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Iceland wants to end its gender pay gap in five years. Can the U.S. follow?

Iceland wants to end its gender pay gap in five years. Can the U.S. follow?


The Obama administration introduced a similar initiative that would have required major employers to supply data to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on gender gaps within pay grades, but it was scrapped in August by the Trump White House.

Iceland is the first country to enforce equal pay laws by placing the burden of proof on employers, not workers.

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Meet the puppy who’s keeping priceless art safe -- one sniff at a time. via Today Show ...


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I will go to the museum to pet the dog

Tara Hernandez look at those ears!! 💙💙

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WATCH LIVE: Authorities expected to give update on shooting where 4 officers were injured this morning.



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Praying for the officers in BEARDEN ARKANSAS

Police dog is fine he mentioned it earlier

Hope he goes LAST to surgery After officers are taken care of

Every indication is that the Dog was unharmed. It was his handler that was wounded.

Prayers for the officers and family members.

Sending prayers for the four officers!

Prayers to the officers and their families.

Prayers for all officers and family

Turn your volume up it’s fine here

Healing prayers for our devoted Policemen .

Where did this happen

Praying for them

what is the condition of the police dog?

What happened? I can't Hear?

Praying for everyone involved.

Can anyone else hear?

Turn up your volume

What happened?

Prayers, so sad

Prayers Arising

Can not hear



Hey Nancy!

Prayers sent!

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We hit the streets t see if these adults were up-to-date on the current pop culture phrases and lingo. How do you stack up? ...

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