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LAPD investigates sexual assault claim against Steven Seagal

LAPD investigates sexual assault claim against Steven Seagal


Confirmation about the investigation comes after several women accused the actor of sexual assault and rape.

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21 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

On Wake Up Cleveland, 13 children were found shackled and held captive by their parents in California, the winter weather has prompted school closings, and more of this morning's top stories. ...


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Click here for an updated list of school closures:

They're in a funk. We'll be fine. Come after All Star break, we will turn it around. Right Natalie?

How can you go from talking about children being shackled to talking about the weather?

Good morning everyone be warm and blessed

What is this pic

nothing is showing and no sound

Feed is running fine and sound is awesome

That's how they get u to tune in 😂

Cavs what's going on 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

Now what....


Ikr Lisa Thompson

What happend to the kids

Those where the highlights

Where is the feed?

Why do a video snd no info on it. Smh

Shades of Castro. Smh.

House of horrors


Im seeing fine

Good morning everyone

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41 minutes ago

ABC News

What's it like performing an intimate scene with a total stranger? Nat Randall did it for 24 hours straight … with a different stranger every 13 minutes. ...


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Is this really the ABC? 😧

And the point to all this would be ?

Thomas James ? Am I remembering this right?

Max Minkoff our white whale

Caroline Jones this is what I was watching yesty

Jadranka Brown

1 hour ago

Cleveland 19 News

Heads up, parents! Lingering winter weather conditions have triggered several school closures in the area.
School closings:

Heads up, parents! Lingering winter weather conditions have triggered several school closures in the area.
School closings: 

1 hour ago

ABC News

The moment a firefighter catches a young girl who was thrown from the third floor of a burning apartment building. ...


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It was a woman firey that caught the child. She’s a Mum herself (of 3).

What a classic catch. Imagine him in the slips!

You guys surfing facebook for cool videos and pretending they're stories again?

May fate bless those fire fighters!

Emergency services personnel are the unsung heroes of our world. Awesome people. Big respect ✊

These guys do not get paid enough hey

Not part of their standard day job... but I’m sure this young lady was glad that the firies had passed their physical standards test and were able catch her... Alex Santos Ela Bishop

What a hero

They don't get paid enough for the work they perform. We would be lost without them.

Awww.... this first breaks my heart that they are in trouble from fire, second, seeing the little girl scream makes me cry, of how she would of felt that moment! And bravo to the man that firefighter that caught this young girl.

I watched this with my heart in my throat. Well done; emergency personnel really are our unsung heroes.

Reminds of old joke about soccer goalie who shouted to woman in burning building throw your baby ill catch ive never conceded a goal

Ellen do something for these guys.....................i know you love firefighters!

well done guys

What a guy!!!

Good job

That is so hard to do, kudos to the very strong very fit firey.

Lucky he didnt drop.her


Well done chaps!

Well done all... Real hero's all the team!! 😀

William Gibbs done anything like this??!!

Amy Ellice Matt Hunter probably the scariest part of the job

Bless our firies & all emergency services x ♥️


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2 hours ago

ABC News

Calls to change the date of Australia Day have sparked a heated debate. 7.30 ...


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I support the change of date. Out of respect for the first peoples of this land I do so, end of my story.

Makes no difference what date it is held there are those loony left that will stir the pot until there is nothing left to stir

The argument that there are more important issues is a cop out and can be applied to almost anything.

I like holidays, but I'd far rather celebrate Australia Day on a date that ALL Australians can feel happy with, not one that makes a large number of Australians feel bad. However, I guess that insisting on making a large group unhappy gives some people a sense of power.

I think a real reason why Australia Day is such an offensive date to indigenous and many other Australians id's because we were given a very watered down education regarding the British colonisation of this country. I was never taught about the masacres or enforced slavery or the sterilisation that happened well into the 20th century. And I was in high school in the 90s.

It’s been changed 4 times already... what’s the issue?

Australia day is for all Australians. Come together have a party and have some fun. Growing up, the issue of changing the date was never arisen. So why now? I'll be celebrating Australia day on the 26th.

Well I'm disappointed we have a wiffle ball of a Prime Minister, but life is often disappointing...

I vote that we change prime minister on the 26th and get rid of Malcolm Turdbull. Now that would be something to celebrate...

Oh Malcolm this was your big moment with our community - you could have followed the likes of Kevin Rudd, disappointingly you instead followed the likes of John Howard.

On the 26th January (they arrived on the 24th ) a British Captain with a cargo of convicts raised the Union Jack and probably sang God Save the King. The word Australia was not in the Language. When we become a Republic we will have an Australian Day to be proud of until then the 1st January is when we become one Australia - but we can't have that date as it is already a public holiday!

Never change the date! It would leave the 26th January to become 'invasion day' or some sort of day of 'mourning' No thanks! We need to celebrate how thankful we are to live in one of the best countries in the world!

We're disappointed in the huge pay rises you've just handed out.

And we're disappointed in you Malcolm.

I'm disappointed you'd approve a pay increase while helping drive everyone else into poverty. It's not even well earned you lot are useless.

But you grew up in an area without an underclass of aboriginals. You haven't watched from close range of how poorly treated and how dispossessed they have been all your life! You didn't attend a primary school where the aboriginal children might be dirty and have nits and were asked to leave just in case! I attended a highschool where the aboriginal boys were all put in the'D' class. They hadn't received much teaching at the Kinchela Boys Home. And the few girls who began Highschool from Burnt Bridge had all left High school by the beginning of third form! Why can't they be given some respect over something. Just some basic consideration and manners? Some of the women invited to leave the 'Upper Belmore River' one teacher school, won the first aboriginal Land Rights claim in Australia! (That's right - ahead of Eddie Mabo's claim), the Macleay River Shire Council had taken land from these women. The women graciously accepted half a dozen houses in exchange for the theft on the part of the council. (At least I suspect that's how the exchange was done). The ladies had to show more manners and grace than the council. I grew up in the Macleay District, saw the appalling treatment of our first people, and suspect while we show no manners and grace, they will continue to be despised and maltreated.

Every time Turdball opens his mouth I'm disappointed.

It is a day we celebrate being Australian, it could therefore be celebrated literally any day of the year. We picked a dud date. A date which has nothing to do with Australia as a nation but the day of establishment of a colony in a place called New South Wales.

Change the Date! It's easy, it's clearly going to happen eventually, it's not anti-Australian to want to, it's just about not being dicks to people, just get on and do it already.

Might be good to see Australia Day as an opportunity to raise awareness of what really happened with white settlement and its horrible impact on the indigenous peoples of Australia. Time to accept and teach the real history of Australia to all Australians.

Change the day! Do we really want this debate every Australia day for the next forever???? Rip that band Aid off and get it done!!!!

You’re disappointed!!!!lol now you know how most of us feel about your So called Government, you total flog!

Yeah, Turnbull doesn't get to complain about disappointment, especially considering his record in politics, and as PM...

I bet I am more disappointed by Malcolm’s Prime Ministership. It may be the most disappointing performance of all time.

Australia. Renowned for being reactionary rather than revolutionary. However, we eventually get the job done. Eventually.

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3 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

🐻 A group of friends in Tennessee were in for a surprise when a very hungry bear cub made its way into a car in search of some dog treats. 😂😂 ...


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He tore that car apart with his bear hands.

Guessing next time they will LOCK the doors...smh

This poor bear wanted to drive.

wonder if insurance covers that lol



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