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GOP Rep. Martha McSally calls on Republicans to "grow a pair of ovaries" as she launches Senate bid

GOP Rep. Martha McSally calls on Republicans to "grow a pair of ovaries" as she launches Senate bid


McSally, a two-term congresswoman already backed by many GOP leaders in Arizona and Washington, described herself as anything but an establishment candidate in a fiery announcement.

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LOOMING SHUTDOWN: House Republicans passed late this evening a temporary spending bill to keep the government running but has President Donald J. Trump undermined the effort to keep the lights on? Mary Bruce reports. ...


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The Republicans control the Senate, the House, and the White House. Where is that "Great Deal Maker" Trump when they need him?

With a completely run House and Senate, and a Rep POTUS as well, how in this world can he blame the proposed 'shutdown' on Dems????

Chucky Schumer said he would shut down the Gov. Chuck even voted against my Tax Break . Pelosi even called my Tax Break Armageddon. The shut down will only cost US tax payers Billions.

No Wall, No Daca deal....easy to understand, you do not put illegal aliens ahead of the needs of Americans...Oh, and Nancy, enjoy the cherry on the top of your doggie do do

He’s already made the deal. Companies coming back and giving bonuses, stock market at an-all time high, all time unemployment.

Yep he's going to have someone to blame

Thanks dems

I wish the Republicans would offer to make a deal with Democrat politicians. If each one of those Liberals intent on welcoming the peaceful immigrants agreed to sponsor and support a random illegal family for life (which is their intent), they have a deal on the defense budget.

So democrats are going to shut down the government to protect people who aren't even US citizens? Screw

Just what the country needs - the government operating month-to-month. So much stability there. I would expect more from these clowns.

Republicans are holding up their own party. If they had the votes they wouldn't need the Democrats. Now what do you suppose would keep them from supporting the president?

the buck stops at the President's desk. He is the leader who is suppose to bring everybody together for the good of the people. Not stand on his soapbox and only be concerned about himself and his friends.

You Just got through reporting that they weren't going to be able to pass the temporary bill ?!?! Come on David manure ?!?

I, don't understand why they can't come up with sensibly deal here the Republicans, run the show here why blame it on the democratic, party trump just passed the big tax deal now there close to shutting down the government that definitely doesn't good on them at all please what a joke ..

It is winter and Democrats shut down and stop social security checks, not paying the military. Democrats is pushing hard working Americans aside for illegal immigrants.

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Yes he has. And now he is on his way to Florida for the weekend. What a leader. He is clueless. And he needs to be squeezed out of office. Soon. Before he makes things worse than they already are.

They just want some more time off to play golf.

This is on the president / not democrats!

Republicans using innocent children to hide behind like human shields. How disgusting.

Mexico is shutting down the U.S. government.

He can't be concerned, he's going back to Florida.👎😡

Ummmm no the Democrats are doing the undermining. Putting ILLEGALS ahead of their own people. So disgusting.

The government never shuts down. Only ignorant people fall for this. They may close a few parks, but everyone will still get may just be a few days late. Shut her DOWN!!

We work all the days of ourselves and and pay our taxes and now these democrats are shut down the government for illegal immigrants. God help them if they do.

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3 hours ago


Experts have noted that Suffolk County has had greater “out-migration” of its population to other parts of the nation than Nassau, which may benefit from its proximity to NYC as some city residents move to the suburbs. For more: ...


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taxes in mastic are way to high that's why I'm out of here

Lindenhurst has lost 141 people cause there is nothing here a lot of store have gone out and Texas are high so they move out of state or out of the village

So with the exception of one town in Suffolk they were all areas down by the water. How many houses are still vacant from Sandy down by the water?

Serge Premo

5 hours ago

PBS NewsHour

WATCH LIVE: The federal government may be just one day away from shutting down because of a lack of funds. Judy Woodruff interviews a key voice about the current state of play: Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) ...


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I love their tactics! Hold the Dreamers and CHIP children hostage, so you can build that stupid wall. Shame on you!

Republicans can write a 10-year tax bill in a month, but can't figure out how to fund CHIP for three months.

The president does not deserve victories on the backs of the people!

Children’s healthcare should not be a bargaining chip!

Isn't it great.. the useless demotards are more interested in keeping the ILLEGAL immigrants than they are about keeping our government running... sickening....

The Democrats are snowflakes for sitting on the government for human rights but when Republicans did it it was okay

There will be NO wall!

The Defense Department doesn't need any more money.

There is NO reason we have come to this ..Republicans control the government and are trying to blame democrats for this? Pure Road apples

What an embarrassing government we have. Things haven’t been this messy since Nixon.

Build the wall around 45 and take his phone away. Fake potus.

When a majority party cannot decide what it wants, and cannot find the votes, they are admitting they cannot govern. Mid-term elections are coming!

The republicans shut down CHIP in October! They could have passed it at any time. They are holding American children hostage to get their budget passed. Traitors every one of them.

For the last time Social Security is it's own fund and shouldn't be part of the budget!

LOL. The R's have wasted NO time passing a variety of disastrous bills because they control.. well, EVERYTHING! -- All of the sudden they're "unable" to produce the votes to avoid shut down? They're stringing us along.

DACA should have been dealt with six months ago...just being used as extortion by the president to build his memorial to racial divide.

Cut the funds for the wall #!- like to Zero and stop cutting funds for all the other programs etc.

Republicans are controlled by “starve the beast” intentioned Ann Rand jerks who prefer to shut it down, or throw sand in the gears.

If they all forfeit their salaries for the work they don’t do, I’m sure there’d be more than enough money to keep things going.

No excuses, R's - you control it all. You have the votes in your own party.

How does the government shutdown with the GOP controlling the Congress and the white house? Bunch of clowns.

did the republicans just do this recently ? -0h yeah - when we had a black president. I guess its ok then.

Hopefully the government Twitter will also be shut down.

Republicans own the government, but can't organize a birthday party.

Why is children's health care a 'bargaining chip'?!!

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