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LaCroix bathing suits are here just in time for summer

LaCroix bathing suits are here just in time for summer


Match with your favorite LaCroix and truly live the summer of your dreams.

You can now wear Pamplemousse.

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“My son, to me, is not a criminal, he’s a victim,” father of alleged Texas school shooter tells a Greek TV outlet. "It’s not possible in one day for the child to have changed so much.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out an aggressive list of demands for Iran this week.

Here is @tparsi's advice for President Trump:

Philip Roth, whose novel American Pastoral won a Pulitzer in 1998 but who was best-known for the controversial and explicit 1969 Portnoy's Complaint, has died at age 85.

Here’s a look at some of this morning’s headlines on @CBSThisMorning

Under fire for his past advice to women concerning marital abuse and rape, Paige Patterson has been quietly replaced as president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

On April 17th, engine debris to smash into a Southwest Airlines plane window. One passenger was partially sucked out of the window and died. Eight others were hurt. Remarkably, the pilots landed the plane, carrying 114 passengers with just one engine

The hero pilot and crew of @SouthwestAir Flight 1380 have arrived at @CBSThisMorning.

Coming up, their first joint live interview about the harrowing moments after the jet's engine exploded mid-flight.

Top Stories: Primary Results Analyzed; Baptist Seminary Leader Removed

Man says lava bomb from Hawaii volcano "snapped" his leg in half

CBS @60Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl says President Trump told her that he attacks the press to erode the public’s trust in journalists. Stahl says then-president elect Trump made the comments off camera right after the 2016 election

Just arrived on scene of the box truck crash along WB I-215. Watch for updates. #traffic

Some of the Nation's bravest dogs are being honored for their courage. Five military dogs received the "K-9 Medal of Courage" last night on Capitol Hill. The Award goes to canines that show extraordinary valor in their service

Classic "Roseanne" understood, with painful clarity, how power brokers used race and culture wars to keep working-class people of all ethnicities divided against each other, says @Deggans

Good Wednesday morning! We are waking up to dry and clear weather for your commute. More showers and thunderstorms are possible this afternoon across northern Utah and SW WY. I'm breaking down your forecast on #2NewsAM. Join us!

A business partner of President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to criminal tax fraud. Evgeny Freidman, nicknamed "The Taxi King" for managing a large fleet of cabs, will be forced to pay $5 million to New York State

1 hour ago

Channel 4 News

"Andy Burnham sat in my house and promised me the truth."

Martin Hibbert, a Manchester bombing survivor who was left paralysed, says he still has questions about the way the emergency services acted on the day.


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Wouldn't hold much faith in Andy Burnham. Same man who was slating England fans for 'causing trouble's whilst they were being attacked by Russian fans in France.

This item is about the non attendance of firefighters and ambulance workers, who stayed back while people lay critically injured and unattended. Why are you people not even interested in this, but rather argue politics?!!!

He appears to be questioning why the emergency services didn’t just bundle in to a building that for all they knew had Islamic terrorists waiting for them. Nobody deliberately wanted to cause him and his daughter harm. Nobody was sat saying “oh look there’s a guy and his daughter and they look in a bad way, let’s make them wait” I feel sorry for what happened to him but some people should think about what they are saying before piling in on the hard pushed police and ambulance crews who had no idea if there were other bombs or armed men waiting for them.

Previous suicide bombings even during the troubles in Northern Ireland unfortunately secondary devices have been left in the past and have on occasion led to death and or injury of first responders or fleeing civilians so unfortunately those in charge are in a catch 22 situation if the area isn't cleared of threats and injuries or death happen due to secondary explosions or attacks occur the person in charge will be prosecuted the British transport police inspector went against accepted practice but you can bet your bottom dollar he would have been thrown to the wolves by the authorities if a secondary explosion took out his officers it's the practise that needs changing and looking at not blaming individual services...

One man's justifiable anger framed as Andy Burnham fail - ch4 you are no more than colluding dogs to a brutal master.

The Tories supported Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria leading to Manchester, treason and an utter disgrace

2 hours ago

FOX10 News

Happy Wednesday! And, happy 'National Lucky Penny Day'! When you see a penny, do you pick it up - or do you leave the luck for the next person? #luckypenny

This morning on Fox 10 News, the Mobile Police Department arrests two people in connection to a deadly #shooting last month.

More support is coming to our area to fight #cybercrimes.

The City of Mobile City Council passing an ordinance cracking down on #junkcars.

A former B.C. Rain High School Coach is back in #jail this morning. 41 year old Robert Brazile is charged with violating the Sex Offender Registration Notification Act.

Lawmakers taking action to help you freeze your #credit report anytime — for free.

The Hearin-Chandler Family YMCA needs your help gearing up for its summer kids programs.

What do you think of #selfdriving cars? A new survey is out — and, it appears not everyone is ready to let go of the wheel.

And, #tourism is booming in Alabama! Governor Kay Ivey says the state is breaking records.

Meteorologist Michael White has our weather forecast and we have all your morning headlines. Happy Wednesday!


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Good Morning Guys!!!!!! It was TRULY A Blessing see you Sarah, Michael and Eric on this pass Saturday morning doing the paper shred ....YES!!! ONLY, when I see a penny on head , I pick it up for Good Luck 👍🏾🍀, Have A Wonderful Wednesday Guy's, Peace ✌🏽

Morning u all have a Bless Day Enjoy

Good morning all. Have a blessed day

Good Wednesday morning Sarah :-)

Good morning Sarah and Fox 10. Make the rain go away. South Florida is going to float away. ☔️.

Good morning! To you and Eric

Good morning

Good morning good job

Good morning

What’s up?

Good morning

Good morning

Good morning


Good morning


Good morning Sarah :-*

Good morning to you Sarah Eric and Michael my favs.

Only if it's facing heads up!!



Good morning

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12 hours ago


Breaking boundaries, these 50 year old skaters formed their own social club: Very Old Skateboarders ...


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really 56 years old... she looks older than my mom and my mom is about to turn 60

Tony Hawk, all I need to say

Hi Guys, I’m 62 and I’ve started roller skating after a 49 year hiatus. I’m getting back into it, so I’m not as good as I was when I was 12-13 years of age, but I’m trying👍

Age is not a barrier or a reason to stop trying anything you want to do. Once you lose the "child" inside, it's all over!

They're not old ...they still young at heart, sound great fun!

Craig Paterson here's a club for you to join😂😂😂

Original skateboarders now 70 years old-

Age is just a number be yourself. That's all there is to it. RESPECT.

You have to remember kids born in the 60's are now in they're late 50's we still haven't changed were the surfboarding skateboarding kids that used to hang out with our hippy brothers a nd sisters

KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO When you stop doing things you seem to loose a lot

Hats off to them, I don't think it's odd, there isn't an age limit of skating, there is a general demographic of who it's aimed for however Tony hawk isn't far off your ages lol

Keeps you feeling alive and on the edge ..good for them! snowboarding.

Andrea Bntz. This will be you in 30 years time! 😀

Splendid, goes to prove that instead of worrying that you never got around to that thing you want to do, there is infact always time to do it later!

I think this is great! Would love to do it but I have osteoporosis and cannot.

Awesome Ladies keep up the skating looks like you ENJOY it great to see.

Mat Kealy give me another 30years and il have a crack 😊

I would think that would help a lot of people with balance problems.

You people are just awesome. I am so impressed 😄😁

"Don't put an age limit on your dreams." Jackie Joyner Kersey

See ya later I am off to the shops to buy a skateboard and a stick

Hey Lee-Anne Munday, we could do this with Jarryd

Jen Hipps - What do you think? Right after curling.

I’ll stick to sky diving ma!

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14 hours ago


What happens when your start up shuts down, then suddenly comes back to life? You make a show about it!

Check out episode 2 on Instagram (@LittleThingsUSA)


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Check out episode 2 at

❤❤❤Bring it on ladies❤❤❤words of encouragement and love from Philippines!

after watching this video, i now understand why women are paid less then men.....

More coffee. You need more coffee.


Fatima Baccus

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16 hours ago

Channel 4 News

‘You’ve changed your algorithms and it has led to a very substantial drop in views for those who have got right of centre political opinions.”

Nigel Farage asks Mark Zuckerberg about political bias on Facebook.


Comment on Facebook

Why is Farage constantly on the BBC, Channel 4, and Facebook either telling us his views or how his views are censored by the media? Never has someone so censored been given so much coverage!

The reason you are down 25% Nigel is that people realise you are full of crap and are turning off.

Zuckerberg agreed to answer questions to the European parliament but not the British parliament. I wonder if Farage would like to explain why that is? Why is one worth the time and not the other.... Inb4 brexiteers miss the point. Rhetorical question, it's cause the EU is worth his time as a big bloc looking after its citizens interests.

Facebook purged thousands of fake accounts, including Russian bots, hence Farage and others lost thousands of followers.

Am I in the Twilight Zone?? When did this Bell End earn the right to question anyone on political bias???

The one benefit of Britain leaving the EU is Farage’s unemployment. Incapable of winning a seat in the UK, we’ll just wheel him out for Question Time and LBC.

How the Fk does he who has shares in Cambridge Analyticas subsidiary get to question fbs algorithms?

Did he just say he feels discriminated against?😂

Hahahahaha "right of centre" He probably believes his own bile!

Also note, Zuckerberg came to answer questions from the EU Parliament. He didn’t come to the UK Parliament. So much for ‘UK global influence’ post-Brexit...

Wow. Nige turning up for work, that's a first.

Still clinging on to relevance. Yep Nige, people are just bored of you mate....that's why. You'll always have Question Time pal.

How the fudge does this guy get into these places??? He's like that guy who dressed in a Man Utd kit and stood in the line up. Then pitched up at Wimbledon a while later.

So basically Markyboy is saying that you used to have loads of friends who were interested in what you were saying but now, they’re ignoring you or have defriended you completely. Tool

May be the drop is 25%, but he didn’t mention if those views left of centre also suffered a similar drop. If it did, not a problem. We all know FB changed things to show more content from connections and not organisations etc. Disingenuous politicking

Maybe trumps policies have had an effect on his ratings.. why blame it on people sharing opinions on facebook? Bit like blaming the guy who invented screen printing for all those che gevara posters and t shirts in the world. Where are the farage t shirts ? It's so unfair.

If you’re missing out on Uncle Nige’s Facebook content for whatever reason, all you need to do is switch on BBC1 on a Thursday night for the omnibus catch-up!!

Who is it that keeps wheeling out Farage? There is no reason for us to hear any of his ridiculous opinions, yet they keep on giving him a platform. I don't understand.

He's utterly desperate, it's so pathetic. This is probably the first time European parliament has seen him this year.

Maybe it's just people have woken up to the fact that those views don't quite fit to a harmonious or peaceful existence

So when Farage bothers to actually do any work, he spends his time pushing tired fever-swamp conspiracies.

Poor old Nigel. Now he'll have to bore everybody witless in which ever pub he drinks about how unfair the world is to him.

This man is a joke. Only good thing about bexit is he will be unemployed.... as for numbers down 25% for conservatives.. guess country nolonger interested in lies and inhouse argueing.

I don't care if facebook is biased toward the left. If the alt-righters don't like it, let them go off and use reddit/4chan, or create their own website/social media!

There is something in that exchange though, isn’t there?……..Nige gets to ask why his rightwing propaganda isn't still trickling into the mainstream via social media like it used to, while the Zuck gets to inform us that the new algorithm has (at last) successfully excluded Nigel’s rather expensive but now redundant trollbots by a factor of some 25% on both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, there is still the problem that Facebook has also moved its servers beyond the reach of EU jurisdiction, so the problems with Zuckerberg's business model haven't actually gone away, even though the datafarm is (for now) out of bounds for Farage and his fellow travellers.

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17 hours ago

Channel 4 News

“I asked you six ‘yes and no’ questions. I got not a single answer.”

Members of the European Parliament complain about the format of questioning of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg - which leaves many of their questions unanswered.


Comment on Facebook

That’s hilarious though; a politician complaining that someone hasn’t responded to a yes/no question with a yes or a no.

It's important to remember that Mark Zuckerberg was not summoned to that meeting, he attended it on his own free will with the intention on cooperating with political leaders and helping them understand the efforts mark has made to keep them happy. Mark has done more than asked.

Did Guy Verhofstadt just say that ? I don’t like this brave new world where people can hold us to account ? INCREDIBLE !

Love how everybody is sharing free speech from Mark Zuckerberg’s platform, give the man a break he gave way more than he took.

The stuff about privacy and selling our privacy is the only issue they should be grilling him about. Fake news is so easy to check with one quick google. People absolutely have themselves to blame for that. Everytime I see an article or even a meme which seems dodgy or too good to be true, I research it. Isnt that just common sense? My favourite one was Spielberg sat next to a dinosaur from the set of Jurassic park pretending that he had just shot it. The amount of people hurling abuse at him for hunting was insane! I know a lot were joking, but a lot of people weren't!! Social media has just shown the world how dumb most humans are.

EU should block using of Facebook from all europe until he is willing to answer their questiom right away otherwise who wont answer any question at all. This is shocking a new world is new way of model slavery. There is no other meeting or answering yesterday questions meeting. This event was set up for a reason and shame no upcome!

The only thing that these hearings with Zuckerberg show is how clueless politicians are about modern technology, quite a disturbing insight given that they are the ones that decide upon important regulatory issues.

Als je wil weten of het "fake news" is dan moet je maar luisteren naar het traditioneel journaal en nieuws gemaakt door echte journalisten en niet door burgers die met hun gsm'ke iets opnemen waarbij ze de privacy schenden en dit dan leuk op internet smijten en beweren dat het echt gebeurd is en er zelf een verhaal bij maken. En dat daar dan een vent als zuckerberg zijn geld mee verdient is ons eigen fout je legt jullie prive leven in de hand van een aantal mensen die voor jou een "profiel" gaat maken ??? Hoe naïef kan je zijn.

People seem to forget he sat he front of every senator in the US and answered all their questions, many of them completely redundant and ignorant. All this episode has revealed is our world leaders lack of grasp on a modern digital society. I for one think Zuckerberg is actually trying to do good but the beast he has created has become bigger than he thought it ever qould

Bring him Nigel farage he will make him answer

That’s what happens when Jurgen Klopp asks the questions!

This is why the EU is a flat out joke. No wonder Brexit happened. Looks like a room full of Jacques Clouseau's

You know.. this is really really crap. He has absolutely no idea what he has violated, and you can see that he doesn't. IT Journals wrote about this... and it is becoming true in reality. Privacy, and a normal life for your average citizen is gone. Social intensity is heightened. Privacy of the individual is gone. Empowerment of the individual is gone. He has no idea what the social impacts are....

Shallow, emotionless automaton attempting to sound like he cares

It's because these politicians have been getting away with dodge dealings for years and now we can see it they don't like it

Well said Guy- a straightforward person! The president of European parliament is hopeless and has no clue how to escape from uncomfortable scenarios and he is clearly protecting Mark.

Zuckerberg & Co. --- many, but not all, of the politicians -- here & in the USA -- simply strike me as grand masters of *the whitewash*...Say something, say nothing. And business goes on as usual. :-/

0:22, Zuckerbot has a technical malfunction.

Nigel Farage only getting to ask Zuckerberg questions as an MEP... 😂😂 good luck in Westminster 😅

Zuckerberg came unprepared. The MEPs were prepared. Sound familiar ? Brexit negotiators unprepared , Barnier far more prepared

There is no flight, they're on x 2 !

Good lies need to be prepared with one’s team, duh! 🙄

Brilliant work from the eu

Facebook and other giant internet businesses will get tax entrance to EU market, to start. Then, penalty will follow for any post that affect the society.

Mark Zuckerberg gives me the willies 👀

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18 hours ago

Channel 4 News

Mark Zuckerberg admits that Facebook was “too slow to identify Russian interference” in the 2016 US election.

The Facebook CEO told the European Parliament his company had not been “prepared enough for the kind of co-ordinated misinformation operations that we are now aware of”.


Comment on Facebook

Please can someone explain how Facebook was involved in the 2016 elections ? And how Russia manipulated the elections via Facebook

What an idiot! Too slow to recognize the deep state and democrats interfering in election and now in the government!!!

I have respect for anyone who admits mistakes. There is alot of passing the blame these days. I appreciate his humbleness.

In fairness though, all people had to do was to do some research of their own away from Facebook 😏

All slagging Facebook, while being on Facebook. All saying he doesn't care about people, while using the platform he created to connect people in a way never before heard of... Hmmmmm. Ffs

Your so full of your self your disgusting. You pull Pasters, Diamond and Silk off, Tomi Lahren, etc etc. just because you don’t like their conservative views. Your as bad as all the rest so don’t make any excuses for you or the people that work for you. How does it feel to be caught talking bad about something you really weren’t right to do so. Pay the price buddy not that you’ll learn from it you just got caught to bad so sad for you. What goes around comes around.

I don't believe a word he says. He'll only be happy when he is sitting next to bill Gates

Learn from mistakes made by Facebook and put in place the kind of protection measures needed to protect those using the Internet. Protect all by protecting our democracy, protect us from bullying individuals and organisations and finally protect all from those who have the potential to destroy all that contributes to positivity.

See heres the thing ye had russian interference in your election in 2016, now we've american interference in the upcoming irish referendum. Repeal.

Well who could blame him? He was busy counting his cash. (DANA) off star trek new series , DANA has same ice eyes as Zuckerberg

Don't listen to the commiecrat

Has anyone asked Zuckerberg what Cambridge Analytics paid FB for the information? Although he probably needs the extra funds now for more lawyers, I think the money should be paid back as a fine, or refunded the compromised users ...

I always wonder about his hair............. Looks suspicious.

This is the excuse, staged by all implicated parties for increased censorship on the Internet. Facebook can now start censoring political content without any legal base. The excuse is "Russian interference" in US elections. Who the hell cares about trump or hillary. They are merely two sides of the same coin. The story is that Mark Zuckerberg had a sudden awakening of conscious.😇

You created something that really links the world together however now the after effects are falling in.

1 opt in 2 opt out . On the first page of all social media platforms That's all it needs to be Simple

Anyways, politicians will use FB as a tool to approach the people for their benefits in all legal or illegal terms .....

I wonder how much money Zuckerberg and Facebook made from Cambridge Analytica?

You also failed with your promise to stop external influence about the 8th amendment in ireland.

BS! He knew all along. Didn’t do anything about it at the time because it would raise red flags. After that, he just hoped no one would notice.

I hope Facebook can avoid misinformation interfering in the 2018 Brazil election.

Will Zuckerberg put his money where his mouth is? Time will tell. To be continued...This problem isn't over.

Did he mean to say operations instead of investment. Anything to stop it becoming a collective consciousness. And maybe rightfully so!

Facebook can identify text or memes immediately which violate its community standards without anyone reporting them, but, are a little slow on the uptake identifying Russian interference hosted on Facebook. Yeah, and I have ocean front property on the Sahara going for dirt cheap.

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