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James Comey: "I think he's morally unfit to be president"

James Comey: "I think he's morally unfit to be president"


James Comey's interview with ABC News comes ahead of the publication of his book "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership."

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18 minutes ago

Yahoo News

WATCH LIVE: Authorities provide update on Waffle House shooting incident that left 4 dead, shooter still at large ...


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James Deese.. he had his weapons taken away and the cops gave them back to his dad and his dad gave them back to him!!

You leftist loonies: take away the guns of law abiding citizens leaving guns in the hands of the power elite and criminal element. Ya that will solve the problem. NOT!

This happened Sunday morning around 3 am. The shooter was dressed in only an over coat when he shot up the establishment. That proves his mental state.

I'm glad the police didn't show up while the black guy was wrestling the gun away from the white guy, I'm sure they would've shot him instead of shooter.

It takes a major low life to shoot someone when their in a waffle house. This man needs to be put down like the mad dog that he is.

The FBI hasn’t been called in because this isn’t considered a mass shooting with a motive that suspects this was a terroristic issue

James that is a lie. I watched this unfold since it happened yesterday and they claim they have been called in.

The government should never have returned the guns to this nut’s dad !!!!! Again the government screwed up. But ultimately this was done by one sick individual ‼️

They need to stop talking about mental health with him. If he have that,then why/how could he get guns?

Dad has a business. Sue and charge him. Unbelievable the dad gave back the guns back to his troubled son after they were seized in Illinois and returned to the father.

Some of these comments are absolutely absurd. 🙄🙄🙄 RIP to the victims. I know many departments are doing all they can to find him.

Did they catch him yet! The hero was not the police last night , .....Thank Ggod for that Guy!! @motivatingwome1

never has an active member of the NRA been involved in a mass shooting yet the NRA is blamed for the carnage. WTF???

Must be had to find a naked man. He must look different wearing clothes. Eyes were probably glued to his bottom half

The killers guns were confiscated from him by the FBI and yet he got his guns back. We need to be looking at the FBI.

It “was” the gun. Period. Don’t think making dangerous toys available than blame the kids for playing with them.

He better not go straight back into a gun store purchasing anything.. then we know we have a major problem in this country .

So thankful that he was stopped from killing more at the waffle house. Thank God for the man that saved the other people

Theresa M. Quirk go through the process. His dad gave them to him knowing he wasn't allowed. His dad needs to go to jail.

Thank goodness for a decent man that was African American. Don't turn this into a racial debate please.

So sick of these random shootings. And they want to take our guns away! How are supposed to protect ourselves?

Leon Channel, his guns were confiscated in Illinois and given to his father. His father gave them back to him.

Sending prayers and support for those who grieve from the Westcoast! Respect, -John Knott reporting in

Meemaw green.. he was banned from having guns .. imagine that .. doesn’t work .. and people will find weapons .. so you think thugs in gangs legally have guns??

Maybe people should have to meet an IQ test requirement before owning a gun. That and a mental health screening.

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41 minutes ago

Yahoo News

Here’s everything we know about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new bundle of joy! ...


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Today is a huge day for Charlotte because she is the first princess in British history not to be bumped down in the line of succession by the birth of a younger male brother. Usually, if a boy is born, he automatically goes ahead of a girl in line to the throne. But in 2013, before Prince George’s birth, the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 was passed which made it so a female royal can retain her place in line to the throne. So, it’s quite a big day for Charlotte in many ways—she became a big sister and made history!

Zzzzzzzzzz another Royal loyal mouth for the taxpayers to support and feed !

Congratulations to our beautiful future queen Kate and William on the birth of there boy 🇬🇧☺️🇬🇧☺️

Congrats to Kate and the family. So happy that Prince George has a little brother.

Don't care

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