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Hillary Clinton slams President Trump for 'ignorant, racist views'

Hillary Clinton slams President Trump for 'ignorant, racist views'


Hillary Clinton condemned President Donald J. Trump's reported comment about "shithole countries" in a tweet marking the 8th anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.

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5 minutes ago


Pittsburgh residents are demanding a pizza store be shut down after the manager is caught on camera slamming a woman's head into the ground.

The woman entered the shop and asked the manager if she could use the restroom. The manager said ‘No’, but the woman apparently ignored him and tried to push past him. That's when the manager tried to restrain her before knocking her down and repeatedly hitting her head on the ground.

He was charged with aggravated assault, but police say they also plan to arrest the woman for defiant trespass and disorderly conduct. What do you think about all of this? #News9Trends

Bobbie Miller and Karl Torp may share your comments in today’s Trends, Topics & Tags!

Pizza restaurant manager caught hitting black woman's head on floor
Mahmut Yilmaz, 41, was filmed struggling with Jade Smith, 34, at Pizza Mario in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday night at around 7.30pm.

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It's a fucking restaurant were everybody has a bathroom he just pissed she wanted to pee instead of eat! That's some bullshit and how trespassing? It's a open to everyone restaurant. Miss orderly conduct maybe but trespassing no

Man....he is lucky if that was my mom i would slap him in the head with some of dat pepperoni

No means No

Private property is private property. I fully expect the charges to be dropped. The guy is still a douche though.

27 minutes ago

FOX 4 News

NORTH TEXAS SNOW: SKY4 is flying over the southeast parts of the area checking out the snowfall from overnight. ...


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What is going on here

Hello from Palmer Texas

Where is this at





Donde es eso?


Where is this at?


Where's the snow?


Hi ✌️




hello where are you?

Where is this dusting at? 😂

Howdy Doooo!!


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36 minutes ago


FIG NEWTON DAY!!! Today is National Fig Newton Day and Robin Marsh and Lacie Lowry decided to celebrate with #News9's Bill “Fig” Newton — a longtime, beloved employee here at KWTV - NEWS 9! Show Fig some love ❤️❤️❤️FIG NEWTON DAY!!! Today is National Fig Newton Day and Robin Marsh and I had to celebrate with our own Bill “Fig” Newton — a longtime, beloved employee here at KWTV - NEWS 9! Show Fig some love ❤️❤️❤️ ...

FIG NEWTON DAY!!! Today is National Fig Newton Day and Robin Marsh and Lacie Lowry decided to celebrate with #News9s Bill “Fig” Newton — a longtime, beloved employee here at KWTV - NEWS 9! Show Fig some love ❤️❤️❤️


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Good work Fig

59 minutes ago


PERSONAL TRAINER: #News9's Robin Marsh is working out with her personal trainer.

Robin Marsh
Ok here is our workout with Personal trainer Kenny Wooldridge at Anytime Fitness... yikes


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I think she needs a Youtube channel. How is this news?

does your "EVERYTHING" hurt from yesterday?

2 hours ago


MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Should schools be allowed to administer medical marijuana to students?

The Illinois attorney general's office on Friday told a federal court it will allow a suburban Chicago school district to administer medical marijuana to an 11-year-old leukemia patient to treat her for seizure disorders.


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hell no. Christ u can't even bring Motrin in ur bag to school. and that only causes upset stomach if taken too often.unlike marijuana.

Smoking isnt what a med bill should be about. Anything with large amounts of THC is not good. The medicinal benefits from cbd oil however, is amazing!

That is not Medical Marijuana in the film. Medical is usually given with an eye dropper under the tongue. It's a liquid.

Just because it's Marijuana does not mean it will be smoked! Medical CBD oil has little to no THCs which means it will not get you high.

I say no because schools do not need to give any meds or anything to kids , that is is up to the parents period

Exactly. Lol it would be just like when your parents give you meds at home. Not once did I get medicine from the school. This is hoopla

Kwtv, they can't hand out asprin- why would you ask this. You've got to have some 18 yr old freshman journalism major running you face book page.

If they need their medicine they should get their medicine. Pretty simple. These children are given a non-psychoactive strain in most cases. You wouldn't withhold pharmaceuticals for seizures..

Of course there are the daily dopers who just want to get high, they will vote YES but its really about lifesaving medicinal value. Do some research people!

THC is medicine also!!! My daughter could be seizure-free with a tiny amount more thc than what her CBD oil offers, but we can’t try it bc it’s illegal here.

It's sad that we have LEGAL ALCOHOL that destroys way more lives but, we can't believe that a God made plant has GOOD medicinal value. WAKE UP OKLAHOMA! YES! IT WORKS!

The angry peeps need to read up and educate your self.. I dont smoke the stuff but if ever i need it for an illness or something i believe it will work..

Saying NO to medical mj, is like saying no to life. The medicinal value and the ailments it can be used for is a very extensive list!

The problem is the video loops don't show what is actually given to the child... They are not going to roll her a joint! It's cannabis oil.

I think the majority want it legalized! If the others would just research it and see that it's NOT harmful like its been made out to be. It saves lives everyday!

Some really need to educate themselves about medical marijuana. Instead of just thinking it's to make folks legal pot heads ..

Absolutely. I could send hydrocodone to school with my child with a prescription. Why not cannabis? I sure hope all these likes and loves are at the polls on June 26th. #YesOn788

You can get medicine at school. You just need a note from the doctor. It happens all over the country daily.

Ya??? I mean if medical is legal, it would be no different than administering other daily pills like schools all ready do. Half our state is on legal meth for adhd

I wish my daughter had been allowed Medical Marijuana while she fought her leukemia. Bless this school district.

Yes! It's ridiculous that there are people who stand in the way, it takes no effort at all to educate yourself. I wish more people would see this as a reason to search out more information.

There is NO LOGICAL REASON this should not be legal. Prescription medications, alcohol, tobacco, meth, etc take FAR MORE lives and cause far more health issues than Marijuana...period.

Did you know they make many forms of Cannabis medicine ? Inhalers for Asthma , oils , nasal sprays etc... Cannabis Can

Absolutely! Those saying no, if your child had epilepsy, incurable diseases, etc. I promise you would feel much different about this!

I’m with you Lucy, pills are poison. Seen them grab ahold of people I love dearly and they’re never the same. This is a plant that God put here, no one should tell you you can’t utilize it.

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2 hours ago

BBC News

Clothing worn by rape victims is on display at an exhibition in Brussels aiming to dispel the "stubborn myth" that provocative dress is a factor in violent sexual crimes. ...


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I was raped over a period of 9 months by my “fiancé” when I was in high school. He often made a big deal about how what I was wearing turned him on and left him no choice. That could range from nothing (because I was showering) to baggy pajamas and a sweatshirt with my hair a mess (more often than not). When I fought back he regularly threw a tantrum about how I was a “tease” and “begging for it” because my hair was up, or down, I was wearing makeup, or not, tight clothes, baggy clothes, my prom dress, my work uniform, or took my clothes off to shower (he would pick the lock.) It’s clear to me that it’s not about what I was actually wearing at all.

When I was 13, and looked 10, I was attacked at a park while I was babysitting. the first thing the police asked me was, "What were you wearing?".

BBC, who is not getting enough of close physical interactions in your team? Seems that sex related topics are the main nowadays on your channel. Are you able to produce normal news or just this taken from.finger 2 minutes long empty videos?

If a person can't control themselves when they see a person dressed "provocatively" in their opinion then they have no place in society.

I doubt the kind of people that blame victims are really the cultured go to galleries type, but I could be wrong but as far as an exhibition goes this is pretty strong stuff

No way this is an objective survey, but rather a curated collection intended to prove a point. Not meaningful.

If “what you were wearing” were the justification, every nudist beach, colony and resort would have shut down a hundred years ago...

Walking through my son's elementary school path between his building and the playground one Sunday after coming from a movie, I was accosted by a young man who was running up behind me (lots of joggers in Seattle, so thought nothing of it), and squeezed my butt. He came around to face me, he on a higher portion of the path than me.His eyes appeared to be dilated as if on drugs. When I look scared, he said "No" in this druggy voice. Meanwhile, his left hand was on my shoulder and his right hand clutched his groin. When I broke away, I fell down on my knee, scraping it and, as I started running to my home across the street, he asked, "What are you going to do?" to which I finally finding my voice screamed,"I'm going to call the police!" He then started running in the opposite direction.You know what I was wearing? My wool winter coat over pants and sweater, my hair unwashed, no makeup. I looked as unattractive as possible.I called the police who came quite promptly. Never knew if he was ever caught. Frightening and enlightening experience. Never took that shortcut again, was told by the police to not hesitate to scream right away the next time, and was taught to turn abruptly in the opposite direction if I sensed someone coming up behind me. It wasn't the first time my butt was grabbed, the first time it was on a busy downtown Eugene, OR street. I swiftly turned around (and I'm sure the crowd was surprised) and loudly said, "Don't you ever do that again!" Never saw who it was but figured that might put a damper on future butt-grabs.

It’s ridiculous this even has to be a thing. If a person is so ignorant that this would help them understand, I doubt they’ll understand it. It’s worth a shot I guess.

Can't believe that victims continue to be asked this question. Sad demonstration of how backwards the judicial system is.

But still a factor for those women who do dress provocatively and got raped, can't just erase that fact.

Most rapes are NOT committed against 'provocatively' dressed women. The vast majority of rapes occur to individuals of ANY AGE going about their very normal business, dressed in very mundane attire. Now, knowing this fact, why are people STILL linking rape with what women are wearing? It's solely about power, control, entitlement, humiliation and hate. Pick any one of those factors and you have the reasons for rape... none of which bear any responsibility on the victim or her clothes at the time.

No-one is saying what you wear is the only reason you get raped. But if you dress in something that leaves you more naked than clothed don't be suprised when people start looking. It's about what steps you can take to protect yourself. Again no-one is saying what you wear is the reason you get raped and no-one is blaming the victim when they ask what clothes you had on.

Women in burkas are raped all the time .. it means nothing to savages

Wow! Rape is about power. Anyone who thinks "what she was wearing" has anything to do with it must have had a lobotomy.

Not that it should matter what they were wearing .. even walking down the street stark naked would not be an invitation to rape someone

People of all ages and appearances, and of all classes, cultures, abilities, genders, sexualities, races and religions, are raped. Rape is an act of violence and control; the perceived 'attractiveness' of a victim has very little to do with it. There is no excuse or mitigation for sexual violence and it is never the victim/survivor's fault. What someone was wearing when they were raped or how they behave is irrelevant...!!

Sexual predators don't care what clothes you wear ...just read the paper today about the dad that raped his 13 month old daughter sickening !!!

This is so important. Thank you for putting a visual so that others can finally understand that what a rape victim wears is irrelevant to culpability.

Regardless any woman should be able to walk down the street naked and be free from molestation or is it that men are incapable of restraining their worst urges? It may well be bad parenting or society's failure the teach. As a young man I was taught to show girls and women the respect they are due, anything else would simply demonstrate that I am incapable of self control and self respect.

I can’t believe the comments I see. Did you see the video? People are saying that “don’t dress provocatively and you don’t get raped.” You must be out of your mind. Some were uniforms, long pants and long sleeved shirts, an armed police officer, and CHILDREN’S CLOTHES!!!! The video is trying to prove how irreverent what the victim was wearing... If the aggressor decides to do it, what the victim was wearing doesn’t make a difference. You must have never experienced sexual assault yourself or know anyone who has been in that situation. Because if you do, you won’t be saying such ignorant things. Be compassionate toward others. It is never, ever the victim’s fault. Get that through your thick skull.

Can they put the picture of the person who raped them beside it? That will explain much more than a poor vestemantry choice.....

Perhaps there could be a section in the exhibition of skimpy clothes entitled 'Clothes I was wearing when I wasn't raped' to make the point that normal men can be around women, however they are dressed, without attacking them.

They are displaying the truth because no amount of clothing or no clothing should ever be dicussed by any prosecuter in any court system!!! It is irrevelant RAPE IS RAPE PERIOD!!!!

Rape is about power & control, it would not matter what you were wearing, the rapist is looking for an easy mark...remember, both males & females, of any age, are raped everyday...this is one of the most heinous of crimes.

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2 hours ago

FOX 4 News

Take a look at the cleared bread shelves at Walmart in Midlothian. The roads there are also CLEAR. 🤷‍♂️🍞❄️ (Photo by Midlothian EM Capt. John Spann) ...

Take a look at the cleared bread shelves at Walmart in Midlothian. The roads there are also CLEAR. 🤷‍♂️🍞❄️ (Photo by Midlothian EM Capt. John Spann)


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Well, when fox4 goes nuts about the weather and over reacts like you do every year, you cause a panic. I blame the media

... Rookies 😂

Texans are hilarious ... bought all that bread and water for literally no snow! I lived grew up in Chicago and have never seen a snow day with NO SNOW!!!!

everybody eating sanwiches today.

This literally blows my mind LOL, I'm from Illinois and I'm used to zero below and 12 inches of snow on the ground and we still go to school and we still go to work and we do not eat that much bread!!!!!!

I needed toilet paper and laundry soap last night( no one tells me when we're running out... its up to me) and this was the scene in pleasant grove. Lol bread was gone, eggs and milk were being bum rushed too. It was funny. We have dry,clear streets this morning and a scattering of ice pellets/flakes that accumulated with the wind on patio chairs but that was about it!

Walmart in Midlothian is always understocked. I see empty shelves all the time at this facility, which is why I stopped shopping there.

southerners wouldnt make it up north lol i was raised in ohio and we blink at this styff lol its a daily thing to have 3 to 10 inches a snow.. and snow on the roads the whole winter.. business as usual... get one little snow in the south and its apocalypse lol

Well with this Texas weather you don’t know if it’s going to be snowed in for 5 days or if the roads are going to be clear. Also, the news are the ones making a big deal and then we don’t get anything so 🤷🏼‍♀️ to y’all lol

Well Texas is historically unprepared for winter weather since typically we only have about 75 to 90 days of cold and like 3 bad weather/snowy/icy days ....

Sulphur Springs Walmart looked like that too! We do our normal grocery shopping on Monday...that’s the only reason we went. It was a madhouse!

Well.....maybe if the media didn’t blow things out of proportion all the time. SMH. I miss the days of responsible journalism. People should have learned by now you can’t believe or trust everything the media says.

I learned a long time ago the media/weatherman are 90% of the time Wrong! They like to see people panic!

We Texans just handle little cold... this is another reason Texas is one of the most fluffy state in the country... Oh dang since it’s cold lets make excuses for having another chicken fried steak as appetizer

We have been so damaged by media making us think things are worse than they really are that we respond like this to everything now. A world of overreacting.

This is exactly what I was talking about the other day. Ridiculous. Get enough for a few days. This is Texas. You will not be ice/snowbound indefinitely. It will melt...You do not need 5 gallons of milk, 5 loaves of bread, 5 dozen eggs...Yes, I've seen this countless times. It creates panic & it's so unnecessary.

Meanwhile up North, roads are a mess and there's plenty of food on the shelves.;) I must have missed something on the news...

I think it’s funny! This has been a thing since I was a little girl and it has never been about the weather man! My parents generation would stand outside and look at the sky, report to each other we were about to have a Northern, stock up from the store which was far from their homes and settle in for what ever the weather brought them. It’s Texas tradition to prepare for weather and personally I think it’s fun.😂

Most of y'all are stupid. Why not grab a few thing to make sure you don't have to get out if it does get bad. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. Shoot I went and bought a gallon of milk and some sandwich stuff. Granted I was out of them and needed them. Now if you had a photo of one person that had 10 loafs of bread and 8 gallons of milk then yes that is ridiculous.

We were in the Walmart on N Beach Sunday which is normally straight and stocked and it wasn’t. The shelves were bare and clothes and buggies were everywhere. We thought maybe trucks were stranded and they could not deliver their stock. Plus it was packed also. Maybe folks were stocking up in advance. Brought back my retail days of picking up after people. Don’t miss that. 🤨

Well when the news channel calls it a "arctic winter blast" dumb people with no common sense believe it and lose their minds soo.....

So we can blame the weatherman and the media for this. People should know by now to stop jumping to conclusions about the weather or whatever other emergency situations that go on in this world. Yes bread and milk would be good to have on had but this is ridiculous

Keep calm There will be long lines at wally world after while of people trying to return stuff from the argemegodon of snowflakes in North Texas of 2018 😂

Most of the shelves are empty because of online orders not the weather. That's at all Wal-Mart especially first thing in the morning since they usually pull orders at night. Go back this evening and there will be plenty of bread

people are so stupid...the tiniest bit of sleet and everyone loses their minds. This is why I couldn't go grocery shopping yesterday. Because people were stocking up for the blizzard of January 15th

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2 hours ago

Fox News

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen testifies at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on DHS Oversight. ...


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Texas here!

Good morning.





Hello there

Minnesota listening





what is this???

Love our President 💝

Don't talk, do!!!!

Build the wall, if you're in this country illegally Deport them

Get em out of here!!

Kentucky here

Rhode Island listening

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