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Israel, Palestinians trade accusations at United Nations as violent protests continue

Israel, Palestinians trade accusations at United Nations as violent protests continue


Israel faced growing backlash Tuesday and new charges of using excessive force, a day after the deadliest day in Gaza since 2014.

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The number of asylum seekers crossing between legal entry points has steadily decreased.

.@POTUS After Putin Summit: 'Ridiculous' Mueller Probe Has Had 'Negative Impact' on US-Russia Relations

A crocodile killed an Indonesian man — so his village slaughtered nearly 300 crocodiles

Putin again denies Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election; Trump calls probe a 'disaster for our country'

.@POTUS blasts Mueller probe, Putin denies meddling as leaders tout summit as ‘success’ (via @brookefoxnews)

If you're worried about an elderly parent or grandparent's substance use, you're not alone.

.@POTUS: “There was no collusion at all.”

WATCH: 'Nation' Reporter Booted from Trump-Putin Press Conference After Holding Up Sign

Maritime seafood exports to Japan should increase with TPP, says ambassador #pei

Sacha Baron Cohen’s art gallery victim has a few things to say to the man who trolled her

Vladimir Putin offers to question 12 indicted for alleged US election meddling, says Mueller investigators can be present if America will ‘reciprocate’

.@POTUS: “Today’s meeting is only the beginning of a longer process, but we’ve taken the first steps toward a brighter future and one with a strong dialogue and a lot of thought.”

That AP reporter just asked Trump to side with the US over Russia. And he didn't.

As clear as day Trump believes Russia over his own spy chief, who has compared Russia meddling to red alarms pre-9/11: " I have great confidence in my intelligence ppl but I will tell you that President Putin is extremely strong and powerful in his denial today."

History will note this moment: Asked who do you believe, Russia or your own intelligence agencies, Trump asks, "where's the [DNC] server." "I don't see any reason why it would be" Russia who hacked the DNC. "What happened to the server?" "What happened to the [Clinton] emails."

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