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Greitens' ambitions could take a hit in cheating scandal

Greitens' ambitions could take a hit in cheating scandal


A statement from Eric Greitens' attorney denied the suggestion of blackmail, saying that any allegation of violence is "completely false."

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18 minutes ago

ABC 7 News - WJLA

Grab the tissues 😢 This video of a sister singing to her brother with down syndrome is going viral.


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This is just beautiful

Awesome family

2 hours ago

ABC 7 News - WJLA

Two Utah high school students are in trouble for posting racist content on Instagram on MLK Day. ...


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Why blur her face? She proudly posted it online.

What's funny is that there are people raging in the thread about Boy Scouts letting girls in who will see this news story and have nothing to say. And that is why this shit keeps happening. Some people just suck.

Many different IQ Level's and Brain imperfection's so this is why this Crap goes on and will always go on. Appear's that these here wanted some attention and now they got it.

Just hanging the bitch for real this time

Take that video and get the,

Despicable to say the least.. 😠

What is going on in UT?

“everything completely starts at home” —




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4 hours ago

WCBD News 2

Rob Fowler Storm Team 2 says warmer days are not that far away! Here is his 6pm Thursday Forecast UPDATE with a look at how warm we will get over the next few days! Rob Fowler StormTeam2 ...

5 hours ago

PBS NewsHour

WATCH LIVE: The federal government may be just one day away from shutting down because of a lack of funds. Judy Woodruff interviews a key voice about the current state of play: Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) ...


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I love their tactics! Hold the Dreamers and CHIP children hostage, so you can build that stupid wall. Shame on you!

Republicans can write a 10-year tax bill in a month, but can't figure out how to fund CHIP for three months.

The president does not deserve victories on the backs of the people!

Children’s healthcare should not be a bargaining chip!

Isn't it great.. the useless demotards are more interested in keeping the ILLEGAL immigrants than they are about keeping our government running... sickening....

The Democrats are snowflakes for sitting on the government for human rights but when Republicans did it it was okay

There will be NO wall!

The Defense Department doesn't need any more money.

There is NO reason we have come to this ..Republicans control the government and are trying to blame democrats for this? Pure Road apples

What an embarrassing government we have. Things haven’t been this messy since Nixon.

Build the wall around 45 and take his phone away. Fake potus.

When a majority party cannot decide what it wants, and cannot find the votes, they are admitting they cannot govern. Mid-term elections are coming!

The republicans shut down CHIP in October! They could have passed it at any time. They are holding American children hostage to get their budget passed. Traitors every one of them.

For the last time Social Security is it's own fund and shouldn't be part of the budget!

LOL. The R's have wasted NO time passing a variety of disastrous bills because they control.. well, EVERYTHING! -- All of the sudden they're "unable" to produce the votes to avoid shut down? They're stringing us along.

DACA should have been dealt with six months ago...just being used as extortion by the president to build his memorial to racial divide.

Cut the funds for the wall #!- like to Zero and stop cutting funds for all the other programs etc.

Republicans are controlled by “starve the beast” intentioned Ann Rand jerks who prefer to shut it down, or throw sand in the gears.

If they all forfeit their salaries for the work they don’t do, I’m sure there’d be more than enough money to keep things going.

No excuses, R's - you control it all. You have the votes in your own party.

How does the government shutdown with the GOP controlling the Congress and the white house? Bunch of clowns.

did the republicans just do this recently ? -0h yeah - when we had a black president. I guess its ok then.

Hopefully the government Twitter will also be shut down.

Republicans own the government, but can't organize a birthday party.

Why is children's health care a 'bargaining chip'?!!

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7 hours ago

WCBD News 2

WATCH LIVE: Victims who were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar speak at his sentencing hearing in Michigan



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WATCH LIVE: Victims who were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar speak at his sentencing hearing in Michigan. You WILL NOT hear audio during minor victim statements. MORE:

These girls are all so pretty it's a shame that he has screwed their life up like he has and didn't even care and still don't care

Life sentence is not enough for this pig. He needs to go through what he did to all of these girls and ladies. They are scarred for life for what he did. Hopefully they will someday be able to heal and to lead normal, healthy lives. God bless all of them.

Oh he'll for surely be rapped if he isn't in PC the entire time

Did he admit to doing this horrible stuff?

these guys are sickos hang them if we had like back good old days

Brave young women, the first step in a long road of healing. Give him the maximum sentence !

He should be put into a bath of acid.....

What happened who did what?

Let the inmates have at him!


What did I miss


Death penalty for him

I won't disparage pigs. Pigs don't do what humans do. Healing for these women.


Castrate him!


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