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Greece blesses Macedonia's new name: Republic of Northern Macedonia

Greece blesses Macedonia's new name: Republic of Northern Macedonia


Greece and Macedonia have reached a historic accord to resolve a dispute over the former Yugoslav republic's name that has troubled relations between the two neighbors for decades. via NBC News World

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Erdogan proclaimed winner in Turkey presidential election

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Brooklyn man who allegedly chopped off wife's arm is caught in food court near Niagara Falls

Court records say a Colorado inmate, mistakenly released from jail, enjoyed less than two hours of freedom before his wife realized the error and made him turn himself in.

.@AlanDersh: "National security is used as a cover to prevent disclosure of information that might be embarrassing."

.@RepArrington: “We need to keep the families together, that’s why Congress has to act. The president is doing what he can.”

An upstate New York man trying to jump-start his car was greeted by an unusual sound coming from his engine — the rattle of a venomous timber rattlesnake.

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A lawsuit over car crash in Ogden that killed a Layton man and his young daughter nearly three years ago has been settled out of court.

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