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Family of pandas brutally murders innocent snowman

Family of pandas brutally murders innocent snowman


Warning: This post contains subject matter some readers may find disturbing.

Never change, you goofy bears.

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8 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Watch a car go airborne after hitting the center divider and land on the second floor of a Southern California building ...

29 minutes ago

Channel 4 News

This is the moment Sir Desmond Swayne appears to fall asleep during a Brexit debate in the House of Commons. ...


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It's so easy to mock politicians, they do make it so easy for us. However, most do work long hours, sit through some pretty turgid speeches at times and often work long into the night. I'm not going to condemn him for this, tempting as it as a Labour voter. I occasionally fall asleep at work too. Sometimes politicians deserve our contempt and sometimes it's just a knee jerk reaction that masks our own failings as part of a whole society that is really quite ignorant, anti-intellectual and lazy. Objective, analytical and thorough political discourse is so rarely seen from the UK general public these days, whilst glib lazy comments are so prevalent.

Not really sure whether it is funny or horribly sad. Sleeping beauties running our country, while having a nap!!!!

Dreaming of a yacht no doubt.

and this is british politics..also includes expense fiddling, porn downloading, rampant self interest and entitlement, accidentally losing crucial evidence such as paedopihile files. austerity. lies etc etc

But if I'm too sleep on the job I get fired. Whilst the ppl running country sleep on the job. Makes no sense...

As Osborne used to complain there are idle neighbours on Benefits still asleep while other people are working. His Benefits are about £100,000 a year. Time to end this rip-off.

Dock his wage for the day, then review his timesheet, then his expenses. Anyone think a purge of the dinosaurs is in order.

It's a hard knock life...a heavy brunch meeting,a working lunch...a glass or two of chablis,...takes it's toll on a guy. Hopefully after the refit...they will install a chill out zone where you can hit the bong for a while and load up on bolivian flake.

It was just after lunchtime, a few fine cognacs in the taxpayers subsidised bar, followed by a wank sesssion accessing porn in his parliamentary office. That's why he was tired.

He’s had a wild night thanks to his expenses provided courtesy of the taxpayer. Parliamentarians are the most idlers.

Now you see why Article 50 is still not a done deal... Getting Drunk, Watching Porn and Falling Asleep, the Tory Work Ethic...

Don't know if this is the case or not but they should loose an entire days wage for falling asleep or seen fiddling with mobile phones or any other hand held device.

I look forward to reading about what his constituents think. He should be disciplined immediately....

Some will argue that politicians do that because there are speakers in the benches. In this case that's obviously rubbish. Phones aren't allowed in the chamber either, despite everyone ignoring that rule. Yet another example of politicians taking the piss.

Most of us are struggling to go work with feeling poorly etc and getting thru day just and then you see that....joke

Don't let the welfare of the country keep you up, you son of a [email protected]@@h. When it comes to checking his fat pay he'll be wide awake.

absolute disgrace if any of us done that whilst at work we would be disciplined for it and even worse with the money they on should have the book thrown at him 😠😠😠

It is even worse in the House of Lords! YMP's are paid to represent their constituents but half of them probably don't know what constituency is theirs!

Werewolf's sleep during the day.

Dreaming of a nice backhander from carillon, serco, g4s or one of the others.

Instead of counting sheep he’s counting how many his party have killed through cuts to the country in the last eight years.

Glad to see your taxes are being well spent ....have a wip round get him a pillow and duvet poor lamb looks cold lol

He only checked his phone because it was buzzing like crazy. They should all get fined for falling asleep at work. These people are supposed to govern us 🙄🙄🙄

People in glass houses springs to mind channel 4

Brexit debate is enough to put most people to sleep ha ha

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51 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

LIVE: Emotional testimony at the sentencing of the former Olympic gymnastics doctor accused of sexual abuse. ...


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Anyone know how much time he got?? Florida here

Another minor miracle. Did the plug fall out of it's socket yet again?

T.V. stations in Russia have fewer problems.

Where did the feed go?

I’m here from North Carolina

Vermont here

Ugh not Trump

Again?? Come on.

Have a good afternoon.


Charlotte here

What happen

Indiana here

Believe me.




No sound


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1 hour ago


🎣Tell us why you should win a family four-pack of tickets to the 2018 Richmond Fishing Expo January 19-21 at Meadow Event Park.🎣
[We'll post the randomly selected winner in this thread Thursday!]

🎣Tell us why you should win a family four-pack of tickets to the 2018 Richmond Fishing Expo January 19-21 at Meadow Event Park.🎣
[Well post the randomly selected winner in this thread Thursday!]


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Because if this guy who hunts and fishes on the same day! #boattober

Would love to take my son! Fishing is our life!

I’ve been fishing since I was big enough to hold a rod! My husband loves to as well and we did not get many chances to this past summer due to planning our wedding! We would like to stock up on supplies and have a fun weekend of fishing fun before our little girl arrives in March! If she’s anything like us, she’ll have the love for fishing in her blood’

My daddy is closest to god when he is fishing! He loves everything fishing and hunting and would absolutely love a family outing with something he loves!

My 4 year old is obsessed!! His attention span doesn't really allow him to fish (hopefully this yr will be different) but he loves when mommy and daddy catch em. He has to touch or hold them and he gets to throw them back after.. Can't wait to go and see the look on his face!! 😊😉

My family is a fishing family and we haven't had a chance to go to the fishing expo. This would be our 1st time.

My son is 14 and has fishing on the brain all the time! This would be a wonderful family outing!

Would love to take my husband and Daughter. I have never been and they both LOVE to fish.

Because we just moved into a house on a small stocked pond and I have no idea what to do when it comes to fishing! *panics*

My kids have never been fishing and would love to go. My husband grew up fishing and loves it. We would love to get them out on the water and go fishing as a family.

Moved to Virginia in 2015 and I love to go fishing every chance I get.

My Family loves to fish, and its great time spent together

Fishing is life for my family!! It is what we know ... it is what we do!! #richmondfishingexpo


My son and grandson absolutely love fishing. My son is 14 and grandson is 5. They would really enjoy attending the fishing expo.

My girls love fishing they are 8 and 10 and it would be a nice family outing :)

My boyfriend does charters & my little one loves fishing.

Need some relief from the snow

My husband and I love to go fishing together! We have a bass boat and with our work schedules it's hard to find time together, it's nice bonding time when we get to go and very relaxing . Jeremy Moore

Because my husband loves his returned hobby and he would love to go. 🙂 Shawn Fender Keara Fender Zackery Johnson Shawn Fender Jr.

Korey Mason lets go

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1 hour ago

WPBF 25 News

LIVE: An overturned vehicle on I-95 is creating a massive traffic backup near 45th Street Northbound. ...


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There are no reported injuries.

Traffic is backed up. If you are going in this area of I95 near 45th Street avoid the area.

LIVE: An overturned vehicle on I-95 is creating a massive traffic backup near 45th Street Northbound.

I 95 NB bear 45th street.

We got the SNOW ❄️ BIRDS 🦅 HERE!! They cause lots of accidents. And on phones 📞 too much. We get all the SNOW ⛄️ BIRDS 🦅

It's a clear, dry day and rush hour is long over. sheeesh. Could it have been a blowout? Hope driver/passengers are ok.

Bermuda Blue extends Thoughts and Prayers...

No one was hurt news just said it on here.

I’m right here at 95 and 45th and traffic isn’t backed up

Hope everyone ok! Now flip it back over and let’s get traffic moving!

Don’t they have to right that car before they move it

Wow! I hope no one was seriously injured.

Sitting in the traffic right now right next to the Outlets 🙁

Southbound is fine, this is northbound

I pray everything is ok

Have never seen this many accidents on 95, almost a daily occurrence since the beginning of the season

North or south of the exit to 45th st in northbound lane?

Is there any Southbound problems too ?

J'espère que le Southbound n'est pas affecté 😮 Merci pour l'info !

Danielle it says right across the bottom of the picture where this is. READ IT YOURSELF.

No sound

What state is this in ?

It says 45tb St at I95

Thank god no one ☝️ got hurt

Sheesh people DO NOT READ.

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2 hours ago

Channel 4 News

“Why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV?”

The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responds to critics of Donald J. Trump - who have accused the President of being racist.


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Giving a person a "show" on television doesn't mean anything in this day and age. Never really watched it because I couldn't take his crude, rude and pompous behavior. UGH!

Sarah dear you are ageing terribly, creases between your brows, bags under your eyes and that frown is permanently chiseled on your face. Don't you think it's time to get a job where you could occasionally tell the truth and create some good karma for yourself?

And while you're at it Sarah why did they give Bill Cosby a show for decades? Yep. Rest your case. Nothing to see here.

a TV show has nothing to do with the ability to run a country...and he is doing a fine job of ruining our country

I don't know how she sleeps at night having to spin like crazy to defend Trump's actions. Tough job. Sorry, not taken in I'm afraid but good try.

The Republican Party's modus operandi has and always will be 'blame it on the Democrats.' How about show some accountability for a change.

shes great! although stop with the merit based immigration thing. NO IMMIGRATION. we have had enough. no more resources left in this country for anymore foreigners. they have a country, stay in it!

For the same reason they gave one to Honey BooBoo, ratings and money.

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone!! God Bless the USA! Don't worry, GOD is in control.. and God is watching us!! Love your self and love others! Be kind, be fair, be honest, be true and all of these things will come back to you what goes around comes around. God Bless!!

Seriously need to see a doctor because you look like a stroke or some other debilitating condition. You are Not pleasant to look at. 😕

No wonder she looks like that, I'd have difficulty sleeping as well if I had to tell barefaced lies for my boss every day too..

Her inability to properly use the English language is hurting my ears.

Though she might be right from a certain point of view, putting on the same level the standards of ethics and morals required from a TV show presenter and the president is a #FalseEquivalence people can switch channel or switch off the TV and don't listen to the TV presenter, but they cannot switch off the president and his policies.

Because he is an absolute clown- which makes for great television you utter fruit.

stop blaming the democrats. the president is responsible for what vulgar stuff comes out of his mouth, and the republicans have why blame the democrats. you make little to no sense

I find it very hard to understand how anyone can believe anything this large pile of chicken droppings says!!

I'm sorry, but why does anyone bother to post this woman's nonsensical defenses of the indefensible on the internet? They are neither funny nor ridiculous any more - they are simply beyond parody. She uses almost every rhetorical and fallacious trick in the book - and she's probably either invented or discovered some new ones - so her briefings really are an insult to our intelligence. Therefore what is the point of recording, or trying to make sense or trying to argue with a bare-faced liar and an idiot?

LOL, NBC having him on a TV show is a good reason to have him as president?!? They don't call it the boob tube for nothing.

Sarah-They weren't elected to slavishly toady to your master. That's the job of lickspittles on his you.

SHSaunders doesn't listen to what the American public is saying to address what their concerns are; she is 'a doting enabler' who refuses to hear that many Americans have their own grievances to be able to voice. Sad day for our country when the Press Secretary doesn't have the maturity to communicate that she listens to the people and not just to one side. Where is Josh Earnest—now, that was a Press Secretary.

This is what people said would happen. Not that he’s incompetent BUT that his incapable of bringing people together because he can’t get anyone to like him long enough! What’s the point of being such a great negotiator if you alienate half the people. Manners are important people!

America became a dictatorship and demagogie in absence of educated class, constitution and rights are no further existed.

Republican amnesia is hard to shake off, they have forgotten the were the party that did nothing for 8 years accept collect a pay check, sit on their hands and try to block all Obama tried to do. The tirade of abuse thrown at the Obama's was far in excess of anything poor Donald has had to face. Plus Trump inherited the conditions Obama put in place that continues to bring down unemployment etc.

wait a minute "willing to throw away progress and negotiations and not make big" I wonder what she said when fox and trump decided to claim Obama was born in kenya as a distraction from the same situation. If ya wanna make that claim; fine. But know that it is a two way street

I think you will lose your creditability when you keep saying something bad in front of people and denied it at the same time. Like no wonder why.

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3 hours ago

Channel 4 News

"Our hearts are still open to you."

European Council President Donald Tusk says the UK could have "a change of heart" over Brexit.


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Britain has been used and abused by the European union for years and if the remainders do not under stand what this means, let me tell them, When we joined what was then the Common Market we were one of the greatest county's in the world, known as GREAT BRITAIN, after 40 yrs of being a member of this corrupt organisation we have been demoted to become just the United Kingdom or the UK as they now like to call us.I want to put the GREAT back into BRITAIN so no turning back for me🇬🇧️.

It makes me want to cry, our European friends still hold out the hand of friendship and we let the dregs of British life insult and damage them and us. A change must come in England and Wales - and come quickly.

The English should just go away and declare their independence from The World, they don’t want EU and Scotland doesn’t want UK - so do us all a favor

My booklet said 'the government will implement your decision' . We voted to leave. If we leave and decide to go back in 10/20 years fine but if we don't leave, democracy is dead here.

I don’t care what happens anymore, I voted out because I did not like the EU constantly stamping on our ideals, telling us what to do in circumstances they had no place to do so and also becoming a world superpower, with a dangerous structure of elitism at the top and a lot of servants at the bottom. It all needed a bloody good shake up. You cannot have just lawyers and politicians running countries, they have to seriously involve the people and find out what the people want and need! Not fanny about eating and drinking at everyone else’s expense while we all watch to see what our final poverty stricken fate will be at the hands of the EU or at the hands of our own government. It’s a total mess and a disgrace to everyone who has had a hand in all of it. Tit for tat was meant for the playground not with fully grown people. Scientists, workers and waste management need to be seriously sorted out. Money is the least of this planets problems.

Basically... You leave, no deal, no 'special' trade arrangment. To leave is to shoot ones self in the foot with a blunderbus. To the 'leave' brigade. Cancel your Netflix subscription and try negotiating with each and every movie and tv producer every time you want to watch something. Then see if you get the same quality, service & choice cheaper than the usual price 😂

I really do love how Leavers can say that 1.9% is an overwhelming majority. I put more in to my tea/coffee decision at breakfast.

We managed long before the UK joined the EU and we will manage again. Just remember who it was that came to your aid when you most needed it, The UK , it is the EU who owes the UK a lot, not the other way round.

Ch4 news put on Steven Woolf or Boris or Gove JRM let us listen to those that listened to us not the losers all the time ! Biased ch4

They really are afraid aren’t they? Remainers think they are behaving like this because they have our best interest at heart, that they care 😂

I'm amazed by the number of jingoistic loons on here today. Has somebody linked this to some sort of angry British Supremacist pensioners' group?

Please stop posting this nonsense, we are coming out. O............U...........T............. OUT!

The EU is a club with lots of benefits which come from us all working together, our friends in Europe are confused and dismayed by our decision to leave and therefore loose those benefits. Now they are waiting patiently to hear what exactly it is that we do want (seems no one really knows that) and I think a render from them that we can change our mind is very reasonable after all this whole issue is taking up a lot of time which could be spent on dealing with real problems!

Clearly Channel 4 doesn’t understand Democracy as they keep pushing this agenda, getting the hopes of all these lefties up! We voted out and that is what will happen!

We're friend's now, not that long ago it was threats, and blackmail, make up there minds, worse than Remoaners.

We need to leave it up to the top 3% earners..... they've always had our best interests at heart, yeah.

I will tell you what nobody wants and 1. It's the uk to leave the EU 2. The CONservative party to be in power to talk about Brexit

Poland's Donald Tusk who said just a few days ago that Poland may vote to leave the EU? Well...really.

Give your hearts to the citizens of Greece, Italy and Spain. They need your change of heart more than us. If idiots in Western Europe think the EU is a counterbalance to austerity-government and tight fiscal policies, then you're wrong. These people in bed with the IMF, the world bank etc. wrote the book on austerity economics and will throw your country to the wolves if you spend 'too much'.

Just as Putin interfered with US elections, just as tried to interfere with French elections, make no mistake they pushed Brexit through the doors. It's fascism come to take down our democracy.

Second referendum. Now we know more. Scotland had 4 years to decide with their referendum we had 4 weeks. We did not make an informed decision. If you say "how many more referendums?" Just want to quote the brexit secretary. If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy

And i still haven't heard one single decent argument for us to leave the EU, despite the neo-nationalistic rantings of the Leave crew or their followers. Britain has, is and always will be "Great" when it is a part of something bigger than itself. Isolationism never worked for the US, isnt doing so now and won't for the UK. The old adage of no one being an island is truer now than ever. Britain has never been used abused or exploited by the EU. Membership has enhanced our lives, services, culture and affinity with the rest if the world-leavers can deny all they want but the UK pre-EEC/EU was known as the sick man of Europe- that only changed when we joined(how anyone could possibly hanker after a return to those days is beyond me and can only be fuelled by prejudice, small minded ness and a fervent desire to undo the progress we've made) So keep going Leavers, keep believing the BS and we'll end up back at square one.

We're all friends to blackmail especially when they want 50 billion from the country you have got to be joking we don't listen to your b******* anymore we're on our way out so don't forget your funds will be getting lighter

Democracy ummmm let me think 🤔 I don’t recall any of these people being elected to their positions of power by any people of Europe 💩💩💩

I would like only one look at me in the eye and try to convince millions of us that following BREXIT..... the skies are going to part, choirs of angels will descend from the heavens, mighty rays of sun will flood Westminster and who knows...maybe the Lord will appear to annoit Farage and BoJo!!??? Do Brexiteers REALLY beleive that stuff....look at the reality. Do a reality check guys!!!! There is absolutey NOTHING to point to a super, Scandinavian period of wealth for the nation after BREXIT. YES.....few will become mega rich ...the rest of us will do what??? Suck s**t!!! That's what we'll do. Believe it!! It's coming soon to a cinema near you.

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4 hours ago

Sporting News

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling while Lonzo Ball sits out with an injury. ...

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling while Lonzo Ball sits out with an injury.


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Didn't they just beat spurs and Mavs couple of days ago

Sorry but he isn't the difference

Who else do the Lakers have? Oh wait, never mind. The Browns have more talent on their team than the Lakers

They're not exactly doing that well WITH him. They're 15-28 overall, which means they're still under .500 with him in the lineup.

who wrote this headline? Lavar Ball...?

But the entire NBA is better without him and his father.

Ok, if that's the case....make Lavar suit up for L.A the rest of this season then? #LAVARBALL #THEULTIMATEPLAYER

Uh...they are still a losing team with him. 15-28 and only 2 games out of last place isn't much to be proud of.

They're not any better with him. What's your point?

You act like the Lakers were winning before he got there 🤔

He doesn't play against better guards of the league, because his coaches don't want him to be exposed. They would have still lost all 7 games if he played them.

we have had enough of the Ball gang....move on

The Balls pockets are deep to have someone write this BS!!

I heard that Luke Walton has lost the team anyway

And the Cavs are 2-8 with James...soooo

I thought they changed the name, bbb. Big brick brand. Lol

Dude they were other players missing not just ball, like Lopez, Ingram, pope and kuzma was missing in one of those games.

I think y’all mean without Brandon ingram

They suck with him too...

Grown men still hating on a kid? Lol

And they still suck with him.

Let his father play

what are they, 10-25 with him? kids sucks

Should sign his brothers

He must be the MVP then. 🤣

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