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Gaza hospitals treat young Palestinians shot in violent protests

Gaza hospitals treat young Palestinians shot in violent protests


"The numbers are staggering. All of these men are working age," one doctor said.

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1 hour ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News

WATCH LIVE - SOUND ON: Lava flow continues to grow from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. You can hear both explosions caused by the lava and morning birds.

The latest is here:


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WATCH LIVE: Lava flow continues to grow from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island.




That is beautiful but scary



Wow when will they get relief?

Oh God Only You Can Deliver Have Mercy Have Mercy On Us.☝

Watching..trying to keep up with this..thanks news channel 9


When is it going to stop!

Only one angle on shot


Jesus Jesus Jesus

It sounds mean 😳🙈

i do not think its ever going to stop

Jesus Jesus


Such a Beautiful site yet so heart breaking..

that is not nice Dan

Good one dan

Dan. Don’t be ignorant, it’s a ad situation, don’t make light of it. 🤬


people have lost every thing and will never get it back please be more thoughtful of others\

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2 hours ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

Lava flow continues to grow from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island ...


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Were is that


Hawaii volcano !!




There ain't gonna be nothing left if it keeps it up.

So sad for this island but so amazing at the same time!


Prayers For Hawaii

Very Scary

Prayers for Hawaii 😢😭🔥🔥😭😢


It's funny how such beauty can come from something so scary



I'd be leaving there.

Lava flow continues to grow from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island

My Gosh!!! So sorry Hawaii! My heart and prayers for safety are with you





Get outta there.

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NEW OVERNIGHT: More than 80 undocumented immigrants were found inside a tractor trailer in Willacy County, Texas.

Watch on your device for new developments on Good Morning Chattanooga:


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Sad what people have to endure to survive.

Kenandmeagan Shelton

3 hours ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News


POLL: What do you typically do when you see a stray penny on the ground?


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See a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck

Pick it up

I leave it there for a child to find.

Pennys from heaven.

I say pennies from heaven. My mamaw use to say when I die I will throw you pennies to remind you of me. She passed away in January and I find pennies in the most unlikely places now. So I pick it up smile and say thanks Nola.

Vile pennies. People pee on them and leave them for those who pick them up

I take it and wash it off with soap then go stick it in a vending machine return change slot.. I do that with all coins.. I don't carry coins.. It's improper for a queen a jangle

Anyone ever dip a penny in taco bell fire sauce? You'll clean it right up if you do that. (We'd not recommend subsequently eating said fire sauce).

I always pick them up for my change jar...I never spend change...i save it all :)

Pick it up.

Always pick them up

Pick it up

Pick it up

I’m not usually looking at the ground.

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Wednesday's forecast: Little sunny, little cloudy, little stormy. High 92, low 72. There was a little election last night, and this how journalists greet the post-election morning. ...

4 hours ago


Robots are reaching the point where they can pull the trigger on humans all by themselves, and it's redefining warfare as we know it. ...


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Isaac Asimov is turning over in his grave.


Wow, we humans sure are efficient at killing our own kind. And yet we have the arrogance to think we are superior beings. Seems to me that we're the dumbest species on Earth.

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