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In a close race, 'Rampage' takes No. 1 from 'A Quiet Place'

In a close race, 'Rampage' takes No. 1 from 'A Quiet Place'


Close on the heels of Dwayne Johnson's latest were two horror films, "A Quiet Place" and "Truth or Dare."

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7 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Live: Opening statements continue in trial of accused Ashland serial killer Shawn Grate... ...


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She looks like Sarah Huckabee

slow death, is what he deserves...

Is this a capital murder case? Why so much publicity??


Considered a serial killer jody

Jody are you ftom ohio?

Jody, all cases should be public

Dude strangled like 5 or 6 women.. it should have some publicity

He should be castrated with a brick

He needs to be locked up for the rest of his life prayers for my family and others

Such an awesome dispatcher!

Why should tax payers have to pay for him? Should just be executed imho

I think castrate him with a butter knife with no pain meds

They should let the families get a hold of him.


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12 minutes ago


Take me out to the ballgame...take me out with the crowd. But I'll skip the peanuts and crackerjacks because THESE meals at Kauffman Stadium are truly fit for a Royal.

PiKCs: Foodies - you gotta see this:

Aramark at Kauffman Stadium Rachel Santschi KMBC Kansas City Royals #RaisedRoyal #ForeverRoyal

29 minutes ago

Fox 8 News

Live Video: Police give update on Waffle House suspect ...


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He was naked with a jacket and a gun. = mentally ill. Plus parents have said he had mental issues. The state took his guns away and gave them back to his dad. Which dad then gave them back to him. Dad should be charged also.

Click on the picture and it will tell you I don’t see why people don’t get that when you want to know what’s going on don’t you want to read it before you click on it the live video

Yes it’s ok for them to have guns but we can’t have them to protect ourselves from criminals they want to take our rights to not carry but how they gonna stop them, we need to fight to be able to conceal carry

if they didn't give his guns to his dad who gave them back to him he would not have had them so they practically gave them back to him

I think this sad on many levels.

Well Dad should be in trouble then also if thats so

Gotta love America land of criminals being allowed to carry guns lol

@Trish Conway no they’re still looking for him

Who was he obsessed with did they say?

Here they go talking about his mental state...smh

Prayers for the victims and their families

Prayers for all that was killed so sad

lord bless all affected By this event


Do they know his name?

I didn't mean to hit that lol

Sick individual! Prayers for all! 🙏🏼

Cant fix killers like him

He should ne executed

Did they find him?

I hope they catch this dude

Agreed enoch eliaphs

Splattered scattered........

Agreed Rick Abrams

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33 minutes ago


Yahoo News
WATCH LIVE: Authorities provide update on Waffle House shooting incident that left 4 dead, shooter still at large


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Trump repealed the law Obama had restricting mentally unstable people from haveing guns

those sound like some killer waffles.

34 minutes ago


This giant umbrella protects you and your bike from getting wet when it rains ☂️🚲

(via In The Know)


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Aqeel Gill

Maria Alejo

Victoria Holt

Not good in my opinion. A good wind gust could blow u off the bike.

Jennifer Thomas Gulland

Wendy Nutei

Mackenzie Allen If we had these we would’ve biked more

how much this umbrella ...

Joseph Steven Llena

Ramjam Batiller Beejay Bergg Ponla

Jamie Abraham You need this for rainy days lol

36 minutes ago


▶️LIVE: Nashville area authorities provide an update on the manhunt for Travis Reinking, the suspect in a Waffle House restaurant shooting that killed four people. ...


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Waffle House suspect still being sought; residents on alert

If the guns were returned to the father with the agreement of not letting his son have access to them, then the father should already be getting prosecuted. Once again, too many dropped opportunities to avoid a mass shooting.

Rose, Crazy Americans have rights. I agree he needed locked up. If he got locked up the ACLU would be all over this. His dad ìs a nut case too.

He should be Aaron Missouri if you taken a convicted felon and you have firearms you agree to keep them locked up you are responsible

I cringe whenever anybody calls a magazine a “clip” and even more so if they’re trained in firearms. Blegh

Can we have a picture of this person and the background of this man? We need to know what he did at age 5

I agree with you Debbie he should be locked up for giving them to him.

He don't work at the waffle house, he was fired from another job and he the same person who jumped the fence at the white house

Why is that guy standing right behind him? Is it a ventriloquist act? lol

This is where education and the Mental need to be worked on in this country.

Hope he's not watching the media you just told him your plan!

I sure hope that you can find him before he kills others.

I know that area by living there in five years

The father should be charged as well!!

Good lord, they are Magazines.... not Clips!

Bonnie that is true! Arrest the Father

Hope they catch him soon before he before he flips out again.

Father should be held responsible to

This world is going crazy.

Disgruntled employee perhaps?

Has he been caught

No he hasnt



TY Jenn

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1 hour ago


A real HAPPY MEAL. 🐶💗

Daily Picks and Flicks


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That dog is broken.

My dog gives me the "wtf" is this" look when I give her dog food!

Live footage of me at dinner time

My dog does that to go outside!! LOL

Holy moly. Is he hungry or what

I wouldn't want to be the housekeeper...😂

Rayanne, Sebastian, Zoe & Tina!

Mark Davies it’s Iommi.

Desirae Hinds Fowler

Julianne Nicole


Jonathan McAfee

Chris Walker



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