain in most cases. You wouldn't withhold pharmaceuticals for seizures..

Of course there are the daily dopers who just want to get high, they will vote YES but its really about lifesaving medicinal value. Do some research people!

THC is medicine also!!! My daughter could be seizure-free with a tiny amount more thc than what her CBD oil offers, but we can’t try it bc it’s illegal here.

It's sad that we have LEGAL ALCOHOL that destroys way more lives but, we can't believe that a God made plant has GOOD medicinal value. WAKE UP OKLAHOMA! YES! IT WORKS!

The angry peeps need to read up and educate your self.. I dont smoke the stuff but if ever i need it for an illness or something i believe it will work..

Saying NO to medical mj, is like saying no to life. The medicinal value and the ailments it can be used for is a very extensive list!

The problem is the video loops don't show what is actually given to the child... They are not going to roll her a joint! It's cannabis oil.

I think the majority want it legalized! If the others would just research it and see that it's NOT harmful like its been made out to be. It saves lives everyday!

Some really need to educate themselves about medical marijuana. Instead of just thinking it's to make folks legal pot heads ..

Absolutely. I could send hydrocodone to school with my child with a prescription. Why not cannabis? I sure hope all these likes and loves are at the polls on June 26th. #YesOn788

You can get medicine at school. You just need a note from the doctor. It happens all over the country daily.

Ya??? I mean if medical is legal, it would be no different than administering other daily pills like schools all ready do. Half our state is on legal meth for adhd

I wish my daughter had been allowed Medical Marijuana while she fought her leukemia. Bless this school district.

Yes! It's ridiculous that there are people who stand in the way, it takes no effort at all to educate yourself. I wish more people would see this as a reason to search out more information.

There is NO LOGICAL REASON this should not be legal. Prescription medications, alcohol, tobacco, meth, etc take FAR MORE lives and cause far more health issues than Marijuana...period.

Did you know they make many forms of Cannabis medicine ? Inhalers for Asthma , oils , nasal sprays etc... Cannabis Can

Absolutely! Those saying no, if your child had epilepsy, incurable diseases, etc. I promise you would feel much different about this!

I’m with you Lucy, pills are poison. Seen them grab ahold of people I love dearly and they’re never the same. This is a plant that God put here, no one should tell you you can’t utilize it.

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3 hours ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

TRAFFIC: The Omaha Police Department are responding to injury accidents only. All other crashes are asked to pull off to a safe area and exchange information.


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why are people running into each other?.....they need to put down the coffee cup and pay attention to the road!!

I don’t remember school being cancelled due to the cold in 1970

I just drove neighborhoods and main roads from 60th and ames to Regency and the roads were perfectly fine.

Omaha has thee worst drivers in the US it’s not even close

I grew up in North Central Iowa and when I was a kid it took some really severe weather for them to delay or cancel school. These days people drive like idiots and everyone is lawsuit happy.

Roads aren’t slick people just can’t drive!!!

People need to slow down and pay attention. Get off your phones it all can wait. This time of year you need to leave early to drive safe!!!!!!

Put down your cell phone and watch your driving

So the cold is causing accidents 🤨

They can’t put down those cell phones

Its the stupid drivers not paying attention and I love how many people slam on the brakes for no reason! Or I had several people just disregard 4 way and all way stop signs.

That one is officer involved - hope they are ok

No problem on the Road conditions. Just Drivers driving fast and not caring about others on the Road. Texting and driving! Drivers cutting Off other drivers! Drivers switching lanes !

Glad school was cancelled!

I’ve seen them old hens blow right through a red light yammering on that cell phone

What is the reason behind accidents?

The Florence area has 3 areas in & out of it, I-80, 13th, and 480

Doesn't matter. Its based off of traffic flow, & population of area

Why so many accidents? Roads seemed just fine to me?

It’s freaking 1 degree there .. no way I’m ever coming back

I'm staying in the house today to cold outside

You have accidents when it’s good weather

I wonder how folks today would do living outdoors

I went to 108th in omaha from cb at 5:30 no problem

Lol, 1 degree is nothing here in Nebraska. Debby.

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