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Hillary Clinton calls Trump's views "ignorant" and "racist" after president's "sh*thole" comment

Hillary Clinton calls Trump's views "ignorant" and "racist" after president's "sh*thole" comment


Former Vice President Joe Biden also weighed in saying, "It’s not how a president should speak."

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Simone Biles and others shouldn't have to return to the Karolyi ranch, @nrarmour writes.

Sen. Joni Ernst doesn't "appreciate" Trump's rhetoric, but doesn't believe he's a racist.

Sen. Leahy on immigration meeting: "You were in the room. You're under oath. Did President Trump use this word, or a substantially similar word to describe certain countries?"

Sec. Nielsen: "I did not hear that word used."

Five world landmarks reimagined: The Arc de Triomphe could have been a giant elephant, more dodged design follies

Live from court: Day 1 of Larry Nassar sentencing hearing.

New book: If our democracy is dying, President Trump is not the only culprit via @usatoday

Facebook smiles belie accusation of tortured, starved children

Jane Fonda reveals she had cancerous growth removed from her lip

Woman convicted in fatal buttocks-injection procedure dies in prison

3.2 million more Americans were uninsured in 2017

[email protected]_umm's beef with @Twitter has come to a triumphant end.

Sen. Leahy questions DHS Sec. Nielsen on the White House immigration meeting:

Sen. Leahy: "Norway is a predominantly white country, isn't it?"

Sec. Nielsen: "I actually do not know that, sir, but I imagine that is the case."

Sen. Durbin questions DHS Sec. Nielsen on last week's White House immigration meeting:

Sen. Durbin: "How did [President Trump] characterize those countries in Africa?"

Sec. Nielsen: "I don't specifically remember a categorization of countries in Africa."

Robert McCoy said he didn't kill his estranged wife's mother, stepfather and son. His lawyer, hoping to save his life, told the jury he did. Now the Supreme Court must decide if McCoy was railroaded and deserves a new trial.

Did one California teen's courage save her siblings from their parent's torture? Police are sorting it all out.

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KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

LIVE: Hearing regarding the unsealing of docs related to investigation of #StephenPaddock and the #1October shooting


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What court is it

We don't need another conspiracy theory. Just the facts, please.


Tap the screen

Thank you channel 3

Interested in Portland Oregon..

Good morning

Good morning from Hawai'i

18 minutes ago

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

Jeff Maher
CVS is no longer going to use heavily edited photos of models they use. Do you think other businesses and advertisers should do the same?

21 minutes ago

FOX23 News

Support Go Red For Women by participating in National Wear Red Day® on Friday, February 2, 2018.

FOX23 is proud to work with the American Heart Association to encourage everyone to wear red on Feb. 2 to show support for women's heart health.

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National Wear Red for Women Day

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WTOP sales manager Suann Lee had the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics torch relay as one of more than 8,000 torch bearers. Nominated by Samsung, Lee ran her part of the race on Tuesday. Full story: #olympictorchrelay #samsung #pyeongchang2018 #dowhatyoucant ...

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FOX23 News

Officers shot in South Carolina- the latest in the shooting ...


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Three officers were shot responding to a domestic situation. We're following the latest on FOX23 News from our sister station, WSOC-TV.

I’m so sick and tired of hearing about officers being shot. Sick of it!

What’s going on this world. So much hate.

The government continues to cut mental health coverage & benefits. Guns are not the problem, untreated mental cases are. I would bet this shooter has a history of anger issues & impulse control. Psychiatric care is key.


Prayers. My cousin is an officer in South Carolina... 😞

Prayers of healing for the officers, and comfort for their families. #backtheblue

Why would anyone put this burden on his/her family a very slow death would not be enough! What they have done is NOT right!

Prayers for all involved. Sad days we live in.

I'll do some ninja Magick in your honor.

Pray that the officers are going to be ok!! When will the madness stop!!!!

I can’t listen in but is the officers ok?

I'm so sorry. God bless these officers. Praying for you guys.

This just makes me sick. Prayers for all those officers.

Too bad they weren't wearing... metal gear!

Prayers for the officer's family and his brothers in blue.

Prayers for the family and the officers.

Another shooting geez. Prayers

So sad . When a life is taking it’s just horrible :( praying for all involved

Sending prayers and positive power

Praying 🙏 for officers god will overcome

Where in South Carolina

Prayers fro strength and comfort

Where is this

Prayers sent for all involved.

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1 hour ago


Unsurprisingly, President Donald J. Trump used MLK Day as an opportunity to play golf. But other presidents used the holiday to give back to the community to honor of the late civil rights leader. ...


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He has done plenty!!!!!!!!!! Obama played more golf than Trump!!!!!

Yes we all remember obama when the American was beheaded by ISIS and obama was golfing. When confronted by media at the golf course, he said a couple of condolences and immediately was videod back at his golf cart laughing it up with his celeb. pals. Yes...we remember obama. So don't try to make him out to be somone he's not.

Like Bush and Clinton did anything but try and look good on MLK day, at least Trump is honest in his actions and not pretending to give a crap as Bush and Clinton did

He wouldn’t walk across the street to help someone unless he was going to make some money. And then he would probably take someone with him to do the actual helping while he did nothing, as usual.

When will you ever understand that Trump doesn’t do what other Presidents do. Thats why we voted for him Durrrr.

Which presidents did what? I already asked this question - no one answers!!! Does this mean you don’t know , yet you profess you know??

Sharon Schafer lame lame that excuse isn't flying any more the obama card is getting and gotten really old.

I don't understand why it's necessary to paint school to honor the memory of Dr. King . Anyway he was a great man, God bless MLK !!

Trump wouldn't recognize justice, equality, and freedom if they bit him on his fat rump. This man is about his personal wealth and convenience, nothing else.

This has nothing to do w being a president this is about having morals and being a real human being. He is not a good man, why would we expect him as president to be any different.

Other Presidents have visited troops on Thanksgiving or volunteered on Christmas. Better Presidents. Better people.

Day by day, Donnie shows us what a coward and utterly useless, self serving piece of spoiled trash he truly is. Disgusting and disrespectful don’t begin to describe him.

Was Trump playing golf? Yes. Did Huff make up this story? No. What part of this story confuses people?

By playing golf #Twitler did give to the community. While on the links, he did not ravage the National Parks, despoil the environment, infringe on our civil rights, insult foreign countries, attack the First Amendment, or threaten nuclear war. If he can keep this up for the next 1,020 days, we may be okay.

Don't really care what he does or doesn't do, but he did read a speech on Friday that said the day is not meant for recreation, but for a day of service. I don't think he was paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth.

Can't wait to see how the deplorable's spin this ? The White House has put out a best-seller called . LIES AND DISTRACTIONS ! A hand book for the deplorables .

I cannot listen to one more word out of this lying hypocrites mouth. I cannot watch any more footage of his red Orange face. Words cannot express my distaste for him.

I'm seriously asking myself if D.T. suffers from something like Tourette Syndrome - does such a thing like social Tourette exist?

Do many great deeds, while others demand more. Do one thing for yourself, and those very people accuse you of never doing anything at all. Not only that, they paint a bad picture of you, saying you've only done bad.

Good. If he left home the costs of security would have been very high for the federal government and fir the local jurisdiction where he traveled. We have complained about that in the past. He did accomplish tasks that day.

No day of service for the donald no concern for All Americans, doesn't know how to lead by example. Prayers

Obama was absolutely a racist. I believe Trump is absolutely colorblind and once only the best for America. The Huffington Post is fake news and disgraceful. People who say Trump is your moral, a racist or whatever are only listening to The Establishment phony media and the hypocrite establishment in both parties. Clean the swap president Trump!

He may have felt that since he has done more in one year for Black Americans than Obama, our first Black Pres. did in 8 that it would be ok to relax for a day or two! 😂

I listened to part of a speech MLK made 4 days before his death yesterday on the news. I thought, WOW, listen to this guy speak... then listen to our President, who's big "speech" yesterday was telling a reporter he is the least racist person the reporter has ever interviewed. The reporter wasn't interviewing him, he was yelling a question across the room to Trump. Look how far we have fallen.....

They are a lot of insipid remarks praising D.T. for doing things for blacks. No one with intelligence would even make those statements because you have to do for the Americsn people in a whole and not to favor. Try saying ,"citizens of the United States." He did not help Puerto Rico, Africa and Haiti. Those are the blacks that he needed to help. As I said, you all made onsipid remarks

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