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How to watch the NBA Playoffs

How to watch the NBA Playoffs


Sunday's games kicked off with the Boston Celtics defeating the Milwaukee Bucks in overtime.

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57 minutes ago

ITV News

"Why am I responsible for policing Facebook? Facebook should police Facebook."

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis on what it would take to drop his legal battle against the social media firm.
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Martin can’t even police his own site, go ahead with your legal “battle” and give your winnings to the victims of that Crown Currency shower that you promoted on your website!

He is 100% correct the number of Martin Lewis adverts I get is stupid absolutely crazy. Hope he wins.

I hope he wins ...too many scams advertised on FB and nothing is done if you report them

Good on you.hope you win big far to many scams out there ripping decent people off.

Quite right - crazy how many ads have your name/pic attached !

Hope he wins he's right,

Hope he gets it sorted out

Good for you martin ive seen lots of ads saying your involved when your not

I really hope he wins

Good on ya

Ha Ha Sugarcube.

Facebook bans those who criticize terrorists and supports isra'el fight against terrorism from Gaza

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1 hour ago

ITV News

Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's hospital to meet their new sibling.

For full updates on the royal birth:


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How lovely and calm. Should see me getting my kids out the car! Lol x 💙

Princess Charlotte is such a cutie all those lovely waves..

He's more hands on with his children than Charles ever was with those two boys ...So much like their mother ❤

How exciting our kate will be out in a minute all glamorous and padded up .while Alfie’s mummy feels as though her heart has been ripped out .

Why pt an hour long programme on which stated the bleeding obvious, a newsflash was all that was needed.

Aw, a Royal baby boy on St Georges Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Congratulations will and Kate x

This isnt about being a royal, its about a family who are all happy and excited about their new baby boy. Congratulations to them all x

BREAKING NEWS ITV News i've heard through a source the baby's name is Rodney,you know after Dave.👍🇬🇧️

Princess Charlotte is so cute with her little wave😘

Beautiful kids, Princess Charlotte is soooooo cute bless her!!! 💜💜😄😄

The new Prince giving the v’s up already to the press 😂😂

They definitely produce beautiful children. All the very best to them all.

Princess Charlotte following in the footsteps of her Great-Grandmother - the Queen, at such a young age, waving and smiling.

This has made my year!! O at last i can sleep soundly in my bed tonight for this news. God bless ITV, god bless The Royals, God bless you one and all!!

Love the fact her doesn’t need to worry about shutting the door and locking his very expensive car 😳

Princess Charlotte looks so much like her mother here

They are both cute but that little princess Charlotte 😍 bless her x

Beautiful photoes of george and charlott so pleased for them and charlott is the double of her granma

Ah love Charlotte and her little waves

Bless princess Charlotte she loves the lime light

Totally love all this the young royals rock xx

Looking forward to seeing Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Royal Wedding... Hope they attend x

Charlotte seems to walk on tippy toes. Such a cutie 😍

Aaaah Beautiful. Congratulations on your New Prince xxxx

Lauren Coupland aw man princess charlotte waving 👋 soooo cute!! Xxx

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2 hours ago

ITV News

These volunteers make meals out of food destined for the landfill to feed hundreds of struggling people.

This Swansea cafe's rule is 'pay as you feel' - so nobody goes without a meal.

Read more here:


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yes and in parliament they eat food which we pay for and its the most expensive stuff

Brilliant idea - wish more would follow

Wonderful and using food that would get binned too. More power to those people.

What a fantastic idea it should be done in all areas.

People should be shocked by this in 2018 but no is as it's the norm now in Tory Britain😡 well done to these good caring people.

we are setting this up here in sittingbourne its an idea ive had for a few months we also do a monday kitchen for anyone who needs a meal

Brilliant idea

Would love if something like this was done in my area!! Helping people who can't afford to feed themselves and stopping waste!!

This is a great idea.keep up the good work.need more of these.

Great work guys.

Wow brilliant

Wow amazing

Wonderful idea ..

Have a look at Street Food Project in Penzance. We do something similar each night (but still outside for now) We’re on Twitter too ❤️

fab idea xx


Abbie Ludlam

Elizabeth Tierney

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2 hours ago

ITV News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to leave the Lindo Wing shortly with their new arrival.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a son at 11:01am this morning, weighing 8lbs 7oz.


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to leave the Lindo Wing shortly with their new arrival.

Why the angry faces don't understand. A woman has just had a baby. It's lovely news. People are so awful. So happy for them

My girlfriend's daughter has just had a baby....don't see the world stopping by to congratulate her!. It's a baby for gods sake....women have been doing this since time began....

Italian drs are now at alder Hay to collect Alfie now please just let us have a happy day happy that Alfie has been given the chance of treatment and happy for the royal family

If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple! We’ve had a new Royal arrive and all people can do is hate! Take your negativity elsewhere!!!

Might not be to do with alfie....but alfie needs more news coverage than a chuffin healthy newborn......long live alfie 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

For those who are Alfie Evans supporters please for the sake of the royal family and the sake of our sanity go to feed where there is coverage thanks this isn't the news feed for you

If anything would of gone wrong everything would of been done to save that child! So unfair! 23 medical staff for 1baby! And they won't even allow Alfie one to take him to Italy! Disgusted!

Everyone show your love and appreciation for the royal baby and his family with hearts and uk flags. A royal child born on st George's day what a glorious day to be British 🇬🇧🇬🇧❤❤🤴🤴

Why do people not realise that Alfie's brain is beyond healing. He's only alive because of machines. Going to Italy will just prolong the poor little boys existence, even if he survives the journey

This has nothing to do with prolonging a baby that nature should of already taken care of😠😡 if it wasn't for technology' he would be at peace now😡😡

My heart goes out to Alfie’s family but why all the hatred for this family it’s not their fault or the innocent baby that’s just been born

Why are people complaining about a baby that has been born no body is ever happy unless they are moaning about someone or something just get on with your life's. Congratulations to Kate and William.

People give birth every day and there no different but it's not every day u hear that a baby as been sent to death this should be on news and getting to gever as country to save Alfie

It’s not the Royal’s fault that there baby was born today! I’m sure they didn’t decide about Alfie!! Why don’t people comment on his page?! It’s really sad but nothing to do with this baby!!!

I feel for Alfie’s family but what has he got to do with this baby? It’s a happy occasion fgs 🙄 congratulations to William and Kate 😍💙💙💙

Please stop!! Alfie is not being executed, you start to lose the argument even more than before. Dignified doesn't describe some of the people calling for Alfies supporters

People stop bad mouthing Alfie army there concerned people ... you would do the same if it was you!!! So don't start giving it mouth when u have no idea

Congratulations William and Kate on the birth of your new baby boy. Such a lovely couple. Diana would be such a proud grandma today and every day 💞

Even after the parents ask all you protestors to respectfully back off you still carry on ... Congratulations Kate and William awesome job xxx

Why angry faces samanth Jane because people are more bothered about the royal family child when there a littel boy that's getting killed and the royal family won't stand up and say something

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess on their new baby Prince. Wonderful news. Born on St. George's Day. Double celebrations. Birthday and Name day for older brother.🇬🇧

I hope everyone who is interested in just another baby is happy that you couldnt care about our country murdering children!!! ROYALS SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME AS NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!

What about Charlie that his machine was turned off last year and this year a baby called lexi nobody did anything bad like u all doing on Kate and Williams lives

They don’t choose what coverage they have! I’m sure they would prefer to not have hundreds of paps outside after she’s just given birth!

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4 hours ago

ITV News

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a son. Following the official announcement, the self-proclaimed Royalist Town Crier took to the steps outside the hospital. Read more: ...


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shame on the royal family for not stepping in to save alfie evans!!! let the lad go to italy !!! makes me ashamed to be british. im sure if this was our prince he would be allowed to go whereever kate wanted

Remember when your parents told you, that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all? Some of you should try that.

I'd be mortified if my child was very poorly and people were bringing it up on this story , have some respect for all involved

We all know a mum called Kate, she’s not a ROYAL but she’s a MUMMY. The difference with the kate we all know and the royal Kate is ones getting full media coverage for the birth of her THIRD child and the other is getting no coverage for the execution of her FIRST child. They want baby Alfie gone. Where’s the Justice in this? Give Our Kate and her baby Alfie the love and support the royals are getting 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜 Share Share Share 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

I know it's Heartbreaking what is happening to baby Alfie....But I experienced the medical care they give children in Alder Hey Hospital....when my grandson was in the hospital....The Doctors won't be turning off the machine if there was any chance of a Alfie having a quality of life...I saw the poorly children in the wards when I was with my grandson...the staff were lovely and it's so sad that the Hospital are having to make a awful...awful decision...My heart goes out to both parents...they must be going through hell xx

Must be great to get a caesarean without going through natural childbirth

Have some respect people. Shocking some of the comments on here

For goodness sake, don't preach your illiteracy to the world ! It's not "Oh Yay", it's "Oyez", meaning "Hear ye" or "listen up".

The queen dosent need saving, Alfie Evans needs saving! GOD SAVE ALFIE EVANS 💙💜💙💜💙💜

Why is there live coverage of a door on itv. Ok, very nice she’s had a baby and everything, but live coverage of a bloomin’ door.

BREAKING NEWS-The son's name is Rodney,you know after dave.

Is it a slow news day or something? Any chance we can watch tipping point please. It's not the greatest quiz but it won't bore us to sleep.

That’s England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 .. at its best !

Out of work family claiming state funding... 3 child rule!... at least they have the food bank as a safety net....

I love all the old traditions even though they look strange in 2018 🇬🇧👍🏻

Surprised the Kardashian’s haven’t hired him for there birth announcements 😂😂 Angela Monaghan Claire Mcv

Fairytale must go on! How to live in this criminal world without it? ! The best distraction for all times! Britain ,you're never bored!

Get to alder hey an stop little Alfie from being put to his death 😡

Congratulations to both Kate & William Well done Kate xx 🎈🎈🎉🎈🎉

Isn’t it sad someone in labour doesn’t even get privacy

Congratulations to Kate and William 😘😘😘

Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of your son, a little brother for George and Charlotte xxx

I hope that "oh yay" is actually a pun referring to "Oyez" ... otherwise it's quite sad that a news source like ITV doesn't know this.

Then I want a huge announcement too. Hundreds of women give birth every hour too.Im not anti-Anglo (trust me, you should see my room) it’s just a little out there with all this.

Congratulations to Kate and William xxx

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4 hours ago

KKTV 11 News

ON-TIME TRAFFIC ALERT: Planning on taking South Academy to I-25? Plan on a 15-20 minute delay. A crash on SB South Academy at Hwy 85 has traffic backed up to the Milton E Proby Pkwy. WB traffic on the Milton E Proby Pkwy to the SB South Academy ramp is getting backed up as well. ...

ON-TIME TRAFFIC ALERT: Planning on taking South Academy to I-25? Plan on a 15-20 minute delay. A crash on SB South Academy at Hwy 85 has traffic backed up to the Milton E Proby Pkwy. WB traffic on the Milton E Proby Pkwy to the SB South Academy ramp is getting backed up as well.

4 hours ago

ITV News

Live outside the Lindo Wing after Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a baby boy' ...


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Remember when your parents told you, that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all? Some of you should try that.

Alfie is not being killed \ murdered yes it is very sad about this little boy but no more can be done for him ,so stop with the nasty comments and angry faces congratulations to Kate & William xx

Why is everyone being so nasty yea it's heartbreaking about Alfie but this is about a new Prince if you not happy about it why are you watching this live news feed

Not that I don't feel for Alfie and his family, but this is not the place to talk about it, this is a happy place to revel in the excitement of a new Royal baby.

All of alfie stuff gets said so many times stories change. Alfie has his page respect the family but this trolling stop its silly every post. Courts human rights all declined so leave it be

Sad when people have to hijack this to bang on about a case that they themselves do not have any of the confidential information on....put a sock in it

I think all comments need to be positive happy comments relevant to the Royals not other news stories as you need to be protesting elsewhere here is not the place now shhhhh please 🙏

Omg what’s wrong with you people! We all sympathise with baby Alfie but this is not the way to gain support all I can see you have gained is a lot of anger do you thing Alfie parents want this????

I don't care if I get slated Alfie is a very poorly boy if he were mine I would want him to be taken by the angels so he can be free of pain very sad

How is this is any way to do with poor Alfie? Let them have their joy of a baby. Time is precious Alfie’s family and supporters should know that out of everyone!

if this baby had alfie’s condition the royal family would do everything in its power to save the child but sitting back allowing alfie to die by a lethal injection 😢

I feel sorry for Alfie and his family, and normal person would! But don’t make this about him, it’s not the babies fault he was born today. Congrats to William and Catherine

Yet little Alfie Evans, shown awake and interacting only a few moments ago has been sentenced to death today! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😢😢 😢😢😢

It is awful what going on with Alfie but it’s is not the fault of this baby boy who just been born and it’s no fault of Prince William or Kate why u watching it if you this angry

Okay world can we just be happy that there is a new baby born! Doesn’t matter if royal or not. Princess Diana the people’s princess would be disgusted with this chat if she could read it!

Those on here spouting off, telling others to get down to Alder, why aren’t YOU the spouters already at Alder ???

Stop with these horrible is such a blessing for this young couple, just don't say anything if you can say anything nice.

Stick with the positive comments on here and support Alfie on his page, have some respect for both of them in the appropriate wouldn't be appropriate the other way around....

Wow it’s a baby. Another baby for the nannies to look after. The only time they have them is for photos for the papers. While Alfie’s mum and dad are doing everything they can for him.

The thing is it's not about Alfie today it's congratulations to the Kate + William on there little bundle of joy

if you don't like it then don't watch it I love William and kate brill news so many sick people on here with there comments like I said u don't like then get of page

What’s wrong with these critics what nasty horrible people . Must be miserable to live with. Anyway I’m so happy for this lovely couple . Congratulations can’t wait to see the baby .

This post is to congratulate the Prince and princess on their new baby Son..........nothing else.......congrats to you all.

Congratulations on our new prince. God bless him, the parents, and the lucky grandparents. I'm very happy for them. A new child is the best news ever. Proudly sharing the month of April with him too!

Congratulations to all the Royal family specially Prince William and Katie. I pray the new prince has a long happy holy and healthy life. God bless him and the Royal family Proud to be a British Sikh.

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5 hours ago

KKTV 11 News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have added a son to their family. The baby boy is reportedly 8 pounds and 7 ounces. No name announced yet.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have added a son to their family.  The baby boy is reportedly 8 pounds and 7 ounces. No name announced yet.


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How is that possible when we are watching the today show and they are “live” and still waiting on the delivery?....

How does this woman have an almost 9 lb baby and hardly show at all? It has to be magic.

Contributing to mass overpopulation. If they are so bent on "having another", how about adopting one of the billions already here?! 😖

awww, on St. George's Day! CONGRATULATIONS & many more... lol.

And he is already standing up in the photo!! 😀

I read in a different article that they were going to name him Jack. We shall see if that article was accurate. Congratulations to them!

These people are no better than us. Women have babies everyday. But hey some people are amused.

Now they will have to another girl

Congratulations to the royal family. <3

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