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Katie Couric breaks silence on Matt Lauer: 'I had no idea'

Katie Couric breaks silence on Matt Lauer: 'I had no idea'


Katie Couric breaks her silence about her longtime former 'Today' co-host Matt Lauer on the sexual misconduct allegations against him: "I had no idea this was going on during my tenure or after I left."

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19 minutes ago


Never worry about a red wine spill on a white shirt again with this new line of clothes.

AOL News
This stain-proof fabric allows you to wear your clothes for weeks without smells or stains. Via Positive News Network


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Best for startups

How do you wash it then

Angela Harrison Want

Lauren Danielle Flores

25 minutes ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

Only in Nebraska...

Take a look at this week's temperatures:

Only in Nebraska...

Take a look at this weeks temperatures:


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That bird came out a few days to early.

Welcome to Nebraska, where you can have all four seasons in one week! Lol.

'Only' in Nebraska I'm pretty sure Iowa is as well.

Welcome to Ne. If you don't like the weather wait 5 min it will change.

Lol new york was worse

And a chance for snow on Sunday?

Can't wait for Friday!

That is normal in this region

New York was much worse. “Only in New York”

We love Nebraska.

Melt snow freeze repeat

Come on 50 degrees lol.

The Good Life😃😃

Try the entire midwest

Not only in Nebraska! Iowa as well ...

The good life

Carita Alejandro Dave Ricky

Stacy Erickson

Careisse Powers

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58 minutes ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

🌴 A couple was walking along a beach in Costa Rica when they became heroes to a baby animal in need. ...


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The claws on that thing suggest it could rip your face off in gratitude. But it's a sloth, so it'd be kind of a like a slow-motion facerip, so...

Jessica Cannon Rempe, Kimberly Leonard Hollinger, Kellie Cerny...ohhhh my gosh i hope we see one of these guys in March!❤️

Mya Pen you may needed rescue one!! Melanie Herrmann

Madyson Sophia~ why weren't you there to help your spirit animal!?

If only people would do the same to each other rather than be so judgemental upon looks and false religion....

Emily Mintle if I ever get this chance the sloth is coming home

Betsy Weedin why couldn't this happen to us?!

Caitie Bundy why couldn't you rescue a baby sloth in CR??

Poor poor baby

Mark S. Adams OMG.. why couldn't this happen to me????



Morgan my heart! 😫

Nicole Kelly ❤️❤️❤️

Megan Moreno me😂😂😂

Becca Deal 😍😍😍


Ella Marie Etchison

Sam Ashby

Debbie Poe

Alexis Larsen

Michelle Tinley

Becky Boyd

Donna Andersen


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1 hour ago


The stars & producers of 12 Strong are live now on BUILD Series!

BUILD Series
In the wake of Sept. 11, Capt. Mitch Nelson leads a U.S. Special Forces team into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. Hear about the incredible story as we speak with the stars & producers of 12 Strong live now:


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Trump for prison!

Todd Richardson

1 hour ago


"You're not getting a boyfriend, you're going to be a nun."

AOL Lifestyle
Dad and daughter have the "boyfriend" talk. Love their accents! Via Daily Picks and Flicks.


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I know as an adult that this is supposed to be funny and a joke. Small children do not get this kind of humor...and she is a small child. She is taking this conversation very seriously and we should too.

Dad's the same all over the world when they love their baby girls!

Looks like her daddy had the last word and like the part when her dad said he would hold him hostage and put him in the cubboard and the guys leg will be broke and she'll be a nun working for Jesus.. Love It :

"your going to work for Jesus" im dying 😂😂😂😂 Sarita

“Dad....listen”. 😂💀

Lucas Miles you when we have a daughter...

that little girl was really getting mad lol 😂 Nice trolling by dad. classic.

“Unless it’s Roy Moore, then it’s cool”.

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Steve Jobs.

For you scott...

Daddy will break his legs

Elizabeth Lewis this how I roll

well. she's BRAVE.

Gerald Bayne you and Rose

David Ducote omg you X12346789%

Justin Aiton this is you.

Kersey Soto pa que le digas kinsley 😂😂😂😂

Rhiannan honey can have a boyfriend if you want, when you want ok


Say hello to your future daughter haha Allan Knoxville Tagra😂

Zorawar Vinay Rion Navya Sri Yadav Shruti Ram Animesh Benjamin M Steffi Swishy

Rosh Keith work for Jesus. Be Halal

how would say this Arelys Soto

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2 hours ago


He was an adorable child star and then he grew up. That transition's been "rough," Jerry Maguire's Jonathan Lipnicki admits. ...


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YAHOO..very poor representation of america..reading your home page news is reminiscent of the propganda fed to communist east germany or north korea..

2 hours ago


Yahoo News
WATCH LIVE: Trump’s DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testifies at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing


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Republicans are betraying this country to protect trump. 😠😧

Should hv wore my Dicky Durbin...

Trump has made it impossible for me to believe anything his minions say because he is a liar

Boy, that chair needs to be changed or something. Everyone who sits there gets selective memory.

She can't remember the "tough language " 😒 she states what she thinks the president meant not what he SAID 🙄

Can't believe anything any of them say.......

Drain the swamp he said. 🤥

Thank you President Donald J. Trump! Keep moving forward to Make America Great Again...

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