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Lawmakers condemn Trump's 'shithole countries' remark

Lawmakers condemn Trump's 'shithole countries' remark


"The American family was born from immigrants fleeing persecution and poverty and searching for a better future." Sen. Tim Scott, the only Republican African-American senator, said the President's comments are "disappointing."

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2 hours ago

BBC News

Warning: This video contains upsetting scenes
The parents of the 13 siblings found shackled in a California home deny the allegations of torture and abuse.


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Time to build wall against California. Such a shitthole state.

I and my siblings were homeschooled and kept indoors from the time I was 8 until I was about 16. The only times we could go even into our front yard was with supervision from a parent or another adult. We were very badly abused for many years, physically, verbally, mentally, you name it. These incidents even occurred in public on the few occasions we would go out together. We had close friends, attended church, played soccer. Nobody noticed. Ever. Neighbors checked in on us occasionally because they heard screaming in our house but they never did anything. I saw a counselor for supposed anger issues and he never thought anything was out of the ordinary. People have the best of intentions, but they don’t know the signs of abuse, or they assume they’re just misunderstanding the situation. That’s why this went on for so long. That’s why all these neighbors report seeing suspicious things and yet never did anything. Nobody wants to interfere. If you’re outraged by this, please take a few minutes of your time to research signs of abuse. If you think you’re seeing something abnormal, say something. I could’ve been spared a lot, and so could all of these children, if people had just taken action.

The father should be jailed for that hairstyle.

As a Catholic, I am supposed to be against the death penalty. But, they have destroyed the lives of 13 innocent children! I cannot even bring myself to ask God to have mercy on their souls.

Having been a child abuse investigator and then overseeing hundreds, if not thousands of cases through my career in public child welfare, unfortunately this does not surprise me. Children have never been a priority in America. If they were a priority, the federal government and individual states would ensure there was adequate funding, staffing, training, ongoing support and development for staff, accountability, and performance based career opportunities. Those things coupled with partnerships at the state and local levels with teachers, medical staff, law enforcement and other community partners...then children MIGHT have chance. For example, home schooling....why is there no professional of any kind involved in this process? Eyes on the child once a year would have been enough to see what was going on. So sad. People complain about too much government some time, but in this case the education department - whether it be state or federal - should have had minimal involvement. Poor, poor children /adults.

Makes me wonder who else is being held hostage...right now....right next door... Hard to comprehend this stuff

What's so haunting is how they had Facebook pictures from just a few years ago... Nobody noticed kids in their 20s were extremely thin and small?? Did outsiders think they were younger? The family was commenting, they never had any concern!? The couple who bought their old house just released pictures. They never thought to report the conditions of the house!? It's one thing to butt in, and another to be completely oblivious to trouble.

The frightening thing is the two of them looked surprised to be in court as if they've done nothing wrong. They probably thought they were good parents doing the lords work or something.

You can tell just looking at the parents they are not quite right in the head. Something looks very odd.

Brings to mind "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do; She gave them some broth without any bread; Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed"

Brave and persistent children these all are. I hope they experience love and kindness 20 fold after their horrific home life

Deny? How do they explain their children being found in shackles and full grown adults being so malnourished that they weigh less than the average 10-year-old?

So sad that there was no evidence to cause someone to report a problem in this family. Amazing that they got away with this horror for so many years. The younger children may have a hope of becoming normal but the older ones have been robbed of a normal life due to the damage to their bodies and minds. Such a tragedy. Too bad she just kept having babies. This is just a horrible nightmare for all. The First Responders must be suffering PTSD just from having to discover this horrific scene.

They lived in that house for 3 years. I don’t understand how the neighbors didn’t seem suspicious. I don’t have kids but I think if I saw a 29 year old who was 82 pounds along with all her siblings looking starved a light would go on in my head. This is America the home of obese children.

Seriously though dumb and dumber hairdos lmao they should be charged for that too, but on a serious note why have kids and so many at that to torture them. Think it’s time to bring forth a license to have kids. These two are monsters they don’t deserve to be labeled as parents. Chain them up I say! Apparently the abuse started when they went bankrupt a few years back, but still no excuses for their actions. These kids were left unchecked because they were homeschooled so maybe they should have been checked on by the system. But no blame game it was dumb and dumber fault alone.

Why don’t people pay attention to what is going on around them and report anything suspicious?! When someone commits a heinous crime most people say oh he was just a quiet guy nothing unusual....wake up!!!!! This went on for years and years!!!!

And to think there's wonderfull couples who can't have children!! And you get these cretins evil monsters treating there own children like that I don't often agree with the death penalty but in this case I would happily watch in the public gallery! Evil to the core these pair!!

That man’s hair is already a proof that something is VERY WRONG! And the mother is evil for allowing it to happen to her children. They should be lock up for good and I hope the tax payers will not have to answer for their food.

The escaped girl is very brave. After so much psychological damage, it is not easy to stand up again.

these are not people they are devils i hope that they are locked up for the rest of theiir natural lives and they should be put in with all the rest of the prisoners not given special safe cells let them find out what it is like to be abused ... i give them about 6 months

This is Despicable to do it to your own children. Can you imagine what they would do to others they are demonic. I don't understand what was going through their head. Give them death penalty they are dangerous to society.

It just shows the absolute power monsters like this, (and often on a much smaller scale), hold over their victims. One of the children escaped, but was too scared and went back in. They must have been so terrified. Those poor kids.

California school system should change their policies. Even as an established “private school” someone should have supervised what was going on. Also......totally just luck who we get as our parents. These kids got the short straw.

Wtf? I hope they rot in jail. In fact, no I hope they get their karma in jail. How can a whole family live in a cul-de-sac, and no one noticed that this was going on? These kids have been out of the house as recently as 2016. People really need to take notice of their neighbors, be freaking nosey, if you thinks something’s not right, call the police. Do something. Don’t just ignore stuff and “Mind your own business” we are seeing so much of this recently. We as humans need to do a better job of getting involved.

Omg omg omg!!! I can't even fathom!!!! These children, humans..omg!!!! I have never in my life have ever wished any harm upon anything, any human, nor anyone..but these horrible, horrific people, they need to be severely punished by the devil's hands

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2 hours ago


Things you should know about singer (& rumored Millie Bobby Brown boyfriend) Jacob Sartorius. #BillboardNews ...


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Both of them should play with micky mouse at this age ....

Nothing. "You" should know nothing. The girl is 13 where the hell is the line? Paraphrasing Tom Hanks in The Post - it's not news, it's just a 13 year old girl.

She can do way way better

I thought only people who could sing were called singers

Hell no.

She is 100 times and more beautiful than him

Singer ? 🤣



They almost look alike

Laila Adarkar no just no

Bobby potek!

Yuura Yu

Parish Boggs

Mariana Marquez

Bernadette Flannery

Mitchell Siu Anson Jung

Tere Flores

Its a tough call but honestly I would have to say she is to young for him even though in ten years it wouldnt make a difference. Though its legal now in about 2 years he could be locked up for statutory rape so yeah I hope this kids parents told him to stay friends and keep it in his pants. Neither one them should be having sex especially her but I guess I should stop here because I was only 14 when I lost my virginity.

ugly degenerates, the human era is over, someone needs to replace us.

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3 hours ago

BBC News

Have you ever seen an ice jam? ...


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Last night Meteor in Michigan and now this in New York. Nature aslo don't like Trump as like everyone else.

No one can defeat the nature.

This happens nearly every year on our local river. The Sheriff usually tosses a couple 1/4 sticks of dynamite to bust the ice. Not really a big deal.

Yes along my local walking trail in Kansas City metro area.

Looks like that ice may have had information leading to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.

Dont tell Houston about this!

Nothing new or unusual in the Great Lakes Region. They happen pretty much every year. Just had one a week or so ago on the St. Clair River.

Do they play covers or originals?

uh, ya...I live in the midwest

ever release an ice jam? thats a flood, good winter Canadian fun as a kid

Grew up in Michigan, so yeah.

I prefer strawberry. Ice jam would make my toast soggy.

I saw this, it was amazing.

Alright stop, collaborate and listen.

I saw one jam today and put it on my toast, then another jam on my way to home, and this jam on Facebook, looks like my life gonna jam one day.

It is easy to see how they catch people off guard and cause so much damage

I've kayaked that river. In the summer, it's three, maybe four feet deep and barely moving. A great stretch before it flows into Lake Champlain.

Yes. There was one in Kent, Connecticut (U.S.A.). Area by the river had to be evacuated for fear of flooding. Mother Nature...

Yes, it can rip pilings and cut banks out of rivers causing a lot of damage.

Sarah whoa, that’s crazy looking!

"Ice Out" is something truly awesome to experience first hand. I've been fortunate enough to witness it a few times.

We had one last week when the temperature reach plus 10 c, now it's below freezing again ,

Ice Jam - what a great name for a rock group!

You forgot the cause, snowmelt

Yes, every spring in front of my house. The beautiful Saint John river.

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