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Florida 20-year-old wins $451 million Mega Millions jackpot and wants to "do some good for humanity"

Florida 20-year-old wins $451 million Mega Millions jackpot and wants to "do some good for humanity"


Florida Lottery officials said Shane Missler of Port Richey won the Mega Millions' Jan. 5 drawing. He chose to receive his winnings in a one-time, lump-sum payment of $281,874,999.

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Various activities held to honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. throughout U.S.

Nelson says the marvels of the human body are not an accident: "That is a gift of our creator."

"The most important thing about us is we are children of God," Oaks said on the progress of racial and gender equity in the Church.

On racial and gender equity, Nelson said "We don't think the way man thinks. God's way are not man's ways."

On progress in gender and racial equity, Nelson said "We will live to see the day when other flavors are in the mix."

New U.S. embassy — which Trump mocked on Twitter — opens in London

During his annual address to the nation, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that pregnant women would receive a payment of 700,000 bolivars a month. Or, about $3.83

Happening now Inside LDS Church office building

Martin Luther King III: President Trump's vulgar comments "were extraordinarily racist"

Analysis: NIH wants 1 million Americans to contribute to new pool of gene data

In an interview with Xinhua, Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the North American International Auto Show, said that the NAIAS aims to be the gateway for consumers and car manufacturers around the world

"To each member of the church... I express my deep love for you -- love that has grown over decades...," Nelson said.

"Prayers and good wishes have come from near and far, for which I'm very grateful," Nelson said.

These books were destined for landfills but garbage collectors in Ankara opened a library with them

Breaking: new leadership of #lds church expected to address the media just arrived. #kutv2news

3 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Watch a car go airborne after hitting the center divider and land on the second floor of a Southern California building ...

19 minutes ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Is it just us or does this dog look like he's taking a snow day selfie? Keep sending your winter weather photos to [email protected]! ...

Is it just us or does this dog look like hes taking a snow day selfie? Keep sending your winter weather photos to!

21 minutes ago

PBS NewsHour

LIVE: We’re about halfway through Jesmyn Ward’s “Sing, Unburied, Sing,” and we’re taking your questions! Send your questions to The New York Times Books Review Editor Pamela Paul and PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown and Elizabeth Flock by leaving them in the comments. ...


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Just finished reading it.

Hi from Arlington TX

Artesia Ca

Still reading it.

Her. Almost halfway through book

I’m here. Colorado Springs.

Lyrical evocative writing.

Hi there from Oceanside CA🤗

Have a question for our team? Share it here in the comments!

Shreveport, La.

Hello from Fort Worth!

Nice 😎

I’m here, but I haven’t read the book...yet!

Let the author talk!

Welcome to the only thing online that is more boring than reading a book.

I am single 🤕🤒😷





Always depending on the truth from PBS!


Leonie is an addict. There is selfishness in this that can not leave until she stops the drugs. Then she must learn to understand a bigger world. Her parents are not able to move her beyond being an addict until she is ready.



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45 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

LIVE: Emotional testimony at the sentencing of the former Olympic gymnastics doctor accused of sexual abuse. ...


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Anyone know how much time he got?? Florida here

Another minor miracle. Did the plug fall out of it's socket yet again?

T.V. stations in Russia have fewer problems.

Where did the feed go?

I’m here from North Carolina

Vermont here

Ugh not Trump

Again?? Come on.

Have a good afternoon.


Charlotte here

What happen

Indiana here

Believe me.



No sound


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59 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

🌴 A couple encountered the helpless creature on a beach in Costa Rica, clinging to a rock after high tide. ...


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Thanks for helping, when I was visiting Costa Rica I saw a few attached to trees, one with a small baby. Interesting animals.

That is just great. Poor thing and he is a lucky survivor.

thanks for helping!

Lindgren DeClue

Gabby Kocienski

Lauren Standard

Stacy Lynn

Lauren Pepitone Moore

Chanel Loveless

Alexis Hannah

Jason Gerrish

1 hour ago

WPBF 25 News

LIVE: An overturned vehicle on I-95 is creating a massive traffic backup near 45th Street Northbound. ...


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There are no reported injuries.

Traffic is backed up. If you are going in this area of I95 near 45th Street avoid the area.

LIVE: An overturned vehicle on I-95 is creating a massive traffic backup near 45th Street Northbound.

I 95 NB bear 45th street.

We got the SNOW ❄️ BIRDS 🦅 HERE!! They cause lots of accidents. And on phones 📞 too much. We get all the SNOW ⛄️ BIRDS 🦅

It's a clear, dry day and rush hour is long over. sheeesh. Could it have been a blowout? Hope driver/passengers are ok.

Bermuda Blue extends Thoughts and Prayers...

No one was hurt news just said it on here.

I’m right here at 95 and 45th and traffic isn’t backed up

Hope everyone ok! Now flip it back over and let’s get traffic moving!

Don’t they have to right that car before they move it

Wow! I hope no one was seriously injured.

Sitting in the traffic right now right next to the Outlets 🙁

Southbound is fine, this is northbound

I pray everything is ok

Have never seen this many accidents on 95, almost a daily occurrence since the beginning of the season

North or south of the exit to 45th st in northbound lane?

Is there any Southbound problems too ?

J'espère que le Southbound n'est pas affecté 😮 Merci pour l'info !

Danielle it says right across the bottom of the picture where this is. READ IT YOURSELF.

No sound

What state is this in ?

It says 45tb St at I95

Thank god no one ☝️ got hurt

Sheesh people DO NOT READ.

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1 hour ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Watch News 4's live doppler radar as the winter storm moves through Middle Tennessee. ** Note: This live feed does not have audio. ** ...


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Hi chaz!



Kenny Mixon

Hey there

Still snowing hard in LaVergne!


Do we know where the doppler is yet ?

Hi all!! Ty for the awesome job!

Snowing hard in Bellevue

Still snowing in McMinnville tn


Is it gonna keep snowing

Did you say we was getting 2 feet of snow? Alright!!

Snowing in Whites Creek!

Are the school closing for today or tomorrow???

How much more???

Schools are closed today and at this rate tomorrow too

Portland here -- it's snowing !!

Snowing in Beersheba Springs❄❄

How much snow is McMinnville supposed to get?

Portland TN ⛄️❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️

Goody I get to drive through the whole storm lol ugh

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2 hours ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Hey friends! Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren checking in... ...


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Be careful walking, when I saw on tv, lol. I was yelling at the tv go home Daphne. But, I am nurse and I have to work, too

Our yard in Clarksville is gorgeous.

One of your cars/vans just went down Sander Ferry, my neighborhood. That road is always slippery. Be careful.

Channel 7 in Jackson is reporting an additional 6 inches on top of the 8 we got in in the last storm.

Tonight's low 6, tomorrow's weather 95 degrees. Tennessee weather, HAHA

Jamestown, Fentress County, has had snow since about 6:30....roads are slick. Pouring the snow!

Snow coming down in Summertown! Love it. About 2 or so inches. Keep it coming.

The snow dome has risen. Murfreesboro is covered in snow! ☃️

On my way back from Knoxville sounds like gonna be fun in an 18 wheeler

Hi there! Still coming down in Portland Tn :)

Krysten Cherry don't knoxville have a news and weather FB page? You asking about knoxville on a NASHVILLE news and weather page 😂😂 nashville have too many areas to cover to be worried about knoxville.

Hi Daphne! How much snow for McMinnville tn?

Checking in to see when the snow moves out!

Snow still coming down in Columbia yuck

When the snow going to quit in columbia.tenn

Way more snow in Murfreesboro then I thought

How much longer is it going to snow in Nashville?

Ellithorpe Family are up and ready to sled !

My kids say hello and it’s super slick and ready to go sledding

Crossplains here!! Hello we got maybe 4 or 5 inches here

still snowing in Westmoreland. 2 inches so far

My mom just called from Hopkinsville, said they got about 7” ❤️

60's bythe weekend- -Love it, wish it would sty that way !!!

Do you know how much Springfield has

Hi from Hickman county !! We have a lot of fluffy beautiful snow coming down still

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2 hours ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Daphne DeLoren
We wake up to round #2 of S-N-O-W.. totals up to 7" for some spots. Updates all day on @wsmvtv --hope you join us!


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I love that’s she wearing tennis shoes!

Just checked outside Daphne and it seems to me we already have 1" of snow already in downtown Nashville make it stop pleasssseeee. It's beautiful I'm so glad I'm retired. Do you know how much will hit downtown yet?

Really cool behind the scenes shot of what goes on.👍

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