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How to keep the resistance going in 2018, even when you're impossibly tired

How to keep the resistance going in 2018, even when you're impossibly tired


"...even as someone focused on ease, nature, future, and pleasure, 2017 was a daunting year. But I am still going."

We are in a fight for our survival and there's no turning away from it. Here's how to avoid burning out.

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13 minutes ago

Bay News 9

Juli Marquez: While it's cool in #TampaBay, look at the cold air moving into the southern U.S.! Another cold front moves across the Southeast and arrives in #Florida on Wednesday. Check out the 7 day forecast: #flwx ...

Juli Marquez: While its cool in #TampaBay, look at the cold air moving into the southern U.S.! Another cold front moves across the Southeast and arrives in #Florida on Wednesday. Check out the 7 day forecast:  #flwx

36 minutes ago


Life Time Fitness bans cable news

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1 hour ago

Bay News 9

Top 3 Web Stories for Monday, Jan. 15
Woman, 42, dies overnight after being passenger in casino boat fire; Boy scratched by infected bat dies from rabies in Orlando hospital; Inmate dies Sunday night at Pinellas County jail

1 hour ago

WFLA News Channel 8

A one time member of our WFLA family dies from #Flu complications and more on the mother of twins that dies in Casino boat fire. Join the behind the scenes conversation with WFLA Gayle Guyardo WFLA Leigh Spann WFLA Leslee Lacey WFLA Marco Villarreal ...


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I wonder if dry drowning or shock caused something or what happened to that woman.

I think that sea captian should be reconized as a hero

Wow I've been having a hard time breathing and can't get enough to drink and haven't been feeling right :-/ I have a auto immune disease also this scares me :'(

Walter thats a 20 year minimum prison sentence for showing your gun during a crime involving property theft.

There is a great empowerment organization out there in just about every state . B.A.C.A. They are amazing people... Talk about changing people's lives!! They are a blessing!

Will you all give a Tampa shout out to my buddy from Pennsylvania, who's working there for a few weeks, please? David Russian. ❤️

Marco you eve think of buying protein drinks ready to go. Costco sells them cheap! And they're delicious. Treat yourself sir.

Reminds me on flu deaths that once was told about 100 years from the 1917 or 1919 flu years we'd get nasty or pandemic flu again.

Since you talk for a living what's the longest you go without talking? In your car? Do you go hiking or something to just be quiet? Meditate? Hide from your kids? Beach walk?

Kid tried to steal my lawnmower in ft Lauderdale i pulled a gun on him offered him a job . yet noone wants to talk about that.

Human trafficking is very Real issue here in Nashville, and Tennessee also.

Been several flu cases. Yet, Dr even blew off so far on vaccination.

Hello?!? Hi?!! You have Facebook viewers. It would be very nice to talk and interact with the people.

Good morning my Tampa Terrific's! From Nashville, Tennessee ❤️❤️

The shuttle boat incident is just terrible, and so sad. Prayers. ❤️🙏

Media is weird this dude has the potential to be right

Whats going on stop trying to be beautiful by combining your hair you are good

Well ill just hungerstrike until my media shows us the ok

I mess with y'all but respect you..go big

It’s 23° here in Texas I wish I was where y’all are

Go fund me my fees ill do all of us right

That's great! You're most welcome! I know Gail has been unwell also.❤️

When's your human trafficking story airing, Gail?

I promise ill leave whats your favorite phish song

Just because i think y'all need to be just you. Stop worrying about image

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2 hours ago


This massive sundae screams brain freeze.

That's So Cool
There are 22 scoops of ice cream in this giant sundae from MO & MOSHI 🍨


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What's meant to be will find a way.

Alesar بعرفش بس تذكرتك فيها 😂😂

It also screams diabetes

Lara Madininaa ça c'est pour toi bb 😂

Gamila Brandenburg-Mahmoued me and you now

Shannon Renee Brown, Joe Bross lets go get our sweet tooth on!

Mahima Kamath future antu try kari 😜

黃品瑄 吃了會得糖尿病

This the Sundae we need to get lol Marta Gutierrez

Veneema Sahitya i want this🤩

Rick to tempt u more!!! 😍😍😍😍

Arooj Vaqas lets go 😍

Apol Cuervo <3

Shruti Modkharkar Shreya Sawant Meghal Juthani

Ruxandra Gheorghiu noi in 🇲🇽

Yasara Ranasinghe OMG!!!!

Mustafa H Bakri Erez Menashe Sivan Stevie Bar-lev Tamar Machlev Inbar Stein Adi Kadosh Sapir Hirsh Ben Yair Yogev Triki

Arvin Atienza

Nins Pangan

Renata Santos 😻

Ankush Verma Neeta Kohli

Elmahdi Derbi Motaz Elbakoush

Cassidy Leigh MacNeil Pj Woodie

Travis Ogden

Tarana Sorathiya

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3 hours ago

WFLA News Channel 8

TRAPPED POOCH! Rescue crews in California had to rappel down a cliff to save this little guy. Full story >> ...


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Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that's the law of attraction. You become what you think about most but you also attract what you think about most.

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