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John Cena, Nikki Bella end engagement after 6-year relationship

John Cena, Nikki Bella end engagement after 6-year relationship


WWE stars John Cena and Nikki Bella are calling it quits just one year after getting engaged in the middle of the ring in front of thousands of fans at Wrestlemania 33.

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Jimmy & Black Thought are LIVE in Philadelphia to surprise a family for dinner!! via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon #FallonTonight ...

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WCBD News 2

Heavy rain, gusty winds, and isolated thunderstorms will impact the Lowcountry through tonight.WEATHER ALERT DAY
- Heavy rain likely through tonight
- Some flooding possible along the coast with high tide (3:24 PM)
- Strong, gusty wind could cause minor damage including some power outages
- Isolated severe thunderstorms possible

Heavy rain, gusty winds, and isolated thunderstorms will impact the Lowcountry through tonight.

1 hour ago

WCBD News 2

Tired of waiting in the line for security at the airport? There's an easy way to sign up for TSA precheck in Charleston this week ✔️ ...


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Just some well intended feedback for the reporter - watch this video and pay attention to how many times you smack your mouth, tongue, teeth (however it happens). I couldn't finish watching this video because of it. Maybe focus on not doing that for future live/recordings. But thanks for the information.

We can actually get an appointment in Charkeston?

TSA is worth every penny

Lasts for years too

Especially if you travel alot

It’s very much worth getting

Hey hey hey its raining

1 hour ago

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LIVE: State Board of Education meets to discuss a possible teacher walkout in Arizona. ...


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LIVE: State Board of Education meets to discuss a possible teacher walkout in Arizona.



Yes OK





Wonder if they sing every morning?

Diane they do


Didn’t the governor just agree to give them a 20% raise?


Thank you, Cassandra

Ducey plan doesn’t guarantee the funding he’s talking about. He gives it, to shut them us and then takes it away after election is over


Lord let your light brighten The path and let your wisdom wisper to their ears to bring a better future in schools


In Jesus name amen

If Arizona teachers were better then 41st of all states maybe a raise would be needed. Their learning is not up to par. They also let the children march which is unacceptable to let them out and put them in danger.

We all pay taxes so why not give the teachers that spend hours with our kids some of that ! Also instead of worrying about war how bout we forget we are about to have one we use that to better our world that the government is messing up..what the hell happened to the government these past yrs .you all are killing our families with all these retarded laws .

I support our Arizona 🌵Teacher

It's about funding for our kid's and their future not just about more pay

Umm, seperation of church and state????????? this os official state business

Diane Hurley - If teachers get the 20$ raise, it will not be taken away. They will just find a source to fund it.

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How can you be a better friend to someone with autism? TODAY Parents teamed up with Sesame Street and Elmo to answer some common questions for Autism Awareness Month. Read more: ...

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Paul Gerke
LIVE: A tour of the brand new 12 News studio! Check out our new home!

2 hours ago

WCBD News 2

Mayci McLeod has more on new Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds ...


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Wrong guy for the job should have picked a Charleston native

Hi friend how are you my friend





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