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Haley says U.S. preparing new sanctions against Russia, rules out talks with Assad

Haley says U.S. preparing new sanctions against Russia, rules out talks with Assad


"We would never want to have direct talks with Syria at this point. They are not worthy of talks with the United States," Haley said.

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WATCH LIVE: Officials give update on search for suspect in deadly Waffle House shooting in Tennessee:

Nashville Police: “There have been no confirmed sightings of [the suspected Waffle House shooter] so we don’t know where he is… he did steal a car last week…”

Here's the good news about Westworld 2.0: It's a little easier to follow than the first cycle, writes NPR's Eric Deggans.

Officials in Tennessee are holding a briefing with the latest on the search for Travis Reinking, who is suspected of killing four people at a Nashville-area Waffle House over the weekend.

Watch on CNN: 
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Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk shoes are going up for auction

The Waffle House shooting suspect had his guns taken away -- twice

Amazon's relationship with the government goes well beyond delivering packages — to playing a vital role in protecting America's national-security secrets.

Former President Obama will deliver a high-profile address in July marking the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth

Southwest Airlines has canceled 40 flights a day since they announced their voluntary inspection program following a deadly accident aboard a plane that made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

It's A Boy! Prince William And Duchess Kate Welcome No. 3

"We're going to see Jesus." Police said that's what a mother was heard saying after she allegedly set a car on fire with her three young daughters inside.

Belgian Court Sentences Paris Attack Suspect Salah Abdeslam To 20-Year Term

Union City police are in the scene of a murder. They say the man who lives here was shot to death. They arrested the woman who lives here- they believe she is his wife.

Princess Charlotte showed off her royal wave as she arrived at St. Mary's Hospital to meet her new little brother

Recent research suggests that millions of tons of fish caught in deep-water trawl nets have gone unreported in the last 50 years.

5 minutes ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Prince William and Duchess Kate are leaving the hospital with their new baby boy! More here -->> ...


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Prince William and Duchess Kate are leaving the hospital with their new baby boy! More here -->>

She looks wonderful for just having the baby boy

God bless their family!

Looking gorgeous, as she always does !!!!

Good for them. I wore yogas. She’s in an outfit and heels.

Gorgeous! Congrats to the royal family! She always looks so flawless!

Im sure shes feeling like she just had a baby 😂 come on!!


Big deal

WOW! Already!!

Very happy for them!!

Congratulations 💙💙

Awww 💖😘😍💖 so cute



Beautiful picture!


Happy for them! 🤗

WOW leaving the hospital already



How sweet!

Steve not a big deal grow up


prince william is bald

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44 minutes ago

WCBD News 2

Heavy rain, gusty winds, and isolated thunderstorms will impact the Lowcountry through tonight.WEATHER ALERT DAY
- Heavy rain likely through tonight
- Some flooding possible along the coast with high tide (3:24 PM)
- Strong, gusty wind could cause minor damage including some power outages
- Isolated severe thunderstorms possible

Heavy rain, gusty winds, and isolated thunderstorms will impact the Lowcountry through tonight.

52 minutes ago

WCBD News 2

Tired of waiting in the line for security at the airport? There's an easy way to sign up for TSA precheck in Charleston this week ✔️ ...


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Just some well intended feedback for the reporter - watch this video and pay attention to how many times you smack your mouth, tongue, teeth (however it happens). I couldn't finish watching this video because of it. Maybe focus on not doing that for future live/recordings. But thanks for the information.

We can actually get an appointment in Charkeston?

TSA is worth every penny

Lasts for years too

Especially if you travel alot

It’s very much worth getting

Hey hey hey its raining

1 hour ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Happening now: The royal children have arrived. ...


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So happy for them. Are they ever going to let that little boy wear long pants????

What a little princess...waving at the people. Love it!

Nice to have good news for once

She is waving already for the cameras so cute

I'm sure they missed Mommy & wanted to see their new baby brother. <3

Wonderful news! Blessings for all. ❤️

Look at that little girl, she is going to be a great princess-waving to her public already!

So precious just like mom

So what

OMGOODNESS! Where have I been? I didn't even know they were expecting another child. Congratulations and all the best to everyone.

Trying to think of a practical baby gift. Too early for a royal toupée?

Look at the little princess wave!!! I love it!!!

How cute and she is a natural already with the wave!

Isn't she just a natural princess! Congratulations to the family on their new addition!!

Congratulations William and Kate on you new baby boy.

Wow, Princess Diana would be so proud! As a grandmother myself, grandchildren are everything!!

Love those two...and lil Charlotte already a little princess waving to the crowd 💕

How sweet. Charlotte waving to the crowd. Congrats to the royal family.💗

If that was me or my girlfriend no one would care

Congratulations 🎈🎊 for the new member of the family

Congratulations to the Royal Family!!

The little girl is so adorable.

A lovely moment for thi family and so happy for them !!!!

Cute as they can be ..... Awwwww !!!!! Lovely Family !!!! So happy for them !!!!

They are so adorable. GOD bless them all!

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Phil Neville: ‘It was the biggest disgrace of all time, the way those Arsenal players acted.’

Fergie vs. Wenger: The Feud airs 10pm Monday 23rd April on Channel 5.


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Julie Smith

I can't understand why no Man utd players tried to shield Van Nistelrooy after that penalty miss. Clearly they were in his face.

So what was the final score

Clement Dwayne Rodrigues my hatred towards arsenal started from here. 😉

Carl Byng

Cathal Cashman Glynn McGrath Eoin McCormack this is gonna be a good watch

Stephen Robert Worthington

Nick Akathiotis Tony Higgins

Gavin Attwood

Tabish Siddiqui yeh kya tha?

James Mulleady looks good we’ll get it on now tv

Shane Lyons

Thilak Yeshwant

Keith Nolan Patrick Purcell

Gary Curran

Can't forget that match. Just can't.

Wesley Picton

Chris Kerr

Sean Scott Adam

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1 hour ago

WCBD News 2

Mayci McLeod has more on new Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds ...


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Wrong guy for the job should have picked a Charleston native

Hi friend how are you my friend





2 hours ago

NBC News World

A notice has been placed on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace following the announcement of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child.


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