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Hungry, hungry black hole would take only two days to eat the mass of our sun

Hungry, hungry black hole would take only two days to eat the mass of our sun


Even black holes get hungry.

Just think of it as a really, really big hippo.

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Heavy rain combines with a downpour of hail to fill streets and stall vehicles in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The future is closer than you might think, and autonomous cars will likely be part of it!

Georgia Democrats give Atlanta lawyer Stacey Abrams a chance to become the first black female governor in American history.

#Dow Dow 50,000 by 2022 or 2023? Pipe dream? Long shot? Or strong possibility? One money manager says investors should not rule out Dow 50K.

By @LOLGOP, Easy questions only for Donald Trump: President Snowflake loves his safe space. Never has a modern U.S. president so carefully avoided pointed questions, and never has a president had so much to answer for. via @usatoday @usatodayopinion

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer are either extremely friendly exes or are hinting at a possible reconciliation.

Stacey Abrams won the Democratic primary in Georgia’s gubernatorial race and could be the 1st black woman governor in the U.S.

Just arrived on scene of the box truck crash along WB I-215. Watch for updates. #traffic

Faculty urges USC president to resign over scandal involving ex-campus gynecologist.

This year's Indy 500 is on Sunday!

The 77-year-old bus driver in the fatal New Jersey school bus crash had 14 license suspensions.

"I'm not bothering them living here": 30-year-old man court-ordered to vacate his parents' home speaks to @GioBenitez.

Good Wednesday morning! We are waking up to dry and clear weather for your commute. More showers and thunderstorms are possible this afternoon across northern Utah and SW WY. I'm breaking down your forecast on #2NewsAM. Join us!

NEW: Pres. Trump fires off another allegation that a “Criminal Deep State" within the FBI and Department of Justice is pursuing him.

SHIELDS UP: Police officer in New Jersey uses a riot shield to shepherd a snapping turtle across a road. #WorldTurtleDay

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