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In a nod to passenger allergies, Southwest Airlines to end its free in-flight peanuts

In a nod to passenger allergies, Southwest Airlines to end its free in-flight peanuts


Southwest Airlines, which for years has marketed its free in-flight peanuts as a perk, announced today that beginning on August 1, its flight attendants will no longer serve the salty snacks in deference to passengers with peanut allergies.

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34 minutes ago

ABC News Politics

We're at Joint Base Andrews as Pres. Donald J. Trump returns from Helsinki following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. ...


Comment on Facebook

That SOCCER BALL that Putin gave him MUST BE CHECKED for BUGS and other TECHNOLOGY....

A ROPE is waiting for this traitor. Mueller time!

Wish there was a mob of people yelling traitor to him as he steps out and then right into the hands of law enforcement with handcuffs ready!

I can't even read the comments everyone in this country sees what's happening and they are saying it.

To bad he didn’t stay away. The country is so much better without his stench

He’ll say he never sided with Russia or that’s not what he meant. And miss piggy tomorrow will back him up

Why did we let him back in?? And people want to say the confederate flag is treasonous. In the 21st century, he is treasonous.

Take them both back to Russia. Remember she grew up under that regimen and probably entertained many many commarades

Marine One shouldn't have let him on he's treasonous to his own military who fight for our freedoms!!

We should be worried. I don't care what your party affiliation is.

What does Putin have over you to betray your country like that????

Cut the engines already! Working families could live 2 years of the fuel money he's burning up sitting there BSing

He should be arrested as soon as he touches American soil

Please tell me someone has handcuffs waiting on him.

Biggest embarrassment this country has ever seen

This disgrace as President, spin the helicopter for a wile, maybe he fall in November blue💙💙💙💙

Why are we letting him back in?

Would love see Mueller serve him, right off the plane.

I hope he gets arrested by the FBI.

Impeach him for treason.

Please don't allow him on US soil. Arrest him please!!!

US on it's knees.. So very sad so much humiliation...I never expected to whiteness such degree of abject failure in my lifetime...

He got an A+ for selling this country! That is what you get when you put a used car salesman in front of a country!


I wish he fell down the steps 🤣

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35 minutes ago


Two Georgia cops were caught on camera using a coin-toss app to decide whether to arrest a woman for speeding. ...


Comment on Facebook

Everybody is concentrating on the coin flip, forgetting about the fact, she was speeding. No doubt about that!

Shoulda been arrested for not putting the phone down when the cop was talking to her!

They give women police officers a bad name. Why don't they have a stupid, power hungry, ugly, bitch test for women cops? I'm a woman and I'm disgusted by this. Smh... Ugh. Gross.

Sorry stopped watching when the woman who was speeding tried to play the victim yes what the cops did was stupid but it's jobs were near as bad as killing any one so this is pointless rage bait

Arrested for speeding?

It wasn’t a game. They were torn and one was probably in training and the senior would have over rode any arrest offense. It was a teaching method. Poorly chosen but , nothing more

One wanted to arrest her one did not they flipped on it. Bad luck had a 50% chance.

And she managed to walk away from this with her life..... this is a great example of PRIVILEGE.

Not only was she speeding, but shes being a disrespectful jackass, with her nose in her phone, not even being mature enough to look at the officer. I would not have needed an app to decide if she was getting cited!!!!

Did the idiots forget the body cam is on?

What's that considered? Street justice?

Here we go, trying to be Mississippi........

to be fair, that's more due process than most receive in GA

i don't agree with the coin toss but she was speeding and wouldnt get off her phone.

She is being arrested for speeding? Is this a joke?

She’s white, so no one cares.

Maybe they trained at the Harvey Twoface academy

I mean, 50/50 that there will be a "nice cop lady" or 50/50 of paperwork. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Justice in Amerika

Much a do about nutten

Hey, Lady Luck might be more in your favor than the goddess of justice

Probably been doing this so what else is new SMH


Adrian A. Salazar she still has better luck than black and Latino people

Cuz body camera PUMPIN and they do this? LAMOOOOOOO Keri Long

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38 minutes ago

WFLA News Channel 8

"THIS WAS A GOOD DAY FOR PUTIN:" President Donald J. Trump is arriving at Joint Base Andrews hours after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland today. ...


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"THIS WAS A GOOD DAY FOR PUTIN:" President Donald J. Trump is arriving at Joint Base Andrews hours after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland today.

When he steps off the steps, they need to arrest him, and hold him for treason. He should never be allowed to set foot in the White House again!!!!!

He threw America under the bus. Denied what his own IC people told him and sided with a foreign government who is our enemy. #traitor

Today was a good day for the talking with Putin and establishing better relations, we will be less likely to get into a military confrontation! The haters out there should think twice about what they are saying.

What is wrong with a strong relationship between Russia and US. Positive move. We don’t have to agree with them but we need to learn to talk and listen.

Outstanding, liberals are flipping out for calling them out! Keeping the peace with a nuclear power... crazy isn’t it? Love our president

He is. all business. He was over there trying to make good trade. There are a lot of consumers in Russia.

I didn't know America had a president!! It's been running on its own for over the past 18 mos At least that's what 99% of us knows !!

MAGA! He is still the best President in the last 40 years

Even the Republicans are upset with him after this trip. When is Congress going to do something about it????

Here we go But Obama, But Hillary, get some new material. Kinda like your Supreme Leader talking about Hillary’s emails today when doing his normal deflection move!

He's a Traitor⁉️ You sore losers have been traitors since he was elected President. Fair is fair...signed a registered democrat!!!

Julia Golguen...the only history made here was treason by a sitting president on live TV. What a disgrace to the nation. 😡

What was treasonous about a summit with another world leader we need to know where we stand with Russia this was a good step towards world peace

Just curious. Who would be the perfect President that all Democrats and Republicans would be in favor of?

Unlike our former president and his wife who for the first time in her adult life was proud to be American (I voted for him both elections) this President #45 is a Proud American who loves his country.

So who do you believe- President Obama chided the American press that there’s no Russian meddling in the election. But now that Hilary lost - it’s all Russian meddling. Oh brothers!🙄

If execution is the penalty for treason, then it’s time to put killary in front of the firing squad!

Where were all the critics when Obama was giving everything away and laying down for all the other countries

He should be dragged off that plane and arrested for TREASON immediately.

MAGA! Great job mr president. Now lock Hilary and her cronies up like you promised

All u liberal cry babies find that safe place n start coloring

Really- WFLA?!?! With that headline I’m done with you... another leftist propaganda slinging news station.

Every thing the Dems have done over the years has been shameful and for sure not in the best interest of our country!!

WoW Dinah Warren... Be careful what you wish or hope on somebody. If it is negative, you will curse yourself and it will be one of your loved ones that will suffer a tragic fate.... smh..

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HOLY HAMMERHEAD: This shark is 14-feet long! More details: ...

HOLY HAMMERHEAD: This shark is 14-feet long! More details:


Comment on Facebook

Did anyone actually read the article? It would have died anyways. It's still so sad. I wonder how it came upon all those barbs.

Wow, And a human was happy to end it's life. I would be ok with this if I knew it was feeding hungry people, but trophy kills are senseless and disturbing. And NO I am not a snowflake. I hunt and fish but eat everything killed and caught, it's not about the trophy, it's about food

Please stop glorifying this man, he took the life of a shark to reel it in and take pictures.

Why is it dead? Horrible picture and person!!

Great does that make you feel better bro?

And now what?? You got a picture on FB....senseless

Wow! Out of 60 comments it seems 3 people actually read the article!! Unbelievable! 🙄

Kelly Small you are wasting your time. People don’t think before they speak or in this case read before they criticize.

Nice job cool pic


This is why everything these days get blown out of proportion, no one reads or educates themselves, they see a picture or headline and like to name call and complain. They didn't catch the shark for the thrill.... Read before you comment.

That shark was up in the flats eating Stingrays and he got it on the hook and that diverted blood away from the digestive system and the stingrays in its gut tore her up

Tracy Kimball Gray show this to Rick. He caught a hammerhead from the pier in Fernandina Beach one year on vacation.

I am ashamed of humankind more and more everyday 😢😢

Needs to be in the ocean where it belongs!!!

These days it's all about trophy stuff.

No one hates that it didn’t make it more than us," Cedillo explained. Yeah I see the tears running down his smug cheek in this picture! 😡

It's life was sacrificed for a photo op!😥

This makes me sad.

Hey, he sure got some kickass pictures to post on Facebook, sooooo... (I’m be facetious for those that don’t get sarcasm)

And hopefully this was a situation where the shark died of old age which I doubt

Now it’s dead😢

MacapaMacapa Fabrice OrpiFloride. Sa cest une vrai prise...

What a POS. I thought they are protected?

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2 hours ago

HuffPost Weird News

Two Georgia cops were caught on camera using a coin-toss app to decide whether to arrest a woman for speeding. ...


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America land of the free and home of the brave lol... In the future if it's over a coin toss between taking someone's freedom or giving them a ticket, give them freedom you Unamerican jerks

Lmao play games pigs and you'll get played too, better luck next time 😂

At least she's white and still alive? Do cops do coin tosses to determine whether they'll murder a black kid, too?

How long will we put up with this?

This is how reform happens let these instances play out

Coin flips are how I make all major life decisions

It's a game to most of them. People are beneath them.

Didn’t they realize they were being recorded?

This is exactly why I refuse to drive

Well, now I'm inspired to look for an 8-ball app to make all my decisions!

Okay, next time arrest her.

Disgusting abuse of power... 😡

2 hours ago


"Sorry To Bother You" may be an absurdist dark comedy, but it gets very real about everyday racism. (via The Post Show From HuffPost) ...


Comment on Facebook

It had some definite racial commentary, but it has a hefty dose of social class and capitalism themes tossed in there.

The most honest movie about racism is Undercover Brother

Her critique of the movie was better than the movie itself. It was very humorous in some parts then it took a ridiculous, unnecessary turn. It wasn't awful, but it had so much more potential.

More race baiting propoganda. Why dont make films about the exploits of the Mali empire or the Moors or the Mongols or the Ottomans ?

I loved this movie!! Very layered, and the plot keeps you guessing

Everyday racism or enforcing choices on people?




It’s on in theatres now!

Jasmine Noud this looks great

Dylan John

Stacey Perez-Castellanos

Sonya Sanders


Where can i watch this?

Selena Fu code switching

more white hating propaganda.

Yeah whites are being racially harassed daily and being to busy running businesses and feeding the RASCIST with jobs and paying for their food stamps

Everyday racism among blacks needs to be addressed as well

If you need to report on racism, perhaps you could investigate why both the Left and Right refuse to acknowledge one of the most ignored, continuous acts of racism against Hispanics in America. I'm referring to the racist, Mexican-themed amusement park located on the NC/SC state line on Interstate 95 called "South of the Border." There are large statues of stereotypical obese, grinning Mexicans in sombreros, signs with broken-English phrases, Pedro the mascot, etc, etc. Please help bring much-needed negative attention to this blatantly racist place. Thank you.

Brant Barton i think it's MAINLY about racism

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2 hours ago

ABC News Politics

Russian Pres. Putin gifts President Donald J. Trump a soccer ball: "Now the ball is in your court. All the more that the United States will host the World Cup in 2026."

"That's very nice. That will go to my son fact, Melania, there you go," Trump says tossing the ball to the first lady.


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18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason, Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Putin has Trump by the balls.

After that compelling performance one is inclined to ask--Does Russia have compromising information -- "Kompromat" -- on Trump? --- Yeah it is all coming into a sharp focus for the midterm elections!!! --- Welcome to America — No Words--the reaction to the Fiasco In Finland -- So, let the party begin.. There is a possibly of a major ‘differences' being played out ..let's hope it’s at the ballot box and not in the streets.. France called. They want their statue back.. By the way, if there is absolutely nothing there, why are so many people under indictment? -- Just days before Donald Trump met with Putin, as part of the investigation into Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein announced grand jury indictments against 12 Russian intelligence officials.

After you pull that check out make sure that it's not floating all around National Security meetings the Oval Office the presidential residence where private conversations are held but the fake president already negated all of that didn't he absolutely Putin got his money's worth he even got the fake president to commit treason on worldwide television to self congratulate himself now we know what the two-and-a-half hour meeting was all about have a nice day how's that for detective work Detective

Hi! Hello, yes, I know you suspect me of robbing your house. You have me on tape and caught my brother trying to sell your TV on Craig's list, but here's the thing, man. I didn't do it. I'll talk to my brother, but he didn't do it either. The truth is you weren't robbed at all, everything is fine and normal and fine. But if you are still concerned, why don't you give me a key to your house and we can work together to create a neighborhood watch so none of us get robbed. What do you say?

🆘DOESNT MATTER WHAT you all comment! 🆘 FOX page has 16 Million Trump supporters applauding his actions w Putin. What are WE going to do about it?


CAREFUL now Mr President... frump has "bone spurs" 🤣

Speaking of balls! The congressman better grow some!

Full of nerve gas (the soccer ball and tRuMp)


Trump is a cheap date.

Melania take this ball haha 😂

That makes up for everything.

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