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Heartwarming photo of kids who met on an airplane goes viral, and now they've been reunited

Heartwarming photo of kids who met on an airplane goes viral, and now they've been reunited


These kids entered a plane strangers and disembarked holding hands. Now, their heartwarming photo -- and their message -- is going viral.

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“I think we’re just really thankful we had awesome passengers that were able to assist us during a really difficult time. Without them, the situation could’ve been a lot different,” flight attendant Rachel Fernheimer says

“The survival of 148 never eclipses the loss of one,” Capt. Tammie Jo Shults says on the loss of passenger Jennifer Riordan on Southwest flight 1380. “I think she's still blessing people...I think she left a beautiful legacy.”

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“We had to take ourselves out of the equation and realize that it wasn’t about us in that moment, it was all about our passengers… We grabbed their hands looked them in the eyes and said ‘you’re going to be okay,’" flight attendant Rachel Fernheimer says

Only on @CBSThisMorning the heroic crew of Southwest Flight 1380 is together for their first joint interview. Capt. Tammie Jo Shults, First Officer Darren Ellisor, and flight attendants Rachel Fernheimer, Seanique Mallory and Kathryn Sandoval join us

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Here’s a look at some of this morning’s headlines on @CBSThisMorning

On April 17th, engine debris to smash into a Southwest Airlines plane window. One passenger was partially sucked out of the window and died. Eight others were hurt. Remarkably, the pilots landed the plane, carrying 114 passengers with just one engine

The hero pilot and crew of @SouthwestAir Flight 1380 have arrived at @CBSThisMorning.

Coming up, their first joint live interview about the harrowing moments after the jet's engine exploded mid-flight.

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