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Ingredients for life found in meteorites that crashed to Earth

Ingredients for life found in meteorites that crashed to Earth


Two 4.5-billion-year-old meteorites crashed to Earth in 1998. But it's taken until now to uncover some of their secrets.

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Front Runner and TRAX have been shut down. Bus bridges have been set up to get passengers off the trains. @RideUTA

[email protected] on tax reform: "Watch how consumption starts to improve now as each American, both middle-class families, lower middle-class families have extra disposable income in their pockets." @IngrahamAngle

TUNE IN: @LindseyGrahamSC sits down with @ShannonBream on @foxnewsnight to discuss #DACA and the looming government shutdown, starting at 11pm ET on Fox News Channel.

OPINION: 13 California kids locked in a house of horrors -- Just one hero could have saved them so much sooner

A tanker truck carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel and 1,000 gallons of Diesel explodes at 7200 south. 1-15 closed in both directions

This clever circle was marked by eccentricities, disagreements and rivalries, and other more serious problems

[email protected]_OnAir on Dreamer debate: "It doesn't matter whether it's DACA or Dreamers, the system has failed everybody." @IngrahamAngle

Pierson Sees Ulterior Motive for NY Times Publishing Letters From Trump Voters

How 'bout those cats. @WeberStateMBB beats Sac St & @AdamMikulich was there which means we'll have amazing highlights and post react on KMYU 10:35! @weberstate

On "@IngrahamAngle," Laura Ingraham called upon lawmakers to release a memo circulating Congress that reveals alleged FISA abuse.

Jeremy Harris is live at the scene of the explosion. The fire is still active, but the driver made it out safe.

[email protected]_Labrador on Mueller probe: "[Democrats] were so interested in the Russia collusion story until their Russia collusion story actually started unraveling." @IngrahamAngle

BREAKING: we are going live on channel 2 right now. UHP says tanker has 9,000 gallons of gas, 1,000 galllons of diesel. The fire is still active. Driver made it out safe.

Video of the fire from another angle - East of the freeway. @KUTV2News #kutv2news #2NewsAM

NOW: @UTHighwayPatrol says fire crews still responding. AVOID AVOID AVOID I-15, State Street, Redwood Rd. Everything is jammed through mid-valley. “It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.” @KUTV2News

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FOX 4 News Kansas City

This KC 8-year-old is what most would call a "super volunteer," and he's on track to win his third presidential award because of it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

See what he's done to pay it forward:

This KC 8-year-old is what most would call a super volunteer, and hes on track to win his third presidential award because of it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

See what hes done to pay it forward:

3 hours ago

ABC News Politics

JUST IN: House approves short-term spending bill to fund the government through Feb. 16, sending measure to the Senate. ...


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There they go again. Leave it to the Republicans to just kick the can down the road. The only thing they can get done is give them selves along with lying Donnie huge permanent tax breaks for themselves along with millionaires billionaires and huge corporations. When it comes to governing the country? Forget about it. Just another example why we have to vote the Republicans out of Congress!

Look at the democrats obstructing trying to shut the government down they truly suck

Democrats want 3.6 million more voters, that's what they care about, not the fate of these people - just their potential votes to put them in power and keep them there.

Demacrat,s sooner or later bc will destroy. America

Tell me, why cant seniors get a raise ?? We havent had one in years, but prices continue to go upand up

Damn democrats trying to shut down government

The republicans are worse than a anxious virgin. 😂They were so anxious to be in control. They have been in control almost a year and still can’t seal the deal! You own the House and Senate why do you keep passing CRs? 🤦‍♂️ Sit down and produce a budget!

This wouldn’t have been necessary if Durbin hadn’t lied about the words used by the President (and others) during a frank discussion about our immigration policy. Because chain immigration and the lottery are virtually dead, illegal immigration ended, Durbin has a hissy fit running to the microphones to tattle like a spoiled child that big brother was getting his way. What could possibly be wrong with a merit-based immigration program that favors no country over the other, but addresses those with serious issues? The DACA children and adults were taken care of. It was only a question of their healthcare which many Americans still do not have. Durbin spoiled everything with his childish lies and perverted attitude.

And the liberals are obstructionists again, vote in mass to shut down the government!

Democrats and Republicans are one in the same.

Of course they do "Lets vote to give us more money!"

Just kicking it down the road, and let me guess February 16 comes kick it down the road again. Maybe congress should go without pay for a month. I bet we see bipartisanship then

I hope the 5 Dems that voted for this get primaried.

Why is it so hard to show love? Most dreamers have been working here and paying taxes for a few years now! Most have said that they have had difficulties becoming citizens! It appears to me that our government could find some kind of solution to that problem by coming together, including the President and fix it! If not, maybe they should refund them for every cent they spent paying taxes!!! But this Country does not seem to even care about its senior citizens, who worked many years and paid taxes! They are willing to cut Social Security and Medicare, in which most of us have already paid into! Speaking of heartless and hateful, that is extremely terrible! If not, then America is falling apart in more ways than one since our bicameral Branch cannot work together! A third World War is NOT the biggest threat to America, because our President/Cabinet, and Congress seem to be involved in intense battles among themselves all of the time! May our God intervene supernaturally, and bring order in the mighty name of Jesus!

The have money for the private planes tax credits but not money to run the government. What a complete mess. So much for the "fiscally conservative" Party! 😉

#ReleaseTheDocuments Muellers investigation was built on a lie! ALL Americans deserve to see how corrupt our government is! What are the Democrats afraid of?

Republicans care sooo much about the military, but how do they run that juggernaut with month to month financing instead of a one year budget?

The God damn Republicans are so proud of themselves. They're too stupid to realize they have to go through all of this again in 30 days.

Why can't we have a working budget? Is it because they don't want specifics in writing? Keep funding projects that should be axed? What is it that the GOP is doing? They have control of the both the house and senate and the White House, what is the plan here and what are they hiding.

So they hand out trillions to the fat cats, and then don't have the funds to keep things going? And the sheep don't see a busted system here?!

Congress, please stop what you're doing, step away from the pettiness, and do what is best for everyone! A government shutdown is not necessary! Please stop acting like spoiled brats and lead us into a more successful and healthier society! Those of us, who are sane, need to see some stability in our leadership! We would like to see change in a progressive manner! If you're not up for doing that, please step down and allow those who care about their country and its Citizens! Please be advised, we have observed your actions, and will vote accordingly! Thank you!

I recall someone saying the Government needs a good shutdown...he just might get it!

thank you house ... for the people to the people

They need to do their jobs, not just pass the buck.

Bad, they always stop bickering and agree to something eventually.

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