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How it happened: President Trump's "sh*thole countries" remark

How it happened: President Trump's "sh*thole countries" remark


Seven lawmakers were meeting with the president in the Oval Office about a bipartisan immigration proposal.

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Danish inventor Peter Madsen set out in his submarine with journalist Kim Wall in August — but she never returned alive. He has been charged with homicide.

Be careful out there! Black ice causes a car in Kentucky to slam into a police cruiser before driving off the road. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Interior Dept focused on expanding energy production in first year under Trump:

Susan Sontag was born #OnThisDay 1933. She achieved the near-impossible: she was a European-style intellectual in America

"Without my knowledge or consent, I had engaged in my first sexual experience when I was in kindergarten."

Sex-abuse victims face gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar at sentencing.

A shortage of brides in China is causing major social shifts

DHS Sec. Nielsen: "I actually was struck more by the fact that the conversation...had gotten to a place where many people in the room were using inappropriate language in the Oval Office, in front of the president."

Japan's public broadcaster sent out a false warning of a North Korean missile on Tuesday, just three days after Hawaii residents received an erroneous message.

Dramatic surveillance video captures car crashing into second floor of Southern California dental office.

The Czech Republic’s pro-Russian president is in trouble

Studies have generally shown that the 3-D test is slightly better at detecting cancers than the 2-D test.

"The Democrats want to shut down the Government over Amnesty for all and Border Security," Trump tweeted Tuesday.

Our editors @AnneMcElvoy and Daniel Franklin discuss business and economics trends for the year ahead. From @EconomistRadio

Sen. Dick Durbin: "Senator Graham spoke up...reminding the president that his family did not come to America with great skills or wealth, but they came here as most families do, looking for a chance to prove themselves and make this a better nation."

Questioned by Sen. Dick Durbin, DHS Sec. Nielsen says Pres. Trump used "strong language" in immigration meeting, but "I don't remember a specific word." She added that did not "specifically remember" a categorization of African countries.

6 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Good question! Answer that one Trump!

I thank God for President Trump

Nothing like hosting a dictator.

Love my President!!❤️❤️


hey it's his money laundering friends from overseas

Thank you, President Trump!

Here in Maryland

Here in Texas.

Did trump ask t he lives in a shithole

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28 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Apparently this was delayed, so we will end the livestream and try again later. Sorry, folks.

I grew up on 10 news !! My family stands by 10 news

What are we waiting to see, what's going on?

Nothing, they're marines. They don't move

Do ur thang Mr Pres.... from Atmore, AL

Who's putting u angry imojis? Over what? Smh!!

What happened

Come on already

What's happening now

What's going on





God Bless our President! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

Come on already🙃



Hi from Saraland

Chris Fowler

I still can’t get my head around Trump actually getting elected. It’s surreal.

Fox News and trump a winning team

Democrats shitholes😂


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34 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

Watch: LDS Church leaders to speak after presidency announcement. ...


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Good morning

Put on some real news.


Listening from the Philippines

this is #RealNews


This is real news! If you don't approve then don't watch it.

Listening from right here in SLC

Hi William! "Every knee shall bow"

504 in Morganton NC watching closely 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

While I’m slightly disappointed that Elder Uchtdorf wasn’t retained in the First Presidency, I still sustain them as prophets, seers, and revelatory.

Ephrata, Washington

que bonito hermoso me gusta

Such an exciting time for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! ♥️

Good morning from Kansas! ❤

The Church is True! ❤️


Good morning!

Fake music!

I am happy with the counselors that we're chosen and will support them but I will miss President Uctdorph (so"(sp?)

Me too.

✝️⚓️❤️ Faith Hope and Charity for All.

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48 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

Inside #ldschurch office building waiting for Press conf to speak to new President and Prophet Russel M Nelson ...


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A little disappointed that President Uchtdorf wasn’t retained.

Yes let's be kind! WELCOME CARA!! We welcome all to listen and watch no matter what your opinions or views are! :)

I have a question. I'm not sure if any one has the answer but out of all the men/apostles/counselors, why is none of any color? Just a question, wanting an honest answer. Please do not respond if you truly don't know the answer.

Cara have you attended this church you may enjoy the positivity it gives you along with hope and peace. Try it.

Cara is a freaking joke

What a joke

You're a joke Cara

No one is obligated to watch this broadcast, if you don't have anything nice to say please don't say anything at all 😍

Someone please explain to me why the appoint a 92 year old man? What just so they can do this in 5 years from now again.

I'll have to disagree with you Cara Person, this is actually as real as it gets! Change is good! And so is acceptance! Had it not been for those two things alone, epic history such as integration and interracial marriages wouldn't be possible today!

If you ignore all the negative they go away. Please don't give them a reaction.

Love and acceptance will always win over hate

So excited for our new presidency!

Cara you are a joke. Get over it and move on with your life

You poor sour person . Feel sorry for your sad life.

If you don't like it, you can leave.

Fake news

Please be nice

Her name is cara not carla

Fake Church

Please leave your negative comment somewhere else cara

No one said you had to watch this. You chose to. Be polite and respectful even if you don’t approve

Cara has obviously been offended by somebody in this church. Why prove her right? She will always be welcome. WWJD?

Nobody is making you watch.. Be nice get on with your life. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all!!!

Or you can let people have there own opinions and a public page

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1 hour ago

FOX10 News

Briefing on York County deputies, police officers shot in South Carolina. MORE INFO: ...


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Who would think this is😐

Praying for those officers who were injured

Prayers for these officers and for their families. Bless them all.

Prayers for him and his family.

Sending prayers .. God bless our law enforcement

Was the suspect captured! Praying for the officers

Will be praying for all officers and families, this is from officers family in mobile,al.

Help us Lord help us praying for the officers and the families

God bless those families and officers .

Laughing? Really?

Praying 🙏


Praying for everyone

Prays going up

What's funny???

Send prayers for all


Prayers for all

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1 hour ago


WATCH LIVE: Authorities hold press conference after 3 deputies, officer shot during manhunt Tuesday morning in York County. More info here >> ...


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May God wrap his arms around these officers, their families and their work family. #isupportthethinblueline

Gary maybe there working for the officers fighting for there lives !

Praying for all officers involved and their families.

Prayers for all of these officers and deputy, their families and their brothers and sisters in blue.

The suspect should be in the morgue , not in the hospital.

Sending up prayers for the officers and their families

Mona, whatever makes people feel better and helps them to sleep at night.

Exactly that's why you should keep rude comments to your self

Prayers? Really? How is that workin out for ya?

Prayers for these officers, and their families.

Prayers for those officers and their families.

Praying for them and the family of each one.......

Prayers sent to the officers and their family

Pray woks! Praying for all affected.

Prayers for the officers and families

Prayers for the officers & their families

sure will pray for these officers

Prays for all of you.

Sending prayers and love

Sending prayers for all🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!!

Watching.. Praying for y'all..

Prayers for all involved

me too watching


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1 hour ago

FOX10 News

Meteorologist Michael White has an update on snow and ice potential. Join in! ...


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There’s no heaters on buses or the schools down here...that’s to cold....

Y'all are tripping makes me miss Colorado everybody didn't lose their minds when it got cold let alone snowed

People from up north don’t realize that down here there’s not the same equipment like salt trucks and heaters in schools to be able to handle cold temperatures and ice on roads...

Hope that I can make it back to Biloxi before it hits

Dont let the school's make the dissection... there your kids...keep them HOME...

I hope Marty Peaks closes school are she can pick up all the kids up for school

Sounds like some gumbo weather...

I had a lady make a comment that tires are made differently up guess I'll be good then I bought my tires in Colorado

Mcps care about $$$ not our kis...

We don't like this cold weather in IRVINGTON!!!!!!!!!!

Be safe out there let God take the wheel 👐👐🤗

Saraland Al lives Michael White!

Parents complaining about being to cold for school, yet I just witnessed to school aged kids walking the street at airport and hillcrest. I bet their parents also felt it was to cold for school...

It is to early to announce wether or not schools will be closed they have to wait until the last minute so they can check roads and make sure they make the right decision. If you don't feel safe then let your kids stay at home.

The new gfs American model run an nam32km show snow bring snow in sw Alabama an NW FLORIDA PANHANDLE AROUND 8,,11 PM THIS EVENING

Do y’all learn how to gesture at school? These hand positions... amazing!

Michael can you tell me when I can be warm for more than 5 days..

Stay at home and you won't have to worry about what the roads will look like

No no no no. I’m not a cold person. I’m going to die.

i hope south closes i dont want to drive in this

Call you local school board to find out people

You will be alright going to Biloxi just drive slow

Mobile County, close the schools.

Thanks for the update 😊

I Will not leave for nothing!!!

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2 hours ago

KUTV 2News

Russel M. Nelson announced as new LDS Church president.
Read the full story:


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I’m an inactive Mormon and I’m still honoring this. People be nice or get off.

Patti it isn't different it is just an additional book to the Bible. It just gives more information. We read the Bible too

It's kind of like watching the selection of a new pope. You don't have to be Catholic to understand that it's going to affect you. So there are definitely reasons for us non-members to watch.

I'll save ya all time...welcome..we are putting another old white male to head the church. A woman or minority will never be chosen..

In looking back over the past Presidencies It looks this is the first time they have replaced a member of the Presidency that hasn’t died first. Am I correct?

I love our leadership. It’s hard but pay no attention to the people that don’t understand, and to the things they say. It is there choice to bash our church and our beliefs. It’s our choice to deny them. Be strong.

I support them...just wondering if the Uchdorfs calling will be the young men and women, where their enthusiasm, energy and joy is well appreciated.

I love the way Elder Holland reaches over to touch the hand of Elder Uchtdorf then Elder Ballard, in his support- so sweet.

We all have the same God. I respect all religions! Please don’t comment if you’re going to say anything negative!

The mad faces help us to know where to send the missionaries

Please people if you don’t have a heart and nice things to say don’t be on here. This is a special thing don’t ruin it for others

Beautiful message of President Nelson. Everybody is invited to come back to the path of covenant. Jesus loves us.

Anyone else feel like all the laughing faces are like the tall and spacious building???? Hold to that Rod!! ❤❤❤

The missionaries from Long Beach, California!

I thought it would be Oaks because he has been an apostle as long as Nelson but Nelson got called first (probably because they were called Alphabetically back then)

It’s sad that some people have nothing better to do than ruin a special and sacred moment for others

We thank Thee, oh God, for a Prophet!

Being mean to others hateful comments doesn’t help at all, we still need to show love to those people who hate. We need to show love to them.

I hope they choose RuPaul as the new leader.

I am so happy to be able to hear this announcement from the Salt Lake Temple this morning and I bear my testimony that those who have been called are prophets of God and His servants.

It's more accurate to say that they believe he was resurrected from Jerusalem into Missouri, so still Middle Eastern

There’s a lot of people who have nothing better to do than try to make fun of others beliefs. Don’t let the mad and laughing faces bother you... ❤️

Such a wonderful day. A new president who loves the Lord and will guide us back to Him who loves all, unconditionally.❤️

Remember to look to God, not to those that mock! Remember the spacious building....50 million people that are wrong and mock don't change the truth. "Gods laws must always be our standard."- Pres. Russell M. Nelson

I don't get these people with their hateful comment, I mean nobody ask u to watch. Ugly hearted people 😡

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2 hours ago

KUTV 2News

#LDS church to make historic announcement via live worldwide broadcast to announce new leadership .. we are inside church headquarters ...


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I'm not active LDS, but this is awesome! Just like learning who the Pope is with the Catholic Church is a huge event as well. Get outta here negative comments.

Dawn don't watch please if you have negative comments. We love out faith and our church and we would love to watch this. Cause it matters to us LDS members and some non members as well. I will miss president Monson so much.

I don’t no much about the LDS are they the same as the mourn

Good Morning Salt Lake City! I'm over here in ATL missing y'all!

What time will it officially start?

Welcome negative comments . Glad you’re here to share this event

Dawn Anderson lots of people do and if you don’t then don’t watch

I CARE!!! Bye Dawn, or just sit there quietly and CONTINUE watching since your here already! I have family all over South Pacific and other parts of the world who will tune in!

Millions of people care. Including me. I'm very excited.

We are so very blessed. This is very exciting and I love this church.

All you haters. You can shut this off and not watch. God bless. And very excited.

I hope he keeps Eyring and Uchtdorf.

I love all these great men! Awesome and caring men and leaders!

Thks for live watching from Texas

Looking forward to this historic day!!

This is our prophet! He speaks for our Savior.

I am so excited about this broadcast!!! 🤪

I would watch if it was the pope. Love you pres nielsen.

I'm thinking this will be who the next president of the church will be and I doubt it will be a big surprise.

change the station, switch the feed and let some of us watch in peace. Not everyone's from UT.

I always see these live broadcasts on my notifications and it only shows partial sentences or phrases, so sometimes i cannot tell what is going on.

This camera man seems very excited as well

Watching from Scot land love pres nelson

I forgot this was happening this morning, so I'm glad Channel 2 has this up!

Thank you for covering this so that I can watch.

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