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Fear not, the cryptocurrency pop group of your dreams exists

Fear not, the cryptocurrency pop group of your dreams exists


Welcome to 2018.

They're spreading the gospel of bitcoin and more.

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10 minutes ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Ice continues to float down the Connecticut River in Middletown. Be sure to check out the latest forecast here: ...


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HI channel 3 my most favorite people in the world




When is it going to snow!!! Bring on the snow!!!

Hello from East Haven 👋

Good afternoon 🌞

These are live pictures from our Middletown camera. For the full forecast, head here:


Iceberg right ahead

Hello every1

Jack I’ll never let go

Theres open water on the far side.. Time to go jet skiing

Its going down river and

I swear I just saw a polar bear floating on one of those bergs

Bright blessings everyone

I think it was a penguin

Hello from Daytona Beach Florida

You should show Kent

Looking at the cannoe club makes me want a fish bowl

Say something

Down river is worse.

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The latest on the arrival of snow, when the heaviest will fall.. and how much you’ll have to shovel, at noon on Channel 3! Turn on the TV or stream us: ...

The latest on the arrival of snow, when the heaviest will fall.. and how much you’ll have to shovel, at noon on Channel 3! Turn on the TV or stream us:


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Majlinda Moliko it changed again lol

Carmen, this is a little more reasonable. 🤞

Lol wfsb stinks

Scott Seace Eric Kryger

1 hour ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Kara Sundlun is taking about #WinterStormClare.

Kara Sundlun
Latest on Winter Storm Clare as new models come out!❄️❄️❄️


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who cares???? We live in CT this isn't brand new to us

Could brain injuries have caused star athlete and former New England Patriots star, Aaron Hernandez to be driven to murder? Today at 4pm, Dr. Oz investigates CTE. ...


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He was a straight thug, dont give me that brain injury nonsense! He wanted to be gangster!

Football had nothing to do with the fact that he killed a man ... look at his life style even before the nfl he was always trying to prove he was hard football was just a paycheck more money to add to his life style

OH PLEASE, I have four traumatic brain injuries and have never killed anyone. I work at a city library, teach youth ministry, drive a car and am independent. That's just an excuse. He's I got in trouble before but that was me not my disability. SHEESH!!!

No, If you have the smarts to do normal everyday things, Then you still have the brain power to know right from wrong!

anything to try to get out of what he did.

Absolutely NOT!!!! He was a gang bangers before football!!!! The media should stop defending the murderer!!!! He was a bad person!!!

Muhammad Ali never tried to kill anyone unless it was in the ring

He was shooting people when he was in college.

Aaron Hernandez was a Gang Member, that happened to play football.

Maybe being a low-life, gang member thug made him do it🤔🤔🤔

Poor little Aaron! He had such a tough life and brain injuries may have caused him to commit murder! Is the perp ever at fault according to you left wing bleeding hearts at WFBS?

How about maybe His thug mentality.

Yes , i have a brain injury too and it made me turn into a tattooed thug that wants to kill everybody, any questions ?

They can talk about this until the cows come home but in the end no one will know for sure. The only one who might have the answer is dead.

Love Soledad......surprised she would lower her standards and appear on Dr. TMZ. Guess she has to promote her new show.....

"Star athlete"....sounds a lot like the Brock Turner thing. He is actually a murderer. Label him correctly.

I had traumatic brain injury and have never murdered anyone and that was 30 years ago and still haven't killed anyone.

No shooting people and living in that life style lead him to murder

Like when chicks drink and cheat and tell their bf or whatever oh it just slipped in. Lmao

If this can be proven, it’s huge!

No excuse for what he did Just plain evil

Boy the family really wants that NFL money don't they!

He's a dope simple as that don't give him a cover...heck blame the russians

He was being a thug way back.i highly doubt that had much to do with it.

Anyone that kills someone has a screw loose

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